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Reviewed June 27, 2018

Coleman products have been gladly used by my family for generations. I purchased a "complete tank" replacement for my camp stove from their website [with hesitation as their site had no photo of this nor more of the products they sell]. Customer service was closed so I called shortly after they opened the following day. Upon learning that it wasn't a "complete tank" but a tank w.out the necessary parts I requested to cancel the order. "You can't," was their reply, "it's been processed." It hadn't shipped out but that didn't matter: "no returns, no refunds, ever" I was told. I pushed to speak with a manager and she told me to request FedEx to "return product to sender" once I got a tracking number. When Coleman received it, they'd offer a refund. A ridiculous waste of people's time and $. Coleman must not want to keep their customers- they've certainly lost me.

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Reviewed June 15, 2018

I bought a Coleman grill, hot plate and hose adaptor so that I could use the larger propane tank, rather than just the 1 pound propane bottles. Before I made my purchase online, I asked them if that was the correct hose and they said yes. I did not need to use the grill right away, so I didn't open it until more than 30 days after I bought it. That is when I discovered that the hose was wrong, it would only fit the 1 pound bottles. When I contacted Coleman, they said I needed a different hose or an adaptor.

Since more than 30 days had passed, if I wanted to return it, I would have to pay for shipping and a 20% re-stocking fee. I thought this was pretty absurd, so I wrote a review on their website. I then received an email back from them stating that they would not accept my review. They are censoring their reviews and only posting good ones, that is ridiculous. My total original purchase was $184.40 and the hose was $22.49. It is not worth paying for the shipping and also a 20% fee. I'm mad.

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Reviewed May 14, 2018

I ordered a 10x10 lighted canopy from on a Monday, for a party I was having that Friday. I checked the website and they stated two day shipping for around $50.00. I paid it, as I live in a rural area. When the item was due, that Wednesday, I called Coleman customer service and was given the run-around for 15 minutes about when the item was actually shipped, and when it would arrive. I finally was told that it had not even shipped yet, and would arrive that Friday by 8 p.m. I explained that was too late for my needs, and was told that there was nothing that could be done. I asked for a refund of the $50.00 in shipping, since it would not arrive on time. The response was that there was nothing that could be done to refund the shipping. I asked if I could return the item once it arrived and was told that they would charge me shipping, and a percent for "reshelving."

I had been on the phone for 38 minutes at this point, and asked to speak with a manager. After holding another 8 minutes for a manager, the manager stated that she would help me with the return, but instead offered to refund the shipping. I agreed after asking her, in exasperation, why that wasn't offered to me a half-hour earlier. She promised to refund the shipping. Later that day, I got an email from that manager, stating that the item may arrive on Thursday after all, and that if it didn't she'd refund my shipping. It didn't arrive. It showed up late Friday in the middle of the party, after I had already set up an alternative arrangement.

I emailed and asked her to follow through. The response that I received was that because I would have paid regular shipping in the first place, she was only refunding $12.00. Original shipping was $13.00, so the amount due was $28.95. I emailed and asked for the $28.95 to be refunded and stopped getting responses. I called to return the item and again, was told I'd have to pay shipping and a return charge.

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Reviewed April 30, 2018

The cot is wonderful. The air mattress that came with the cot is a specific size for Coleman. Coleman does not offer just a replacement air mattresses. One needs to needlessly replace the cot as well. What a waste! Never buying from Coleman again!

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Reviewed April 9, 2018

I ordered the 10 × 10 lighted canopy, April 3, 2018. With this purchase there was a promotion going on for a free flask with a purchase of anything over $100 +. I entered the Flask promotion code as instructed, so the cost would be deducted from invoice. The cost for canopy was $150.39, $13.00 for shipping (due to weight of canopy) and $9.96 tax, which is 6.625% in NJ. Totaling $173.35, which was deducted from my bank account, and I do not dispute. But after checking my bank account, I see an extra charge in $11.52 in addition to said amount above, and am baffled as to what this extra charge is for. I call customer service to inquire about this extra charge.

I've never had an experience with a company in my entire life like I had today. I truly believe the representative had no idea what the charge was either, but tried to create a reason why I was charged this extra amount after my initial payment was taken. I was told that the extra $11.52 was sales tax that was initially figured out wrong to the price of the canopy changed to that I should have called on the phone and ordered and this would not have happened. I was on the phone for 40 minutes with the representative trying to find out why I have this extra charge. In the end I am only being refunded $9.99. I was mentally exhausted after this phone call.

You would've thought that I was requesting their first born. I don't think that I will ever do business with them again, I felt as if the customer didn't matter, like I was bothering them with my matter (even though they overcharged me) and I should just accept it. A complete runaround conversation. Just pay the extra $11.52 and leave them alone. I don't feel any customer satisfaction because they still did not refund the full overcharge, even if its only $1.53. Be careful to check your bank statements/bank accounts when ordering from Coleman, as you may find some extra charges you weren't aware of.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2018

I bought a Coleman airbed from Target and it deflated after a few months, I then contacted Coleman and they sent me a new air bed and again, it deflated after a while... I went back to Target and they refused to refund my money and gave me another airbed and again it deflated after a while. This item is obviously defective and I called Coleman and told them and they obviously do not care.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2017

Air Bed went flat after initial indoor use. Keep putting air in. Notified Coleman about my faulty air bed. They said they were sure it wasn't leaking, but just that I hadn't filled it right! Anyway, sent them my receipt, and then they wanted a picture of the bed with the Coleman Logo and the incident number. Did all this. Then when I contacted them 5 days later, they said they couldn't help me with any information or shipping because that department wasn't in! What? Poorest customer service I've received in a long time. Won't be buying Coleman anytime soon.

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2017

I was sent the wrong tent even after Coleman tents asked me for pictures of my tent. They tried to send me a cheap lower cost camping tent. I emailed them over 10 times with my phone number. Would never call me. They did what they wanted to do and was to cheat me out of my 350 dollar tent and sent me a 100 dollar tent that's junk. My tent was only 45 days old and was leaking every place and fan and lighting stopped working. Coleman did not care at all. Tried to send me a cheapest tent they could. I'm very disappointed and upset.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2017

We bought this new coffee maker in January of this year. On our fourth camping trip it started to melt. We used it the same way every time so we knew it was defective. I emailed their "customer service" group three times over three weeks with no response. I included photos as requested along with photos of all of our other camping stuff from their company. After a frustrated email I finally got a reply. Judging by a date code on the bottom they determined it was out of warranty even though I am only 8 months into a year warranty. This item retails for about $40 and their cost is likely $15 to $17. For this small amount they are perfectly willing to lose a loyal customer. This is by far the most frustrating customer experience I ever had. I will never buy another Coleman product again because they will not stand behind it.

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Reviewed July 13, 2017

Purchased a Coleman 5hp boat motor in 2015, the engine had to be repaired 3 time during the first three months on warranty, has never run right, again its back in the repair shop. Sent issues to Coleman Customer service, and they advised they don't manufacture the engine and advised I send my complaint to reach Godfrey and Associates who manufacture this engine for Coleman. Passing the buck, they don't stand behind a product with their name on it. The Marina repairing the engine advised me that they will not even accept a Coleman engine as a trade in due to their unreliability. Sad...

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Reviewed July 13, 2017

Poorly Engineered Tent. Don't buy the Coleman 3-Person 7' X 7' tent. The poles break with the slightest wind and the company won't stand behind their product. The tent in question was less than 6 months old. BEWARE.

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Reviewed June 22, 2017

$400 Hampton 9-person tent bought through Canadian Tire. Used twice. It is rated for wind. 2nd time one of the main fiberglass poles broke part # 5010000751. Canadian Tire has a 7 day return. Coleman doesn't have any and says it isn't covered under warranty. When I lost my ** and said, "Seriously? A TENT POLE isn't covered? WTH?" He changed his tune but still said he had none in stock, mumbled about there being none available that things become obsolete etc. I said, "What was that?" He said "you never know why they aren't in stock." HA! I said "the exact model is on sale at Canadian Tire right now different color - bet it has a pole!" You don't have any because they break! I have the other pole to that set and the fiberglass pole is cracking down the center and will break too! Because it's fiberglass we disposed of the first one that broke.

He gave me a number to call to see if they had one. I said, "So it IS covered under warranty?" He said, "Well... hmmmm.... mention it to them and say it's a warranty item maybe they will just ship it out anyway." OH MY GOD what? In the end I hung up on him. FWIW the other place doesn't have any either. So I have a $400 tent I have used twice, I need it now and can't find a damn tent pole. If I buy generic poles and DIY it's going to be close to $80 for a freaking pole. Very disappointed in customer service and poor quality product of such an expensive item. Won't buy from them again.

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Reviewed June 7, 2017

I ordered an 8 man instant tent. One of the poles didn't extend so we suffered through our vacation with a broken tent. I requested a replacement but they didn't have one. I couldn't get a refund because we bought it through Amazon. I had to write the confirmation number and take a picture of the problem and email it with the receipt and was told I could get another for no cost and they recommended throwing it away.

So I ordered another of the same tent and amazingly one of the extensions was constructed incorrectly. The inside extension arm was 180 degrees out of alignment. I tried using the extension of the first bad tent and replacing it in the second but the ends were different and wouldn't fit. I was told to take a picture of the problem and they would send me another. I was so sick of dealing with the customer service I elected to cut my losses and just throw both tents away. NO MORE COLEMAN PRODUCTS FOR ME!

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Reviewed April 28, 2017

We purchased, brand new, our 2017 Coleman Travel Trailer... We bought the one at the show so we had to wait for it to be "cleaned up" and ready for pick up (Sept 2016). When we went to get it, nothing was done, plus it wasn't even on the lot we were told it would be at. Once we contacted the salesperson, we were told it was shipped to NY, from PA and would have to find a way to get it to NJ--where we live. We took possession of it but found that NONE of the work was done. So, the NJ location of Camping World did the work, we took physical possession in Nov 2016. Since we live in NJ, we didn't even bother to use it but had it winterized so things would be great come Spring 2017.

So we got it ready with our personal items, powered it up, filled the tanks and took over from our home in April 2017. After driving 2 houses away from our home the electronic awning, an awning where you have to physically stand and hold the button to open, the awning opened while we were driving--no one was in the trailer. We called the insurance company and camping world to get things recorded and fixed... The insurance company came out and said this should all be covered by the warranty as there is no way this should of happened. So now we wait until Camping World looks at it, hopefully not changing service dates as they usually do and see who is going to take care of what. I do NOT want to pay a penny for anything as this is not our error, mistake, etc but the manufacturer's and should stand behind their product.

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Reviewed April 6, 2017

Bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. Because guaranteed no leaks. Leak after less than 4 months. Apparently my fault because for guest use only. Paid a fortune because of the no leak statement. DO NOT BUY THIS BED!

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2017

Just wanted to point out that we brought our new Coleman (2915RK Travel Trailer) on 28 Jan 2017 from Camping World in Colorado Springs, CO. Drove home and found that the emergency window on the bedroom area does not latch or stay closed. Cheap plastic latch. Exterior door holder comes unhooked each time you step up on the step and the door closes. No instructions on Radio or how to register your appliances. Plus when they made the trailer, they put in the ducts to the AC, dropped in an AC and did not attach any ducts to the unit. So the AC unit is now a single blow vent. Have to have someone hook up the vents. Now that was the biggest FUBAR of all. No quality checks by this established organization.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2016

Bought some Coleman hunting gear for my recent hunting trip and loved it! They were a thicker insulated pant with a cargo pocket. At first I thought it would just take on a lot of rain and be miserable but I actually stayed mostly dry and definitely warm, I will be packing these for my elk trip in November! The only downside of them is that they only have 1 cargo pocket and the belt loops are a little this so I worry about my sidearm and knives tearing them.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2016

I talked with Ebony, one of their customer support reps. Obviously another one that does not care what the customer needs. Bought a tent and finally used it. Long story short, it rained and the tent buckled. I called for spare parts, and she tells me there are no parts available... WTF? So these things are disposable? Use once and toss? Screw you COLEMAN. I will never buy a COLEMAN product again. Ebony was nice enough to offer me a discount and free shipping on a new one... Guess where you can stick that offer...

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Reviewed July 8, 2016

1 season of use of 9949a Roadtrip lxe coleman grill rusted. Took off its cover, opened lid and tons of rust. Called customer svc. Head ph person Tony said out of warranty. I said it should not have rusted that bad and some very essential parts have to be replaced. Not satisfied with his offer. I asked to talk to higher up. Couldn't get but said would give 50% off online, any regular price item. Having paid sale price $140 plus tax, there is no grill or item that comes near that price. Why should I have to pay more for a grill when the original one was a good price. I want a replacement or refund. Not to pay again and pay more.

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Reviewed June 22, 2016

Over the years I had tried many coffee makers while camping. The wife and I were never satisfied with the taste. A friend of the family recommended that we try a Coleman coffeemaker. Last fall on a camping trip we had a chance to try the unit. We both agreed that it was the best we had used. This spring, to my disappointment, I had a problem with the unit, it was no longer usable. I contacted Coleman of the problem. Working with their warranty dept, they stood behind their product and sent me a new unit free of charge. With that kind of service I will continue to use Coleman products.

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Reviewed June 9, 2016

Out-of-stock items are advertised as being on sale, but cannot be ordered. When Coleman customer service was contacted not all questions were answered and I was told that the sale price is only good while supplies last, but they do not have any supplies. I'm not sure what the definition of false advertising is, but this sounds like it to me. Sale products are not available and customer service is not helpful. If Coleman customer service can't help with purchasing merchandise what kind of customer service would they provide if a purchased item was defective?

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Reviewed May 25, 2016

Just have to vent a moment. In November 2015 our kid was moving unexpectedly from her apartment and in a pinch. She had a place to stay, but nothing to sleep on. We ran down to the local Wal-Mart (sorry, it was late and that's what was open), and bought a Coleman airbed. We got 'home' and the pump was in the box, but not the parts to connect the pump to the bed. Whatever, I run back down to Wal-Mart to exchange it and they would not because of Coleman's policy of 'Do Not Return This Product To The Place Of Purchase' written on a piece of paper INSIDE the box.

I have been dealing with Coleman on and off since then. Sometimes when I have a spare moment I entertain myself by trying to get a Giant Company to make a little problem right by trying to get them to send the stupid plastic parts that connect the pump to the bed or just a new/different pump. Since I paid cash, cannot find the receipt (we were in a bit of a tizzy ya know), and the pump has 2014 stamped on it, even though I purchased it end of 2015, they will not replace anything. Obviously this is a stupid 1st world problem, but you might want to think twice about ever spending any of your hard-earned money with a company who won't correct their oops.

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Reviewed May 22, 2016

I got my Coleman tent 17 years ago, as a gift from my grandma. Ever since we got this, we use this almost every year during the summer time when we go camping. It is still working fine, no repairs needed. The quality is superb! If you want a tent that lasts for decades, go get a Coleman tent.

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Reviewed May 20, 2016

We just recently went to the beach and had to bring ice for our beer. I told my friends to just buy in the resort but one of them suggested bringing a Coleman jug instead and buy ice. I wasn't sure about that plan until the next day. We brought 2 big blocks of ice and I thought at first that it won't last long because it was really hot. But boy I was so wrong. The next day, we still have 1 solid ice block. I was really amazed. Didn't think the ice would not melt fast. I will buy my own Coleman jug. It is an amazing problem.

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Reviewed April 12, 2016

I purchased two sleeping bags at Big 5 store where I live. In addition, I purchased another two bags on Amazon. The zipper on both of the sleeping bags I purchased from the Big 5 are coming off - they weren't sewn properly. I called Coleman customer service and told them I could not find my original receipt, but provided them with all the store information and the purchase order number from my bank statement. They said it would not be a problem.

After going through ALL their return, or exchange steps through email, I'm finally told that NO - they will not honor their warranty. Overall buying all four sleeping bags, I spent over $300.00. I am now returning the bags to Big 5, where they are more than happy to get my receipt from my bank info, and getting my money back. I am also returning my other two bags. I will not support this company by buying their poor quality products and LOUSY customer service ever again.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2015

I am so sad that we have such a throw-away society. Why can't replacement parts be made available, but more particularly, why can't things be manufactured to last? I have a Coleman Laurel Creek 6-person tent that has two sets (out of three sets) of poles that are broken. There are NO replacement parts for a perfectly good tent that is only six years old and was used about four times! So now I get to throw it away and fill up a landfill. What an absolute shame. It's a waste of my hard-earned money and a waste of materials. Get some engineers and manufacturers to make a product that lasts! Offer replacements so that a camping trip can be enjoyed! I guess I will have to look for another tent manufacturer.

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Reviewed July 24, 2015

We used the 8 man fast pitch tent for the 1st time, and thought it was great. Lots of room for two cots (tied together), with a queen air mattress on top. Super comfy with luggage stowed under cots, and two chairs and table set inside as well. The small pole that supports the vestibule (porch) was split however, so we called Coleman when we arrived home. They said that they did not have a replacement part available, as it was a new tent (very strange). We had to return it to Costco, they asked no questions, but they had no tents left. So I gave them back an almost perfectly good tent (I even waxed all the zippers). Now we have no tent, which is OK until next year, but I'm just glad I have no Coleman stock investments.

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Reviewed July 17, 2015

Bought the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 tent and the entire rainfly leaked, destroying some dried goods and gear I thought were safe inside the tent. After reading all the reviews on this tent which were purchased about the same time as mine, it seems there was a serious factory flaw in China and they forgot to seal the rainfly. Coleman customer support is a JOKE!!! I've supported Coleman since the early 80's and it seems they don't want my business anymore over a product that their Chinese factory screwed up! They have succeeded and I will no longer support or buy from Coleman again!

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Reviewed June 15, 2015

ColemanCL10 - I purchased this lantern as a gift during the holidays for my daughter for a big camping trip she would be going on. A few days before the trip she bought brand new batteries and opened the brand new product only to find that it flat out DID NOT WORK. New, out of the box and completely useless. The "warranty" takes 7-10 business days plus shipping to be processed, so unless I was willing to pay just under $30 to have it expedited to my house (the lantern is sold for $20), there was "nothing they could do, that's just the process." Unless of course I would pay for it, then suddenly the standard process doesn't apply and they CAN do something. Bottom line, they sold a defective product, and they won't back up their products by shipping it on their tab, leaving me to have to go purchase another lantern for the camping trip while this junk sits in my house. NEVER buying Coleman again.

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Reviewed May 31, 2015

I wanted to let you know I was going to OBX, N.C. so last minute I went out and purchased your Coleman rooftop carrier. So when I went to put it up top of my traverse I was missing some parts, like the suction cups and the actual straps that come with carrier. So therefore I had to go purchase a pack of ratchet straps to fasten the carrier to my Chevy traverse. I might add I had to stop on the way down like an hour in to my vacation to buy another set of ratchet straps because the carrier letter off about a 45 degrees off the roof my traverse I might add. Also the key did not work also to lock the cap down.

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Reviewed May 28, 2015

I have always loved the Coleman products we have purchased throughout the years. Until now. About two weeks ago we purchased a Coleman 8 person Blue Springs tent from Bass Pro in Springfield, MO. A few days ago, my husband put the tent up in our back yard, to test it out, because we are getting ready to take a 10 day trip to Colorado. Unfortunately, approximately 4 to 5 hours after my husband put the tent up... as we cleaned out our garage, he looked over and commented that the rain fly was sagging on the front of the tent. When we went to inspect, we found the rain fly pole had snapped and would no longer stay in the grommet. We were shocked. Really? After only being up for a few hours? We had loved the fact that the tent was so roomy and exactly what we wanted. At least we thought that was the case. My husband has put up many tents over the years.

Let me state for the record, this was not a case of the tent being put together improperly. When I called Coleman today, to request a replacement pole, I was told that the replacement kit would not be available until July 18th and would take 7 to 10 business days to ship as well. Today is May 28th. Really? Disappointing. Very. Cannot say that I will recommend this product to anyone. Surprised that Bass Pro would support such a poorly made product. So now we are scrambling to find another tent for our upcoming trip. Annoying and time consuming. We will not encourage our family to buy the tents from Coleman anymore.

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Reviewed May 1, 2015

Bought a brand new Coleman dual fuel lantern about a year ago for camping. When I first got worked beautifully. Only used twice and noticed it was not working properly so I started to use the expensive Coleman fuel in it with no change. Changed the mantels. No change. So I used for the rest of camping season anyway. When I stored for the winter I drained all the liquid fuel out of it and put away. This April 2015 decided I was gonna fill and get working. I filled it and tried pumping and the pump would not work right after taking the pump out got it to work. When I did finally get to light it had flames coming out where the on off knob is and caught on fire. After a few minutes it went out and didn't try lighting again. I bought Coleman products and never had any complaints until now. For what I paid for this lantern I should have got many years of use out of it but this lantern is junk, junk, junk. I will never buy another one.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2015

Purchased patio furniture set 11 years ago and last week the glass top for the dining table shattered into many very fine pieces. It has an aluminum frame and had a glass top. No one was in the area when it happened. I heard the noise from the front of the house and found the glass had shattered. The table was not being used at the time. It is not exposed to the sun or rain. No reason for it to have failed. The furniture was purchased from Lowe's in Fort Myers. It is 32 inches square by 32 inches tall and has the Coleman tag attached.

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2014

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR ANY OF THEIR RECHARGEABLE PRODUCTS. I purchased a 4D XPS High Tech LED battery lantern. This came with a rechargeable battery pack ($35.00). I test this lantern battery and the light always came on green (fully charged). The battery does not work and was purchased for emergencies. Called Coleman customer service. The woman said, "You have to charge the battery pack 4 times a year to be effective". Nowhere in the brochure does it state this. The light is green, means fully charged. I purchased a Coleman regular lantern that runs on 4D batteries and it works. Why pay $35.00 at time of purchase only to have to pay again? Buy 4D items only. Consumers beware of rechargeable Coleman products. Do not waste your money. Was going to buy a Coleman stove for emergencies but not now. I am going to the other brands.

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Reviewed May 24, 2014

I ordered a Coleman Instant Tent -- 8 person -- 10 X 14 tent through Amazon, May 19, 2014, along with the rain fly it listed, and some other items. I received the merchandise on May 21, 2014 and discovered the rain fly was for an 8 person, 8 X 14 tent, and not for the tent I ordered. I was unhappy about this because that specific rain fly was listed as one of the items people order when they order that specific tent.

When I did the research on it, I found out that Coleman offers a rain fly the 10 X 14 tent, but they call it a "rain fly for a 10 person tent." The plot thickens when I looked for the 10 X 14 10 person tent and found that this product does not exist. I then called Amazon to let them know the information was confusing, I was told that the information was not misleading and the information about this rain fly was very unclear. I spoke to the supervisor about this, and when I proceeded in taking her online to show her the inconsistencies, I was disconnected.

Last night, May 22, I went on line to Amazon to let them know I wanted to return the rain fly. They later sent me and e-mail and stated that UPS would be contacting me about a pick up time. I then wrote up an item review of the tent on Amazon, and made clear that my problem was with the rain fly and how the situation was being handled. I also stated that when I was speaking with the supervisor, I was disconnected. Today, May 23, I called the Coleman Company. I had difficulty explaining the problem to her, She seemed distracted, and finally began paying more attention when I pointed this out and asked for a supervisor. When the Coleman Rep asked me for the item number, I looked on my sales receipt and was unable to locate it. When I found it next to the bar code on the factory box, the rep said it was not the right number. I finally located the same number on the shipping box, and she agreed it was the right number, explaining that she had been looking in the wrong place.

The Rep then explained to me, after looking up the item number, that 10 X 14 rain fly specified for the 10 X 14 10 person tent, is really for the 10 X 14, 8 -- person tent, and that the 10 X 14 8 person tent is really a 10 person tent, and that the 10 person tent does not exist. I then requested that the item be ship to me free of charge and that I needed it no later than next Wed. The rep said she did not have the authority in discounting the cost, so I asked again to speak to a supervisor. I was then transferred to supervisor Rick who would only give me his first name, and finally, his employee number. I explained to him the situation, and stated that I should be sent the rain fly at no cost since I had been put to so much trouble, and Coleman could easily fix the problem. Rick stated that it only took him 4 minutes to look up the item, and there was nothing confusing about the information. At this point I checked to see that the conversation was being recorded so that the Coleman managers would have access to the information. He stated it was being recorded.

I then requested again that the fly be mailed at no charge, and Rick stated that he could give me a 30% discount for the rain fly, but that, in order to have the fly by Wednesday, I would have to pay $32.95 for next day shipping. I conceded reluctantly and provided my credit card information. I was also told, at my request, that the recorder would be off during the credit card information, and turned back on afterward. The phone conversation ended about 2:15. At 2:45, the doorbell rang and it was UPS. Although I had not received a call about their arrival, the carrier was there to pick up the 8 X 10 rain fly that wasn't the right size. The UPS driver was very professional, and the tent fly has been shipped back.

Since then, I have received an e-mail from Amazon stating that the item has been refunded. I have received no communication from Coleman. Reflection;

My concern is that neither Amazon nor Coleman was concerned about the misleading information and that the rain fly confusion continues. I was happy that Amazon did respond quickly in refunding the amount for the rain fly, and that they made it possible for me to return the item at no charge to me. In general, my experience with Amazon has been positive, and I plan to review items on their behalf. It remains mystery to me that, in the midst of this confusion about the rain fly, 2 independent retailers are advertising (on Amazon) the correct fitting rain fly (10 X 14) for $135.05 while Coleman only charges $54.99. It is also interesting that the rain fly that fits the 10 X 14 tent is not in the Amazon Prime Plan while the one that does not fit is in the Prime plan. Again, a confusing message.

I might add that Amazon did move quickly in having UPS pick up the item today. My biggest disappointment is with Coleman right now. I just invested over $500 in Coleman equipment yesterday, beyond the price of the tent and the rainfly. I am seriously considering the return of these items, and will not be buying Coleman items in the future. This decision might reverse if I see a change of heart in how Coleman works with the public. I was also disappointed to find that the LX Road trip is one of the items customers have been disappointed with. I just bought one of these. I want Coleman to make it right with me, and to change how they work with the public and advertise their products.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2013

11 years ago we purchased our Coleman outdoor patio table with 6 chairs. The table was tempered glass and suddenly exploded for no reason last Wednesday. Luckily no one was seriously hurt - just some scrapes and cuts. We went online to research this and found over 100 other instances of this same spontaneous shattering glass happening with no recalls. Seriously?! We now have to replace this set, but will never again buy tempered glass.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2013

I need to replace a Coleman Powermate carburetor. Despite my efforts (three times) I am getting the same answer: "Thank you for contacting Coleman. I would be more than happy to assist you today. Unfortunately, this is a licensed item and we will have to refer you to the manufacturer of this item for any assistance." I asked for the manufacturer information – got the same answer three times.

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Reviewed May 15, 2010

It is unfortunate that I find myself writing this letter today. My family grew up using Coleman products. Today, that relationship is ending. My wife and I purchased the Coleman Roadtrip Grill LX to replace the Roadtrip Grill LXE. The LXE was unavailable on your site as well as several other sporting good sites. We figured no worries, the LXE was great and we have had it for four years. The LX will surely be a good product. We could not have been more wrong. One would think looking at the features, specs and price that we would be getting more for our money but again we could not have been more wrong.

When we received the grill, the outside box was incredibly damaged, which is why the item is not being returned in that original outside packaging. However, it should be known that the box the grill is being returned in is the original secondary box that the grill is actually packaged in. The instructions to put the grill together were not so helpful. The quality of the grill for the price was ludicrous. The LX grill coating was Teflon, I think, definitely something that would scratch and chip far too easily. You can't possibly think this product could withstand a long grilling life. The side tables were difficult to install and uninstall, the legs even when in place and braced left me with no confidence that they would withstand the long-term weight of the grill or activity that usually occurs while grilling.

To say that the LX is an inferior product to the LXE is an understatement. This is not the quality product I would expect from Coleman. My wife and I decided for the money, this was not the grill for us.We then decided to roll up our sleeves and give our four-year old LXE some tender loving care and to return the LX. It took me three tries to get in touch with someone at Coleman customer service.

1. Central Time servicing hours.= You have a small domestic call center. Admirable, but inconvenient.
2. Your company is closed for a company-wide meeting.

3. 14 minutes on hold before I got connected to a call center rep, another 4 minutes 32 seconds on hold once explaining my issue.

Why no FAQs on your website, no live chat, search and advanced search offer no results on keyword return? How much of your yearly revenue is generated from shipping costs?

When I finally get to speak to Ken (assured the only Ken) at your call center, he proceeds to tell me that Coleman provides all the information. I need to pick a product out online, if I then get the product and don't like it, that is not Coleman's fault and therefore, no, I will not be getting assistance by way of pre-paid packaging slip to send the product back nor would I be getting credited for the shipping I paid for to have the product originally sent to me.

I understand times are tough for the everyday man and companies cutting costs is essential for many to stay afloat, but are you serious? You make a poorly constructed product, charge an average market price, provide no shipping incentive when most other companies do and then offer no return info a/o shipping assistance when a consumer decides to return a product. What is the incentive for me as a consumer to continue to do business with Coleman?

Relationship with Coleman is over. I am returning this grill today in the original secondary box which it came in. I am returning the grill with a copy of the original package slip, a copy of my order number and the cc info the purchase price should be returned to. A miracle would have this letter actually making it to a senior exec's desk so that I was also credited the original shipping fee and the cost to ship the grill back, but I suspect that type of consumer/customer service would only happen at the Coleman company I knew years ago, which is very sad. As I told Ken, "Thanks for your time. Perhaps, I will see you sometime when I am shopping at LL Bean."

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2009

My furnace is a part of the bad heat exchanger recall. I have had no heat for 15 days. They told me they found a replacement exchanger 2 weeks ago. I have called until I am totally frustrated and still without heat. I was told if the one they found wasn’t available, then who knows how long before I get one. I have snow in my yard, and I’m very tired of being cold. I don’t know what else to do. If you can help in any way, it would be very much appreciated. Hmmm, how fitting that one of the spam ** words on this letter is Snowman.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2008

In the Spring/Summer of 2005 I purchased a Mosquito Deleto, Model 2500, from Lowes. I've always had trouble finding a Octenol Lure refill and now the problem has extended itself to a Spare Gas Tip (product #2920-5241), which is extremely necessary for the apparatus to function properly. When I contacted the Coleman Company they first of all told me that the product was no longer available. So I called the Coleman store in Birch Run, they didn't have one either. Neither did the Lowes' store.

I contacted the Coleman Company again and talked to a representative. She told me they were on back order and it would be November until they were ready to be shipped. I could order on the internet or place an order with them. When I tried to order on the internet, I was informed that the product was not available.

I contacted the Coleman Company again and this rep told me the product was no longer available. When I told her that I had only had the product for less than three years and expected a refund of $329.00 (the price I paid for the original at Lowes). She informed me that there was only a one year guarantee on the Mosquito Deleto and I wouldn't receive any refund. I told her that I was going to contact you and file a complaint. She referred me to another individual. I left a message with him but haven't heard back from him as of this complaint.

Is there any action that I can take against this company? I paid out $329.00 for a product that for some reason is no longer made or serviced. What can I do? The Mosquito Deleto was delveloped in put on the market in 2004 and taken off in 2006. They wouldn't explain why the product was taken off the market.

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Reviewed May 4, 2008

My husband bought a Coleman Bunkhouse Cot on our way camping. We made up the beds and that night, my sons smelled of chemicals. I couldn't figure out what it was and I was sniffing everything in the tent. I realized that the new cot smelled strong, so strong that my son smelled just like it. I slept on the cot the next night without the pad and it was no better. I contacted the company and they said if it was that strong to return it, but I cannot find the receipt. How can you tell what the damage is from such an exposure? My six-year-old’s entire body, the sleeping bag and tent smelled of the cot. It was either a waterproofing or fireproofing chemical. He smelled of it the next day! I worry about the exposure, the sweat on his face even smelled of it. It was very strong.

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Reviewed March 16, 2007

We purchased a new patio set from Lowe's in 2006 and the tempered glass table top suddenly shattered for no reason at all while sitting on our patio. This patio set. known as the Windsor Collection, was sold at all Lowe's Home improvement stores under the well known name of Coleman, a company which is well known for their Coleman gas lanterns, camping gear and RVs. After contacting 6 different Lowe's stores in my area trying to find a replacement top, I was informed that Lowe's no longer carries the Coleman name brand of patio furniture and that I was not the first customer to call to report about Coleman glass table top exploding.

I was then informed that Lowe's is now selling a new line of patio furniture by the name of Garden Treasure whose phone number is 1-800-416-3511 which is the same number that appears on my Coleman warranty papers. Apparently, the following company, Agio International whose main office is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia (757) 468-4782 sells patio furniture to all the big box stores like K-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot and Target along with many others. These box stores tell Agio what they want and how many and then the furniture is manufactured in China and shipped back to the U.S.A.

From what I've been told plus read after doing some research online, there has been a large number of these tempered glass patio table tops that have exploded for no reason at all, and all of them are made by the same glass company located in China. Contacting Coleman or Agio is fruitless because they come right out and tell you they are not responsible for the glass tops and they will not replace nor do they even keep replacements in stock. What they do tell their customers is they can contact a local glass supplier to make a replacement top. After doing so and getting different prices from local companies, I was informed that the price for a 50' round tempered glass table top with an umbrella hole cut in the middle would cost us close to $500 which is a little less than what we paid for the whole set from Lowe's.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2006

My concern is the gas furnace installed (new) in my manufactured home built in 1989, which my wife and I bought in Jan 1990 and moved in on Jan. 15, 1990. I received this notice by postal service on Nov. 1, 2006. The service Information was dated on April 10, 2006. The service safety notice reminder is dated Oct. 2, 2006. My concern is, why did it take so long to notify me, the homeowner? My home could have burned down with me and my wife and son in it. I am 100% disabled and in a wheelchair when I must go outside. I am on oxygen 24/7, I can not go without the oxygen. If there is anything I missed, let me know. Thank you so much.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2006

51-inch round tempered glass dining table top exploded for no apparent reason. I've heard about this happening to other people before so I guess it's my turn this time. I know nobody will believe us, so I just want to report this so you can add it to the other complaints you have gotten about this kind of thing. Maybe you can get these table tops off the market if it's warranted. Somebody could get hurt. Nobody was hurt in my family. We found it that way when we came home. Sunny, non-windy day in the 90s. No evidence of foul play. It looked like it exploded in place because most of it was straight down inside the frame, but there were pieces all over the deck.

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2002

My family had decided to buy a small generator for the blackouts we were supposed to have last summer in our area. So we proceeded on our way to Home Depot. We spoke to a salesman named Oscar. He showed us a Coleman generator that would fit our needs and our price range. The only problem is they were out of that model, but he could sell the display model to me with a 10% discount due to it having been a display model. Oscar informed me it did not have a box or instructions and explained how it worked. So needless to say, I bought it. After I called Home Depot about the blow up, they informed me about the fall that generator had taken from a 5-foot drop and was not to be sold. They were to pick up that one and bring out another. I’ve got pictures and the fire investigator’s report that says it was an internal error on the generator’s fault. Home Depot had given it to Coleman and they were supposed to deal with me, but they never did pay up on this.

Two days after I had it home, we started it up to see how long a tank gas would last. It ran for a minute and cut out. Then I opened the gas knob and it blew up, throwing me at least 20 feet and burning my glasses up. I lost lots of hair, not to mention my car port was burned and my portable TV was burned also. I am a disabled woman with 3 children. I have a social disorder, which is angoraphobia and I’m on SSI for it. This has made me worse and my depression has gone to its lowest I’ve ever been. This has cost me a great deal of money.

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