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I bought these slats in the website and I had to enter my information and the amount I wanted to order, which I did. It processed my order without me doing the final part to process my order. I contacted the company before the 24/48 to stop the order and the glitch in their system would not let me cancel it. They are going to ship the order anyway, even if I don't want it. The cost was $121.00 and they won't give my money back.

This is a company on TV and they're being allowed to practice business in such manner. The order should been cancelled and not shipped. It's as if the they are forcing me to buy and they had me waiting to get my money refunded. I want to thank you ahead of time for helping me address this matter.


I order a product called "Furniture Fix" via 1-800-336-0119 and it was an automated line - no option to speak to a live human. I ordered one set of the plastic slats (made to make a couch firmer). Which by the way, the slats are made very cheaply and not worth the $19.99 they are asking. When I received my credit card bill, I was charged twice. I called the customer service number and was told they would not refund the money for a second set of $40.88. That means that the company is charging $20.93 for shipping and handling which is simply outrageous!


I ordered this item worth $14.99 on 2/23/11 and called the same day stating that this was the wrong item. I was billed $71.77 twice. They told me to call back on 2/24/11 and they would cancel the order, which I did. And they told me the order was shipped already. Meanwhile the order wasn't shipped until a week later. They told me to refuse the order that came in the mail on 3/19/11. When they got the items back, they refuse to refund all my money back. The total order was $149.48 and only refunded me back $56.00. They said the rest of the money went to shipping and handling. I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake. I lost $93.48 in the deal and I would like the rest of my money back. Thank you.

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