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In January of 2013 I bought a book for my Sunday School class. Over One and a half year later I find HotBookSale has been charging me $9.95 per month. They say I signed on and agreed to their terms of Subscription. I'm a Vietnam era veteran aged 71, suffer from PTSD and am Bi-Polar and have poor eyesight. I explained these circumstances to them and they were not willing to consider these circumstances. They refunded $59.00 only. In doing so I feel they admitted to my circumstances and should have showed compassion and mercy and refunded the total amount. I see on the internet at places like Yahoo Complaints, Report Ripoff and other sites I'm not alone in being taken advantage of, some perhaps with a medical condition such as myself. Only in America.

Bought book from "HotBookSale" (never arrived); charged $19.99/mo for years for claimed "membership" I didn't recognize, because all related emails came as spam under the name of seemingly-unrelated "BestBrandValues." Thieves.

Crooks! I have been seeing the $9.95 charge on my bank account for a few months and since I order a lot of books, then I ignored it! It has a scam plain and simple. The States Attorney should look into these practices. They will immediately take you off because they know they do not stand a chance in court or charge backs. They play below the view of public officials, but they also know they cannot win in court. These type of things are sent with other flyers which they know it will get tossed and they will get a few dollars before you cancel. I will never order another book unless it is Amazon, eBay or one that uses PaypPal. They are located in Tampa, Florida and I had one other type of shopping club do this to a credit card. They use the same lure to keep you with them, so it have to be connected!

I bought my nephew a book for $.99 thinking I had gotten a really good deal. What I failed to notice was that I was joining a group and would be charged a monthly fee of $19.99. I feel like the website misleads customers by not emphasizing that it is a membership site that will continue charging indefinitely unless you cancel.

Apparently, by ordering a book I somehow was part of this ripoff. I was informed on the phone that I needed to cancel the membership that I didn't know about within (7) seven days or I was billed $19.95 monthly. It got past me for many months because I assumed my husband was ordering books for his woodworking hobby. I am MAD.

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Don't ever buy a book from this company without reading ALL of the fine print. If you order a discounted book with free or discounted shipping, you will be required to opt in to their monthly service for $1, but you MUST cancel that membership within 7 days or be charged $19.95 per month thereafter. It doesn't seem so complicated unless you forget about the 7 days or just click Okay like we all do to get a good deal. Well, this wasn't such a good deal. By the time I figured out what was going on, shame on me for not paying more attention to my Amex charges, my husband's membership had been in force for 10 months. The customer service agent that I spoke to was courteous and cancelled the membership, but I have to call corporate on Monday and rant to them to get a refund for a service that I didn't know I had and my husband didn't know that he signed up for.

In November of 2010, I went on the web to search for a Christmas present for my son. He was attending high school and was a runner for the Cross Country team. I was searching for the author, Jeff Galloway, and his book Galloway's Book on Running. Their website came up and I purchased the book from On January 17th, 2013, I was looking at charges to my Mastercard and saw a charge from BBV for $9.95. I looked back at a couple previous statements and saw the same charge. I then called my wife, who is a homemaker, and asked if she had been buying books on the web. She didn't know about the charge or the website

I then called the number associated with the charge. I then spoke with a customer service specialist who informed me that I had been charged $9.95 a month since purchasing Galloway's Book on Running on November 10, 2010. I was totally confused and the specialist stated that there was a book club membership choice that I had chosen. This was a one-time purchase and has never ordered from their website since. I had no intention of purchasing books on a regular basis or joining a book club. The specialist refunded two months membership and she stated that was the most she could authorize. The specialist then transferred me to the corporate office.

I then spoke with a corporate customer representative who refunded two additional months and was very understanding. The representative stated that she could only authorize two additional months and suggest that I should write to the dispute department. It should be very obvious that I was totally unaware my Mastercard was being charged $9.95 for over 2 years. The book was under $20 and my Mastercard charges have been over $250. I have never made a purchase since buying the book which makes it obvious that I never intended to join a book club. I'm outraged that Hot Books never contacted me due to non-use of the membership for the past years.

The first specialist that spoke with me stated there was a slightly higher charge for the book if not choosing the membership. I would have paid the higher book price as stated above. I never was aware of the membership option. They have designed their checkout process so you have to check you agree to terms in order to checkout. Hidden in the terms is the membership. I requested a full refund of membership charges from the dispute department. The dispute department mailed me a copy of their terms and conditions and stated a welcome e-mail was sent. In my case, the welcome e-mail they say was sent went to spam and I never saw it. Their position is I agreed to the terms. In my dispute, they never addressed the question as to why they don't follow up with accounts that never order again for years. They would have charged me monthly forever. In my opinion, that is what the scam is all about. does business under multiple names. One of which is Beware of this company! You buy one book from them, then you are automatically signed up for a monthly $19.95 subscription which is billed to your credit card whether you buy anything or not. They will keep billing you month after month and you will not get any monthly email receipts. You cannot get a refund when you call, other than a small fraction of the total. There are hundreds of complaints about their practices on the web so stay away from these people!

I did a Google search for a book. The search came up with this company selling the book for $2.06. I bought it. I get a email saying that they don't have the book and it would be back ordered. I went on vacation and when I came back I was charged 20.95. I contacted them and they said that I had joined a membership service with them which I denied. I just wanted the book, I didn't want a membership and I did not knowingly join with them. I have contested the charge with them and my credit card company. I get annoyed with companies that try to add charges to unsuspecting customers.

I purchased a book online from this company in Oct 09. When placing order there was a box to check if you wanted to get a discount and reduced shipping. I checked the box without reading the small print (my fault). I didn't realize I was signing up for some kind of buying service that authorized them to charge $9.95 to my credit card every month forever. I didn't pay too much attention to the monthly charge because I figured my wife was ordering books which she frequently does.

In Jan, 2011 I noticed the charge on our credit card statement and asked her about it. She said it wasn't hers. I called this company and they said it was for the buying service I signed up for with my book purchase. I explained I wasn't aware that I was paying for a buying service, I didn't know I had it, and I've never used it. They claimed they sent me an e-mail after the purchase explaining the whole thing. I told them I don't believe I ever received such an e-mail. It certainly would have alerted me to what was happening.

Reviewing my credit card statements revealed I had been charged 15 times @ $9.95 for a total of $149.25. I made numerous frustrating phone calls and also used a chat line on their website 4 times. They finally refunded 4 months of charges, 4x$9.95 = $39.80 leaving a balance of $109.45. They said if I wanted to go further than that I had to send a written letter to their Boca Raton address. So I sent a letter with all these details. It was a registered letter sent Jan 31, 2011. They signed for it Feb 4th, 2011 at 5:07 pm. They responded with a large envelope with numerous pages explaining what I had supposedly signed up for.

They also refused to refund the rest of the charges, $109.45. The letter said that when I checked the box on their online order form I agreed to their terms. I sent a follow up letter 2 weeks ago stating that I never received their e-mail describing the buying service I supposedly signed up for, and that their records would clearly show that I never used this service as I didn't know I had it. They did not respond to the 2nd letter. Company Profile

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