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I went to the Fashion Bug to pay on my charge card, only to find the sore was dismantled and I was notified they were closing. I had no clue. My balance wasn't much so I decided to write a check out for the full amount. My home was sold, I moved and several months later I received a bill without my payment posted and late fees. After getting no satisfaction from my phone calls, I sent another payment for the now larger, full amount due. Now I find out my credit has been ruined by them with late payment derogatory remarks. Help! How do I resolve this???

I had a Fashion Bug credit card that was paid off over 10 years ago. I have contacted Fashion Bug on several times regarding this matter. Approx 5 years ago I received a letter from a collection agency stating they were collecting a debt for FB. I contacted FB, told them what had happened, they reviewed my account and verified it was paid off. Now I receive another letter 9 years later stating I owe FB. When does it stop? I'm so tired of having this account, go to collections when I don't owe anything to this company. I don't know what else to do. I wish there was a way I could charge them for the stress and time I have spent proving this debt has been paid in full.

When the new owners of Fashion Bug and the associated other stores, Catherine, Dress Barn, etc. purchased those lines, they opted to close the Fashion Bug stores to eliminate the competition from lower-priced (everything's relative) goods. I mailed my last-ever payment out last week, and it was four days late. I mailed it because, obviously, there is no longer a store to walk into to pay. Please note that I have usually paid far more than the minimum balance since I started using the card and I have made a payment three days late months ago also for the same reason. A few minutes ago, I got a collection's call on this account! I let the caller know that I had mailed the entire balance on the account on Wednesday, thus no need to make payment arrangements as she suggested. I was already very annoyed that the parent corporation had chosen to close all the FB stores for the purpose of forcing folks to select higher priced items (bottom line, you know).

Now, I am way beyond that. I have in the past shopped at all of the other stores owned by this Alliance and one of them is my favorite place to find petite women's size business wear. After today, I will not use any of them. This is merely another in a long and growing line of predatory entities in the marketplace. I am so glad to be rid of anything related to such go-for-the-throat practices. Closing all the FB stores put a lot of good people out of work; however, their plan to force us to purchase at their other stores just will not work for a lot of people who do not live near enough an alternative store to make that ploy succeed. Amazon, here we come.

I am writing this complaint to make everyone aware of the unethical procedures that Fashion Bug is utilizing.This company thrives on the impoverished demographic and relentlessly jabs their unsuspecting victims until they bleed dry. In my younger years, I decided to open up a credit card with Fashion Bug not knowing then what a horrible mistake I was making. It was my understanding that I had paid off my credit card and closed the account, only to have a collection agency stalking me almost a decade later. My wages began to be garnished without any prior notification.

Fashion Bug was claiming that I owed them $1377. What?! This was false and completely not true. Every attempt made to contact the company and straighten this out was only met with insensitive, condescending employees of Fashion Bug. Just recently I noticed that they were still taking money from my paychecks even though I had paid their original $1377 they claimed that I owed. I was told by my payroll department that Fashion Bug continues to add fees, miscellaneous charges and court costs all without my notification. This is unethical, fallacious and wrong. Basically this is a company that prides itself on cheap clothing that falls apart in the wash, costume jewelry that was marked up from the dollar store and shoes that were probably purchased from a sweat shop in China.

I am disgusted and appalled. I will continue to make my story be heard until Fashion Bug takes responsibility and this illogical situations ceases. Until such time I am arranging a boycott of colossal magnitude. I will not stand by and be raped of my hard-earned money.

At Christmas time, I went to a Fashion Bug where I live and it was going out of business and all sales were final. I purchased two pairs of jeans as a gift so they couldn't try them on. So anyways, they didn't fit so I wrote your customer service people a letter and asked how could I return them. They replied and said to package them up and send them to them with the receipt and they would send me the right sizes, so I did and the package was returned with a sticker that says undeliverable because the forward expired. What does that mean and what do you plan to do about it? Because it cost me $14 to send it out and now I'm out that money. If you don't make this right, I will turn you into the Better Business Bureau. All I want is the jeans. Thank you.

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I received a $10 coupon in the mail from Fashion Bug. I would get $10 off a purchase of $10 or more. I went to the store and bought a top and leggings totaling nearly $30. The top alone was $21.99, the leggings $9.99. Instead of giving me $10 off my total, they only took a portion off each item to total the $10 discount. Well, I ended up taking my leggings back for a refund and instead of giving me the regular price for my leggings, they only gave me $6.87 back. So basically my coupon was only worth $7. The $3 is not a huge deal. I am not going broke over it. The problem is that the coupon is deceptive and makes me leery about Fashion Bug practices. I called and made a report. Nothing was done. The man I made the report to literally told me, "It would have been better for you to buy the items separately." What kind of advise is that? I will never shop at Fashion Bug!

I have a credit card for Fashion Bug as we had a store in my community. It closed and so now I have to drive 45 miles one way in order to shop the store. I wasn't going to drive 45 miles to the nearest store to pay my payment and in these times when so many people are financially strapped, I am not always able to pay my bill two weeks in advance.

I found the on line site to pay my bill but I have to send it in 5 five days before the due date in order to not have a late fee assessed. I know that all of the other online bill pays that I do are processed within 48 hours. After several late fees I inquired and I had to talk to someone over seas and they were very rude and so I asked for a supervisor and they told me that they were the only one there and that I had to talk to them or no one else.

After much debate I paid the late fee. I just went on line to pay the bill and the site had changed and then when I did find the site I had to pay a ten dollar fee to pay my bill two days in advance. How can they get away with this? I am getting my tax refund back and paying them off. I will never shop or buy anything from this company or any of its subsidiaries ever again and I urge everyone else not to either. They over charge their credit card customers and then to make it worse, they make us have to talk to overseas operators that can't even speak English!

I had the lady at Kittanning, PA Fashion Bug sign me up for a charge card. I never authorized anything but a regular card. I eventually received a statement with a charge of $25 on it for premier membership fee. I never authorized this. I called and complained to the guy that I never signed up for the card. I was only aware of signing up for a regular card. He apologized and said he would cancel the premier, send me a regular VIP card, and take off all fees. Well, just this weekend, I received a call from Fashion Bug saying I show a late payment due.

I told her I haven't made any purchases. I then told her about the charge the guy was to take off. She said, "Well, it looks like he forgot to take off the late payment fee." She claimed that it's now taken care of.

I was also talking to my mom. She said twice when going into Fashion Bug, she somehow was signed up for the Premier also when she used her regular card. She was furious. The person she spoke with the last time told her that from now on when buying anything in the store, to tell them not to sign her up for that. So it seems that the stores are signing up new and existing card users for the pay membership without permission or authorization.

I was charged $25.00 to my Fashion Bug account for a Premier Membership which I did not pay since I had not requested this service. On my next statement a late charge had been added in the amount of $20.00. I then called them and asked that my card be cancelled and that they remove the $25.00 charge as well as the late fee from my account. I was told at that time that my account would be credited for the full amount by 12:00 midnight.

However, a couple of days ago, I received a letter from them stating that they had credited my account for 20.83 and on the same day I received a letter stating that I had not made a payment. The full account balance should be credited since I did not authorize the charge and I am not responsible to pay any late fees related to this charge.

I paid my final payment late to Fashion Bug. I had been in the hospital and was very ill. When I received the late charge, I was still ill but paid it late also. The finance charge was over $20.00. I than got another very large late charge fee for something that was paid for andthe late charge was also paid. I spent over 45 min on the phone trying to find a real person (not a recording) to talk to to but to no avail. I then got an even larger late charge. After trying for over half an hour to talk to a real person, I finally reached a personnamed Brandon on the stolen credit card line which was the only way to talk to a real individual. I explained the situation to Brandon who removed the late charge and gave me a conformation number. I thought that was the end of it, until I got another late charge. I tried again to reach Donna Bachman, who is the person on all this mail that I am suppose to talk to. Again I spent about 30 min listening to recorded messages and no possible way to reach this person. I than called the number for stolen credit cards again to talk to a real person. I did not get her name but she insisted I had to pay more late fees. I refused and am still getting letters threatening my good credit and being turned over to a collection agency. I still have not been able to reach this Donna Bachman at the number on the letters, I just get recordings. I am 71 years and have a bad heart and do not need this stress. I have already been through open heart surgery and want these people to stop their harrassment.

I tried to return a pair of jeans that were too small for my daughter. The store would not give me a store credit without me giving them my full name, address and phone number. I had purchased these with a mastercard, and, at the time of return, did not have my mastercard with me. They said
the ONLY OPTION I had was to give them
all of my personal information for a credit to be used in that store.

I do not give out my personal information. In addition, they did not have posted anywhere a return policy that states you will be required to divulge all your personal information. I have the jeans in my possession because I refuse to give out personal information that is not required BY LAW for a return. Please help!!!

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