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Original review: Nov. 28, 2007

I gave my computer to Best Buy for service since it's under warranty. They ran a diagnostic, didn't find anything, and a week later it wouldn't work again. They sent it to a service station in Texas where the problems were fixed and sent it back to Best Buy on Nov. 21. It has been 7 days now; nobody knows where is my pc. The Texas service says it is in Roseville, CA, and Roseville says it must be in Texas.

When I called again the guy was rude and acted like I was dumb and stupid. He said if it is stolen, then I have to waite 60 days to get a new pc. To me this is unacceptable. I will never ever buy anything from Best Buy again. I can handle a lot of things, but being treated as if stupid is uncalled for. I also found that if they don't want to talk with you, they do not answer the phone.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2007

I own a 1998 BMW 528i that was in excellent condition when I took it to Best Buy in Heath, OH on October 21, 2007 to have a Viper Remote Security System installed. The install appointment was scheduled in advance, and the car was dropped off with them when they opened at 11 A.M. I returned 8 hours later and only part of the work was done. I had to schedule the remaining work (door lock/unlock feature) to be completed that Thursday, October 25. I returned on Thursday and again the car was left for the entire day. When I went back to my car, it was obvious that certain wires were crossed as my panel lights were flashing, the lock/unlock feature was not working properly, the door handle to open the vehicle wasn't the same, and I noticed obvious gouge marks in the side panel where the technician either pried loose or forced open the panel to gain access.

All of this was brought to the attention of store management, and I was assured they would address it the next day. A review of the work order (copy obtained when I dropped the vehicle off compared to the copy when I picked the vehicle up) clearly shows the technician covered his tracks by adding comments indicating the damage was done previously, which it wasn't. The paperwork proving the technician cove-up was presented to the manager. Best Buy assumed liability for the damages to the door panel, and a Best Buy Insurance claim was generated. The store manager assured me that the technician would be fired and his other techs would look at the installation and fix it. The store had my car for 4 more days before making the decision on October 29 that they decided to remove the system from my vehicle because, according to the manager, they couldn't figure out how to do the complete installation properly on my vehicle. The next day when I called the store to inquire of status, I was informed that arrangements were underway by the store to have my vehicle towed to the BMW dealership, Kelly BMW in Easton, OH. The store had my car towed by a non-affiliated AAA tow company without my authorization, and as it turns out, I had to pay the tow bill to get my car from the dealership. I am a AAA Plus member, and if I wanted to have it towed, I would have had it arranged under my coverage. Best Buy Claims did not cover the entire cost of repairs, and I had to incur even more out of pocket to get my car back.

Bottom line, I was without my car for over a month, and it cost me almost $600 to get my car back. Surely there are consumer rights issues with my case. I have documented all conversations with all the parties involved, and am very much interested in leveraging a lawsuit at Best Buy. Loss of use, aggravation, $600 out of pocket expense to get my car back -- this is unbelievable...please help.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2007

I took my HP desk top computer into Best Buy Geek Squad because my desktop would not open. I was getting an error message every time I tried to reboot. The Geek Squad told me it would be $59.00 to diagnostic test, and once that was done they could tell me what the problem was. I called them several days later to get the verdict. The guy told me that I would have to pay an additional $99.00 to get all my files saved before they could continue to fix the problem or I would lose everything. I gave them the o.k.; I am a tax preparer for over 15 years and I asked him to save tax seasons 03, 04, 05 and 06. I finally picked up my computer on Nov 17th, along with a disk from them that I was told had my backup files on. I brought my computer to my home office, plugged everything up, and got the same error message I had when I took it into the store. I marched it right back to Best Buy, and the customer service I received was worse than ever. They refused to plug the system up and confirm my findings and ordered me out the store. I had to pay another computer company to come to my home and get my system operating again.

Also, the Best Buy disk with my back files supposedly on it, was blank. Now they have lost or stolen all of my customers' personal data that can be used for the purpose of identity theft. I called the store and spoke with the Geek, and again no concern or consideration at all. Is this cause for a law suit against Best Buy?

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2007

I purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop 3/06. I did not receive the OS re-install nor any of the drivers for the laptop. It never occurred to me to ask for them until 11/07, I am having issues and could reinstall the OS and the drivers myself. I am a professional IT person. Why I didn't think to ask for the re-install I can't recall. So I call the Best Buy in Logan, UT where I purchased the laptop from, requesting to pick-up the re-install discs. I was told it would cost me $29.95 and that I should just get them from the Internet. That isn't the point. I paid over $2600 for this laptop and I purchased a 2year service agreement. I should have been provided all driver and re-install discs at the time of purchase.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2007

My 2 1/2-year-old Canon Powershot S70 suddenly stopped working. I had bought the camera and a 4-year warranty from Best Buy, which inspected my camera and sent it to their repair lab, They called me and said that my camera had been damaged in a way that voided the warranty, and e-mailed me a photo showing a gouge caused by a tool forcing the two halves of the body apart, and said it would be $199 to fix it. That damage was done AFTER I turned the camera over to Best Buy, but since I wanted the camera to be fixed, I authorized the repair, planning to settle it with Best Buy when I picked it up.

At Best Buy in Emeryville, CA, I explained the situation, showed them the written condition of the camera when I turned it in for repair (minor wear of the paint) and expected to get my camera and leave. They said I had not followed their Procedure. I literally went through FOUR Managers having to explain to each one the circumstances; the guy at the Geek Squad counter; another Geek Squad person (about 19 years old); then his supervisor, a woman of perhaps 30; and finally a man who could make a decision. Even he had to disappear for 5 minutes to talk with precisioncameras, I assume, after offering me to split the difference. I had to stand at the counter for 45 minutes! I refused to pay for any part of the repair. Finally, he gave me my camera at no cost to me. Moral of the Story. IF you buy a Best Buy Warranty, it is no guarantee that it will be honored.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2007

I purchased a camera with accident warranty from Best Buy. When I purchased the warranty the salesperson said if anything happens just bring it in and we will replace it. My camera fell and broke; we took it in, and the first time they kept it for four weeks and supposedly fixed it. A month later we took it in, and again they stated that it was fixed. My camera broke again (lens error), and it has been there for two more weeks. I have called the geek squad; no one answers, no recording and my camera is still not fixed. They have very poor customer service! I called teh 800 number to file a complaint about them not picking up the phone, and the operator stated that they are busy and it is best for me to just go into the store.

The camera is in the store for the third time, not fixed, and we will most likely have an on-going problem with them.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2007

I took my Dell laptop in to Best Buy's Geek Squad because of multiple problems. Left with Geek Squad after explanation. After initial diagnosis, they informed me that I had a virus that had wrapped itself around a system file, and they would have to reload my operating system. I knew as recently as two days before that my operating system disk was in the D drive. When I informed them of this, they said it was not there and they couldn't find it. Then I paid over $450 for them to do the above and install Spy Sweeper and an antivirus program. I asked them to only save my Excel and email info. When I picked up the computer, it was running slower and the built-in mouse was not functioning properly, while it was working when I took it in.

The night before my fourth physical visit I discovered that my PCMCIA card was missing. I just about lost it. I went in the next day and asked to see the service manager. He met me at the service counter, and in the presence of one of the robotic geeks, I explained the whole sad story. He then checked the computer and experienced all the things I was complaining about, and suggested to the geek that it may need to be cleaned. I then left for the fourth time, to return later that day to retrieve it.

I got the same robotic response every time I went. There was absolutely no concern, compassion or customer service. I am now out the money and have a missing disc and PCMCIA card. This was one of the most nightmarish experiences I have had recently. I will never darken the door to Best Buy again.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2007

I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer on March 9, 2007 for personal, at-home use. I also purchased an extended service plan. I purchased it at Best Buy in Trumbull, CT. The computer was working beautifully. The laptop cost me $699; the extended service plan was $129.99. Four weeks ago, I took it out of the drawer I keep it in and opened it up to find the LCD monitor screen seemingly fractured internally. I had never dropped it, nor used it carelessly. There is not one single mark on the entire case. No scratch, no bump, nothing to indicate the cause of this damage. I brought it back to Best Buy, thinking it should be fully warranteed especially since it was just under six months old (when I brought it in) AND I had purchased the extended service plan. I received a call several days ago from Agent Knoxson at Geek Squad telling me it was not covered at all and the cost would be $591 to replace the monitor. Apparently, no one believed that I had not damaged my computer myself. For $591.00 I could buy another laptop ! But that isnt why I'm writing to you. I researched on-line and found that a laptop monitor could be purchased for $220; two of my sons are computer techs and either could do the labor. I also knew I could thus cancel the extended service plan I purchased; after all, I certainly did not need it now. My plan states that this can be done at any Best Buy store. So on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, I went to Best Buy to do so. After much argument with Customer Service, I went home without my refund. The employees were not familiar with refunding for a service plan and told me I'd have to do this by mail (which is not true). I then telephoned Best Buy intending to speak with a manager. I found myself connected with the same clerk I had spoken to. He apologized to me, stating that he had been wrong and that I could indeed cancel the service plan at the store. His name was Steve. I returned on March 5, 2007 expecting to be treated correctly and either get my refund or have my checking account credited with the amount I was due. However, Best Buy refuses to give me a refund or to credit my account. I am entitled to approximately $100 refunded on the price of the two year service plan. Best Buy refuses to give me anything but store credit. This is not acceptable to me. I used my debit card to pay for the laptop and for the service plan. I have no need for store credit. It's unlikely I will ever shop there again. Additionally, my service plan does not state I have to accept store credit. It says refund. I am a 53-year-old widow disabled from multiple sclerosis; in all actuality, I have just given Best Buy $699 for absolutely nothing in return. I have no working laptop and no refund. In order for me to repair the computer, I need money. I feel I am being treated unfairly, possibly illegally. Certainly "customer service" is an incorrect term. Dis-service is more accurate.

I live on a small fixed income; so far, I haven't gotten my money back. I'm still fighting.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2007

This is the status and what appears to be a dead end regarding this issue as Best Buy successfully stalled to allow the warrantee to expire. Since August I have been dealing with this. To date I have written over 7 letters to the State of Tennessee regarding this issue. The computer is back in my possession and still is not working. The computer continues to freeze up; the screen is working ok now. I contacted the Geek Squad's main headquarters in August in an attempt to locate my computer and to find out what is the problem. Per the main office at the Geek Squad, there is and has been no record of my computer ever being serviced. There is no record despite my invoices from the Geek Squad of any repairs being done on my computer; the invoice numbers dont even show on record. Now, after all these attempts Best Buy/Geek Squad has advised me that they will no longer service my computer as the warrantee has expired on it. Again, I wrote the State of Tennessee regarding this with no reply received. Now I am stuck with a computer that I paid almost 1,600.00 for it and it does not work properly, is very undependable, and I will have to pay to have it fixed. On the 5 October 2007 I received a letter from the State of Tennessee advising me that there is nothing they can do. One letter from Best Buy dated 21 August states that it was fixed and returned, nothing else. There was no mention of Best Buy refusing to service the computer and delaying service to have the warranty expire, there was no mention that now Best Buy has never fixed the computer and now won't service it even though it has been failing since it broke about 2 months after it was purchased. Best Buy sold me a computer that failed 2 months after it was purchased, I made 8 stops by the store, the computer still is not fixed, and now they won't service it because they delayed the repairs until after the manufactures warranty expired. BEWARE OF BEST BUY! There are clearly many unanswered questions and what appears to be fraud on the part of Best Buy and the Geek Squad.

I'm out a $1560.00 computer, lost over $6000 income, 26 hours drive time from home to Best Buy, and time attempting to resolve issue--weeks!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2007

My Compaq Presario PC with Windows Vista keeps becoming unstable. I can't download Windows Updates and I have gotten blue screened twice. I brought it to Geek Squad after the first time it wouldn't allow me to download updates and paid EXTRA for Geek Squad to fix that. Apparently, they took my money for doing nothing, because the computer is acting as weird as before. Geek Squad (and Best Buy, for that matter) NEVER pick up their phones. The way they handle customers is a glaring disgrace!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2007

Recently, the Geek Squad did a very poor job of installing software and hardware onto my home computer. As a result, the computer is now unusable. Geek Squad refuses to make fixing their mistakes a priority, and has informed me that I will have to wait weeks for a service person to return to my house. I then informed them that I would not pay for this installation, because it was not properly done the first time, and since the store would not correct the problem in a timely manner, then I was not going to pay for the installation. One of the store managers insisted that I did have to pay for the installation, whether it was done properly or not.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2007

I purchased an LCD monitor from Best Buy along with a 2 year warranty plan. Within a year my monitor stopped working so I took it in to Best Buy in Castleton and dropped it off at the Geed Squad repair center on March 30th 2007. I was expecting that I would hear something about the monitor within a few weeks of dropping it off, but I never did. I finally attempted to contact Best Buy Castleton store on June 8th 2007. At first they could not find any record of my transaction in their system. After several phone calls and a supposed investigation? they found a very mixed up record of my transaction.

When I asked what would be done to replace my monitor he told me that his system also showed that I had already been issued a replacement monitor (a 22 widescreen monitor) and that was why I never received a call from them. When I told him that a replacement had never been issued, he said that there was nothing he could do because that is what his system showed and that there was nothing further they could do for me from the store level.

He said that he was going to conduct and investigation into the matter and would be calling me back. He gave me the case # of 38665075 along with a direct extension of X60387 for contacting him at Customer Service. Of course I never heard back from him or anyone at customer service. I did try to call again in early August and got a similar run-around where I spoke to an agent, had to explain my whole story again, and was told after conducting an investigation? that someone was looking into it and would get back with me. I did get a follow up message on my voice mail a few days later that someone was working on this and that I would get another call soon, but never got another call after that.

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Original review: April 26, 2007

On 2/14/2007 I bought a Compaq computer at Best Buy. I was told they had to burn recovery cd`s for the comp that would be an additional cost to me. The comp was purchased as a gift to my daughter. She barely used it and had only had it 2 months when it wouldn’t even go into windows. I tried running the recovery disk’s. They failed to work.

On 4/11/2007 I took it back to Best Buy and was told I would get it back by the 19th. Today is April 26 and when I called they told me everything checks out on the hard ware so they have to rerun the recovery software and I will have to pay an additional 129.00.

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Original review: March 30, 2007

my son purchased a compaq laptop from Wal-Mart in Oct-Nov 2006. Over the months he developed a virus on my computer. So he took his computer to the best geeks to check what was happening with it. A few days later he had to call them to find out what is going on with his computer, they stated that the computer had a trojan virus, so he asked how much would it be for it to be removed and for them to bring the computer back to working order, they stated between 2 to 3 hundred dollars, he allowed them to go ahead and remove the virus and anything else necessary needed to be done.

After receiving his computer back from best buy. He came home and set up his computer and found that his computer doesn't work at all. He has no files, no programs, no nothing. He took his computer back to best buy to have the problem resolved and they stated that they are not responsible for the damages done and they didn't know that this problem was gonna arise. They refuse to resolve the problem or even reimburse my son's money. So now my son's computer sits in a corner collecting dust which he only had for 5 months from date of purchase for best buy to screw it up then tells us that we cannot do anything about it.

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Original review: March 26, 2007

I took my 3 month old p c into the best buy because it was shutting down on me. I had gotten extended 2 year warranty, they assured me they would fix it. Well, after 8 days of calling all the time and driving way to Biddeford to drop off the recovery disk i had, I finally got the machine home -- and less then 24 hours later it is doing the same thing.

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Original review: March 23, 2007

My HP owuld not allow me to access the internet. I know I was connected because I hooked up my mac and I had internet access. Unlike other pc's the ethernet card cannot be replaced because it it soddered to the mother board. when I took it in to the geek squad they said they had to do a diagnostic and they will call me in a week.

Here it is almost two weeks later and no call and when I visited them they said its about 3rd on the list to get to. This is taking to freaking long for a lousy diagnostic. I'm just ****** because it seems I deal with someone different every time and who knows what goes on behind that wall if anything.

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