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I won 4 auctions on on 6-20-11. I won 2 watches, a USB flash, and a silk purse. This order cost me $26.24 in shipping charges plus the cost of the bids. By 8-10-11, almost 2 months later, I still had not received any of my order. I called (after several unanswered emails) to inquire about my order. The operator said they were having problems with their shipper. They told me that if I could just hold on a few more days, I would receive them. She "gave" me an additional 100 bids, to be used within 7 days, or they will expire! So, on the same day and the next day, I went to their site and bid on 4 more items. I won 2 watches, an electronic cigarette kit, and a computer mouse. This order cost me $31.61 in shipping charges plus the cost of the bids.

I received my bank statement. I paid the shipping costs after the auction was over. Not only did they charge me the shipping charges that I knew about, but they went into my bank account unauthorized and took out international shipping charges also! I couldn't believe it! I received an email on 8-18-11 stating my merchandise had been shipped. I waited and waited. Finally, I received it on 9-10-11, almost 1 month after they claimed to have shipped it! It came from China. Both of the watches have the hands of the watches that just spin around, deeming them worthless! The cigarette kit I bought doesn't work at all. And the computer mouse is a total joke, all in itself. It scrolls all over the screen! I could actually hear the rattle and busted parts moving around when I picked up the package!

I still have not received the auction items I won on 6-20-11, and it's now 9-16-11! I have since called them everyday. I get a message that says they are having problems and to email them. The site is frozen. You cannot bid on it. It doesn't recognize your login or password! So, I am out the $75.00 cost of bids, and a total of $57.85 in shipping costs! The order I haven't received has two watches in it too. I know ** good and well that they will be broken too, that is if I ever receive them!


On June 7th. 2011, I got on In order to bid on things to buy, you have to buy the 'bids' first. I bought some bids for .05cents to get started. When I reviewed our credit card statement yesterday (June 16th) it said Bidrack had charged me $99.00.

I went back onto their website and found a phone number to call for customer service. When I called them, they said they couldn't do anything, including talking to me about it, from their end and for me to email the company's customer service care center. I email them explaining that they had over charged me (by $98.95), ticket #**. They responded by saying, "We thank you for reaching out to us here at Bidrack! We do see that you have purchased our $99 bid package of 175 bids. Directly to the left of where you enter your card number it states that you are being charged $99 and you will receive 175 bids. We are very sorry that you did not wish to do this. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately, due to our policies as stated in the terms and conditions you agreed to, I cannot give you a refund. But what I have gone ahead and done for the inconvenience, is give you 120 additional bids which is a $80 value."

I wrote them back and said, "I didn't order $99 worth of bids." I have been writing them back and forth all day long, getting no where. They will not tell me why they charged me the $99 and they refuse to call me. I finally called their support number back and begged them to try to help me in anyway. I told them that they have made a mistake and I'm just asking someone, anyone to fix it but they said there is nothing they can do and to just email the customer care center.

My point is, I am a mother of 3 children. One of my children were burned a couple of years ago, so I stay at home while my husband works 3 jobs just to pay the bills. We can't not afford to just let this company take $99 from us. I have never been taken advantage of like this before. I'm so very upset and have no one to turn to for help. Please, please help me in anyway possible.

We (as a family of 5) have to decide whether or not to pay medical bills, buy some food, pay the electric bill or pay I do believe Bidrack is the last place that we want to send my husband's very hard earned money. I have been so upset all day long and all night last night. I've lost sleep and gotten very sick to my stomach over this crap. These people are very rude and don't care that they are hurting me and my family. Not only are they trying to take $99 from us, but I'm sure I ran over my cell phone minutes today sitting on hold with them for what seemed like forever just for them to loss their temper and tell me there is nothing they will do.


I was led to this site through a link on Facebook, advertising an online auction for an iPad. The bid was going off in minutes or so it appeared, so I immediately registered, and although was hesitant about putting in my credit card information, I saw that it was a secure site, and have dealt with eBay along with other auction sites for many years so I thought I was safe. After a short time of what I thought was free bidding, I became suspicious of other ads I saw to "purchase bids" and I stopped.

Within an hour of signing up, I emailed them to confirm that it was free and their customer service emailed me back to say no, there is a $99.00 charge and I guess they are used to this problem because they did not even wait for me to ask for a refund. Their email stated that they would not issue refunds, but instead they gave me 80 free bids, which I do not want. After doing research on them, I am learning that this company is scamming people.

There is a $99.00 charge on my credit card that I feel they should refund! If they are good and reputable, then this should not be a problem for them!


Bidrack, a penny auction site states the service is free and then when I gave them my credit card, they took out $49.00 and I cannot contact them in any way. It's like they fell off the earth. I canceled my card and I am going to battle to the bitter end. I want Bidrack shut down.


I wanted to register at to be able to place a bid on some offers. The entire website advertised that is was free to register. It is not. They charged me $99.00 which was never mentioned anywhere on their website including the Terms and Conditions page. I found this out within minutes of signing up and emailed them for a refund which was on 5/25/11 transaction #**. They sent an email back to me saying it was not refundable under any circumstance. (This was the only money I had to my name) And they also told me not to email them again about this matter. When I got that I started investigating them on the internet and saw that there are hundreds of complaints against them for the exact same scam.

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I notice an ad on a news article for Bidrack. The link went to a site designed to look like a TV news website touting online penny auctions, specifically Bidrack and makes an offer for 25 free bids. I clicked through and it takes you to Once you scroll all the way through, you see the fields to create your account for the site. Upon registration, the site then takes you to a second page looking remarkably like the first that starts with the headline "You are almost ready to start winning" and scrolling all the way through this page is another field for entering information like your credit card info and address, etc. I assumed this was normal. I put my info in and finally was brought to the auction site. I notice 175 bids availed in my account, so I start bidding not realizing I paid for the bids. I left the site and later noticed my account was overdrawn (overdraft fee of $35) due to the charge of $99.

I contacted Bidrack customer service and I explained that I thought I was just registering for the site, not making a purchase of any sort on a page that said, "You are almost ready...". They said well, I did make a purchase and that they have a strict "No Refunds" policy, which is also nowhere to be found on any of the pages I saw until after my supposed purchase. I currently have over 180 bids in the account and after several emails and conversation with the customer service I'm unable to resolve this issue. The customer rep was willing to offer me an additional 100 bid in order to settle the issue. I declined this offer as I would like the charge withdrawn completely as I had no way of knowing from their deception to this point that I had made a supposed purchase. Please help!

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