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Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

My brother is on disability. It took him two years to save for a new computer. So to be safe, he bought the extended warranty for an extra $200 bucks above the $1400 dollar price tag on the computer. What a joke. Our computer started having some issues a couple of years after we bought it. No big deal we thought, we bought the extended warranty right? Wrong. My brother called Best Buy and they told him they don't handle problems in house so it has to be shipped somewhere.

We shipped it out, got it back, problem. The computer was still not acting right. He called again and was told they just replaced the mother board. So, in other words, they didn't bother to try and find and diagnose the problem? They just replace the mother board without even seeing if the mother board was the cause? They told us they'd sent out their Geek Squad guys to our apartment since he also paid for home service. He wishes he had done that in the first place. With most things like this, you have to schedule an appointment. My brother is on disability, so the guy shows up too early, my brother can't get to the door, and the guy leaves. My brother calls Best Buy only to be told the guy has no intentions of coming back and my brother will have to reschedule.

When a guy does finally show up for the next appointment, he's rude, and treats my brother like an idiot. He replaces the hard drive without diagnosing the problem. He leaves and eventually, the computer starts acting glitchy again. So clearly, the new motherboard and hard drive, did not fix it. My brother makes another appointment, this time (the guy is a jerk again) they replace some other stuff. Same result after he leaves, computer is not ok.

My brother finds out that Best Buy can substitute generic parts, instead of installing the original brand parts that came with your computer. The memory card they gave us, did not have as much memory as our original card and was a cheap generic. Also, the guy from the first visit took to case screws from our computer, along with the old hard drive, and claimed he can't find the case screws. My brother is now so frustrated, he goes to Best Buy demanding our original hard drive and the case screws. Best Buy says they will set up another apartment visit, and put back some of the original hard ware. They send another guy, and this time, he's not such a jerk. He puts back our original hard drive and the rest of the original stuff but leaves the [bad] new memory chip.

Our computer is now working again, but the memory chip has made everything slower. If they had just replaced the memory chip in the first place, when my brother shipped it out, instead of replacing the mother board, which was apparently fine, it would not have taken several months, for our computer to get fixed. My brother is now spending his own money, on getting a better memory chip since Best Buy will only give us a generic one. Extended warranty? What a complete waste of money.

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Original review: Aug. 28, 2008

My compaq laptop working even though it is less than 1 yr old. Best Buy and HP refuse to help me. They refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor.

I cannot complete school because of no computer or use it to access medical resources at work that I need to do my job. I'd like the computer fixed. It worked until 3 weeks ago. The damage is not accidental and a computer should not quit after 8 months

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I Purchased IPOD Classic 80G on 6/10/08. Also puchased extended warranty $59.00. The IPod was considered defective by the Busy Buy Geek Tech, after approx. 6 weeks of use. Also by the repair company. The Tech stated it would be returned to factory and replaced with a NEW IPod. I returned to Best Buy one week later to Pick-Up my replacement. I asked the manager if the IPod is a NEW one, since I observed the packaged IPod rattled inside the box. She stated Yes it is new. It was not New, it was a refurbished IPod.

I called the manager of the Geek Squad about the IPod 2 hours later, telling her I was mislead into believing my IPod would be a new replacement. I did not get any results from my compaint. Best Buy stated that it was my responsibility to return the product within 30 days from purchase. EXCUSE ME! The IPOD revealed problems 40 days after purchase.

Best Buy suggested I could BUY a new IPOD, if I didn't want the used replacement. Best Buys does not appreciate how much I have spent on numerous purchases in the past year. NO MORE. Bye-Bye to Best Buy.
I am stuck with a used ipod. In other words, $300.00, plus, for a used IPod.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I purchased a computer package from Best Buy on 4/9/08. In June i began having problems with the system. Took it in and the Mother Board had to be replaced. July 2008, the modem had to be replaced. August I had to take it back again....modem was replaced again. I was told on 8/08/08 by a geek squad agent that the system would be replaced since I had incurred so many problems with the new system. However, when I was called in to pick up the system, I was informed that the manufactuers had to ok the swap out.

I contacted the manufacturer and was told by a Phillip that it was Best Buy's responsibility. I was at the customer service desk and informed the geek squad agent of the same and he spoke with the manufacturer. The agent hooked the system up and told the manufacturer the system was working. I was given the option by the manufacturer to send the machine to them and they would fix it or replace it with a rebuilt system. I was told by Best Buy that they could not swap out the system. I'd only had the new system since April and was unable to use the computer more than half the time.

I didn't want a refund from Best Buy, I just wanted a machine that worked. I paid for a new machine and I believe I am entitled to a new machine that works properly. Needless to say, I was sent home with the repaired system. After getting it home, the machine still did not operate properly. What is my recourse, if any. Seems like Best Buy's motto is You Brought It, Now You Are Stuck With It!. They did not say that, but I can read between the lines.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2008

I purchased a brand new computer in Sacramento at BB for my daughter to use in college. Then I asked that it be set up and they sent out Geek Squad. The computer was $660; the service was $130. We got down to Northridge and it immediately got two viruses; the GS did not put any virus protection on it and I'm sure I wanted that.

Had to take it to BB Northridge; he said it would be another $130 to fix it and put on her files. After that she got it home; files cannot be found. I called and asked that he call her to trouble shoot the thing. No, we can't do that; it's against policy. If she wants help over the phone it is another bill. I asked for a new computer; It's against our policy. We can't do that.

Brand new computer that is not functioning the way it should. $800 for a brand new computer that does not work effectively. No cooperation from BB's Geek Squad.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

07/26/08, I took my computer to Best's Buy's Geek Squad to have repaired due to it randomly shutting down. I gave specific details (shuts down while on internet and when disc is running in the CD ROM) on what the problem was and when it occurs. I paid $69.99 to have a dianogstics test performed. I received a call stating that the trouble with my computer was due to viruses and to have the promblem resolved it will cost me $129, I agreed.

07/31/08, I went to pick up my computer and paid the $129 for the repairs. 08/02/08, I returned with my computer due to it shutting down, which is why I brought it to the Geek Squad initially. After the supposely repair (more virues removed), I went to pick up my computer, took it home just to have it shut down again.

08/17/08, I brought my computer back for the 3rd time for the same problem. 08/21/08, I call the Geek Squad in reference to my computer. I was told that they finally found the problem but it will cost me an additional $150 to have my power supply replaced. I spoke to a very RUDE store manager name Darrell, who basically told me in so many words, that I will have to pay for all of the service to my computer wether it was a fix or not or wether I requested it or not. I spoke with Best Buy's complaint department (Frank) and was offered a $50 gift card.

I've spent $200 for a dianogstic and viruses removed when after a 3rd visit the Geek Squad dianosed it is my power supply that needs to be replaced, I've driven approximately 10 miles back and forth 5 times, and my computer is still not repaired. Why should I pay Best Buy an additional $150 due to thier lack of? I had intention of not spending no more than $200 to have my computer repaired.

If I was told initially that I will have to pay $129 for virus removal & $150 for a new power supply after paying the dianogstic fee ,$79.99, I would have not agreed to any further service and purchased another computer. If, I was told initially that it was the power supply, I would have agreed and maybe? only made 1 trip and not 5. This is now becoming very stressful and a finance burden, especially with the price of gas and I may not be able to apply for my on-line courses.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

On 8/2/08, my daughter dropped off her computer for extended warranty repair which we purchased when we purchased the computer. She was told that it would have to be sent to the repair center and would take 2 weeks for it to be returned. She asked if the data on the hard drive would be lost and they informed her that they could not guarantee it but they could back it for $100. She borrowed the money to have the data backed up and was told it would take 24 hours for it to be ready. It took 6 days for the data to be ready to be picked after my daughter checked on it several times. When she inquired why it took so long, they would not/could not give her an answer. Since it took 6 days to back up the data, which meant it wasnt sent off to the repair center for 6 days.

On 8/15/08, I went with my daughter to check on the status of the computer. We asked the customer service rep if her computer was ready, he told us no. We asked when it would be ready, he said he did not know and could not tell us. I asked to talk to a manager at that point, 10:15AM, and was told none was available, that they were in a meeting. I left my cell phone number with the customer service rep and asked him to have the manager call me. The manager never did call me.

I called the store that night and asked to speak with a store manager and was told that there was no store manager present at this time, approximately 7PM. I asked to speak to any manager present. When a manager answered the phone, I explained to him everything that had happened and the poor service my daughter had received and expressed my anger. He put a geek squad member on the phone to tell me the computer was fixed and ready to ship back to the store. He then hung up the phone.

I called back to the store and requested to speak to the manager again, I told him I wanted my daughters money refunded for the poor service she received. I was told by the manager that he would not refund her money and that I could talk to a store manager, Charles, which magically appeared at the store. He told me the same thing and told me it only took 3 days to download her data.

My daughter received her computer on 8/20/08 with scratches all over the cover of the computer. She was so happy to get her computer back and get out of Best Buy; she left without even complaining about it, which would not do her any good anyway! I have spent well over $6,000 at this store in the past 2 years. If this is what Best Buy considers customer service, I have spent the last penny in any Best Buy store. This is one of the worst examples of customer care and customer service I have ever witnessed.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2008

On 8/12/08 the red Lamp light came on my Sony LCD TV. I had purchased the TV from Best Buy in Lacey Washington and had purchased the extended warranty for the TV. When the light came on we looked up the number to call for service and talked to someone in their service department. The man there told me that he would have a repair person come to my home and put in a new lamp. I asked him if I could pick up the lamp and put it in myself as the procedure is detailed in the manual and seems straight forward. The Best Buy person told me that NO the local store would not have a lamp and he would order one and have the repair man come by on Thursday 8/14/08.

A repair person from Geek Squad came to my home to diagnose the problem. We knew what the problem was, just a simple lamp replacement. He said he was not told what the problem was and did not have a lamp. Evidently the Bust Buy person was incompetent and did not do his job, or just plain told me a bold faced lie. The Geek Squad person did pull the bulb out and looked at it and said yup the lamp is broken. He said we dont have one, but I will overnight one and you should have it tomorrow. Oh and buy the way, I may not be able to get back to you for a few days so do you mind putting in the lamp? I thought that was poor service but agreed.

Well Friday came and went, no lamp, no lamp on Saturday either. Of course there was no lamp on Sunday so we waited Monday. Still no lamp. I called Bust Buy service and after being transferred to Keith, to his supervisor Karen, who told me there was not record of my problem. I gave her a complete detail of the history of the problem which I had already done with Keith. She seemed to not believe me. I quoted all information that the Geek Squad guy left me on the work order. She even asked me what the truck number was on the vehicle he used. Do I have to record things like that?

Anyway they tried to transfer me to Geek Squad but lost me. I had to do it all over again including listening to the music for about 15 minutes. I went over the problem completely again to first a call taker then to another supervisor. They again transferred me to Geek Squad. I had to tell the same story to the guy there. As we were talking I heard a click and the phone went dead. I called again and got a different person at Geek Squad who I had to go over the problem again. He just hung up on me. I was not rude or abusive in anyway. I then got into my car and went to the Lacey Best Buy store.

I asked to talk to the store manager. They gave me a person by the name of Dennis. The employees used some kind of other name for the manager and I am not sure he was, but he said he was and I asked him to take me to his office. He said he did not have an office. He corrects and talks about employees performance in the middle of the store, He promised me he would call me at home during that evening. At about 7PM he called and said I am sorry but we can not order a new lamp until 8/25/08. And then it would be up to 10 days before the lamp would get here. I could not believe what he was saying. I had looked on the Internet and there were numerous places that had the lamp in stock. I could have one overnighted to me.

I told him to refund my money and I would get one myself which I did with no problems at all. To me Geek Squad is just a bunch of kids with their first job and have very little experience. I fixed a computer for a friend who had not been able to have the Geek Squad fix their computer. The heat sink on the processor had come lose and the CPU was over heating. I asked the Geek Squad employee to get me a heat sink and they did not even know what it was. That is pretty basic.

When they can not perform they just bail our and give you what little funds you may have left in and extended warranty. There could not be a simpler support problem than replacing the lamp on a LCD TV. They could not even do that simple task for a loyal customer who had bought many products from them over the years.

I replaced the lamp at my own expense.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2008

had computer serviced 3 times for the idetical item (mother board) each time picked up the computer returned it the next day. 2 week turn around each time.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2008

I purchased a Sony home computer from Best Buy 1-27-08. I had to take it in for repair to Geek Squad 6-23. They said the hard drive was cracked and they would need to ship it to Sony as it was still under factory warranty. 7-30-08 I contacted Best Buy and Geek Squad via email and phone and told them if they could not repair my computer in a timely matter they should replace it. I was put on hold,ignored countless times so I contacted the BBB and my Attorney General.

Mean while I get a phone call from Best Buy corp. The customer service rep. Mike tells me that Geek Squad has finally received my computer back from Sony but without an operating system. I called Sony to request the recovery discs and the Sony rep. asks me for the original work order number they gave Geek Squad before shipping it to them.8-13 I talked to a Geek Squad rep. and asked him for that number and he told me that there wasn't a sony work order because they had done the repair. I have a recording of Mike, the Best Buy customer service rep. stating very clearly to me that geek squad could not touch my computer as it was still under factory warranty and if they were to repair my computer it would void the factory warranty.

I have now asked for a complete refund $1,413.86. As I have lost my year factory warranty, was lied to countless times by several of their employees. I purchased a 3 year warranty, which would mean I would have to deal with these unscrupulous people for that amount of time. I want nothing more to do with Best Buy or Geek Squad as their business practices are shoddy at best. I told Mike exactly that last night when he offered me a $200,00 gift certificate that I flatly refused.

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Original review: July 31, 2008

3 yrs ago I purchased several appliances from Best Buy one of them was a Samsung refridgerator. About 3 weeks ago the evap system started to freeze over. I did not purchase the extended warranty on the items so I called best buy for service understanding I would have to pay for service. I told them about the problem. They gave me a date they would be out. I had to keep defrosting the evap system with a hair dryer every other day for two weeks. I told the people at the time I called for service that it would not defrost the evap coils.

Service day came the guy shows up I told him the defrost heater is not coming on. He looked in the freezer, no trouble shooting, and tells me the defrost the defrost heater is not coming on however he does not have parts. The trip charge for today is $100. Now we have to wait for the part. Which by the way we have to pay for the whole evap coil unit even though all we need is the heater which is a seperate unit from the evap coil. He is going to remove the heater from the new evap coil and install it and let me keep the new evap coil if I want it.

The evap coil being the major assembly in the freezer and the major part of the cost and I don't even need it. He also made a derogatory comment to my wife and myself about us beign COD customers like we were some kind of not to be trusted low life because we did not buy an extended warranty. I have purchased many things from Best Buy---Never will darken their doorway again.

Lost a freezer full of meat and other foods. Will have to pay for parts I don't even need.

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Original review: July 29, 2008

My emachine computor has been into the Geek Squad 4 time this year and the mother board replaced 3 times! This computor was one year old in Jan.'08. The service has been very slow and I feel the computor is a lemon.

The downtime of this computor has affected my job search, and a computor class I have been trying to take online. Besides the inconvenience and cost of gasoline back and forth to BestBuy. I cannot even be contacted by email at this time since my computor has not yet been returned.

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Original review: July 28, 2008

My computer had a virus, therefore I took it to best buy. Immediately they looked into everything first before trying to remove the virus. They said I needed more memory, which I had already had installed. When I didn't want to upgrade, suddenly they couldn't clear the virus until they added more memory. They were to have the work done in 2 days, however they kept my computer for 12 days and it was returned to me still with a virus, slowere, desktop disabled, etc. I ended up paying $293.00 with no improvements.

I then check out complaints filed against them and I found several people all over the United states have received the same problems, treatment, high charges. I believe their practice is to charge as much as possible for their service, do as little as possible, not stand behind their products, they refuse to call, return calls, and/or answer calls. I'm looking to have my money refuned since I have to put the computer back into the shop. Thank you

Slower system, loss of use for several days, still have a virus, desktop disabled.

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Original review: July 23, 2008

The cd rom drive on my pc quit working i called best buy geek squad and asked how much to look at it and told them what was wrong with my pc and she keep saying bring it in they will give you an estimate for free.I made my husband take me to best buy which is across town when i got there and waited in line for an hour they said it will cost 69.95 to give me a estimate.

The manager keep saying it was a miss communication and there was nothing she could do.Then the manager says my computer would still be under warranty but i had my phone number changed shortly after i got my pc over a year ago so i could not remember my old number she could not find my warranty info on my pc.I then asked for a number to complain all she could say 1-800-best buy and walked away.

The fun part having to listen to my husband yell at me for dragging him out and wasting gas for nothing plus tearing my pc down and taking it to best buy made me fear that all the carrying it and the ride will further break it

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Original review: July 18, 2008

I purchased a laptop computer from Best Buy location in Albuquerque, NM. Best Buy people at Albuquerque did not tell me about the functionality check, which they perform for electronic products like computers, etc. before selling it. I took the packaged good and went to my place. It was around 11.00 pm when I reached home, so the Best Buy was closed. When I opened the package, I found that at least Operating System (OS)Re-installation Disc was missing; initially I thought that they don't provide it. Then I turned on the computer and found that the OS was not loading (it showed 'blue screen').

I had a flight next day to Baltimore. The product comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty; however, if there's any problem with the product I am required to see Best Buy as their tech support is recognized by the manufacturer. I can go to any Best Buy location (that was the reason in the first place that I bought it from Albuquerque). So when I reached Baltimore, I went to the Best Buy store near Inner Harbor. The tech support people were very inefficient and did not take any responsibility for the malfunctioning of the product. Initially they said that I can exchange it for another model (apparently, they did not have the same model in-store and also couldn't order from nearby store; they only had one for display for anyone to use and experience the product) or I can get the money back.

I spent the whole day there, but after wards they told me that if I exchange/return it, they will charge 15% restocking fee. The manager initially said that 15% may not be applicable for 'blue screen' problem, but later he didn't respond as well. Afterwards, I said that if they can make it functional I'll just take it. So they gave me a service receipt and took my computer for the night, saying they will install OS and drivers and asked me to come next day at 10.30 am. I reached there at Best Buy, at 1.00 pm I had my doctor's appointment. When I went there, one person told me it'll take 10 min. The after wards it became 2 hrs or so. I went back but was late for the doctor's appointment.

When I returned at 3 pm or so, I was told that my computer is crashed. But 10 min later another person told me it's perfectly fine and working. He showed me the computer, but I could see that it was not the one I purchased (it was the same model though). I pointed out a defect; the component near the screen was loose and deformed slightly. But there attitude was not good and told me that it's the one that I purchased and they are not responsible for any damage. Later I found that the computer has a different service tag no. than the one I bought.

I contacted the manufacturer and found that it's a different computer which was surprising because they didn't have any for sale, except the old demo computer. I tried calling the consumer relation at best buy, but I usually get the voice messaging system. They haven't contacted me yet for 2 days. Best Buy in Baltimore gave me another computer which is defected and told me its the same one. Please let me know what can I do in this case. I can provide more details about the product, my dealings with these people, warranty, etc. Thank you very much

Cost of the product is 1066. Lot of mental tension, time loss and work loss.

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Original review: July 16, 2008

I spent $1100.00 for a Dell Computer at the Best Buy in Millville, New Jersey. I'm not very computer savvy so I had some questions about connecting to the internet and such. Further, it appears that the new Windows Vista was not allowing me to log on to my AOL Instant Messenger program and was freezing on videos on

Naturally, I called Dell Computer. I was told by their customer service rep that Dell could not help me because they had a contract with Best Buy. So he suggested I speak to someone on Best Buy's Geek Squad about my problems. So I called Best Buy's number and was eventually connected to a Geek Squad specialist. When I told her my problems she said that she could help me but I had to pay $29.00. I told her that I just bought the computer and she said that it didn't matter, I still had to pay $29.00.

You know, when I bought a Dell laptop at Circuit City a few months ago, I was able to talk to a Dell computer specialist for free. Best Buy's customer service [is bad].

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Original review: July 15, 2008

Took my Gateway model 7330GZ laptop in for repairs under my extended Warranty/service Plan which is valid until early August 2008. The laptop has developed a cracked/broken hinge, which has spread over the past several weeks (similar to how a windshield crack may spread over time but on a different scale). After about a week and a half I got phone call from Best Buy Geek Squad saying that my computer was ready but my request to repair/replace the parts necessary to fix the hinge was denied.

I had a conversation with the Geek Squad employee about how I was mislead that the extended warranty was supposed to cover all things no questions asked and that I could even get Free battery replacement if there was any doubt that the factory battery was other words, deception at the time of purchase by the sales agent. At any rate I went to the store to pick up my computer and/or confront the staff about their deception and failure to honor the service plan they sold me..a 3-yr plan. The continuous replies I got from Geek Squad Staff and Mr Addison is that my unit only has cosmetic damage and therefore does not affect the operation of the computer.

I took my copy of the svc. agreement to the store show the staff I should be covered according to the service plan regardless of the deceptive sales tactics used when I purchased the unit and here's why... The particular model computer I bought and several other models built with the same or similar chassis is nortoriously known to have a manufacturer defect in the construction/design of the hinges...they crack, break, etc and it is well documented. It plainly says ton the Extended warranty that Manufacturers Defects are covered under the warranty... In another section of the warranty it states that cosmetic damage is not covered under the warranty, nut it does not state anything about this condition overruling the condition about manufacturer defect coverage inclusive.

Also, the Geek Squad staff and Mr. Addison stated that my cracked hinge (which will eventually cause the lid and screen to detatch itself from the base) did not affect performance of the OC and was considered cosmetic damage.... Well, Cosmetic damage to Mr Addison is like a scratch on a new car...My scenerio is more like a hinge/fitting on my hood that is cracked and about to break, leaving my hood in jeopardy of becoming detached and possibly ajar in the near future.

As of right now, I have to gingerly raise and lower the hinged screen because I don't want the crack to spread any the manner by which I'm handling my computer is a mechanical aspect of it's performance, and has been compromised doe to the manufacturer defect. It is very obvious that Best Buy is trying to wiggle their way out of their obligation, and also that the sales of the extended warranty at purchase was a true act of deception in itself. I probably won't be buying anything at best buy anytime soon.

I was led to believe and Deceived that the extended warranty/svc/ plan would cover anything that happened to that laptop, even if I simply dropped it on the floor and it burst into a thousand pieces. The extended warranty terms and conditions are no where near the bumper to bumper-like protection that the salesperson indicated, but nonetheless there is a clause in the protection plan that should have covered me anyway, and Best Buy will not honor it. They have lied and are now trying to cheat me.

Damaged Hinge ~199.00 sale of the 3 year extended warranty $949.00 Replacement cost of the computer of they are unable or refuse to fix the one that I purchased $20 for expenses incurred for any additional trips to Best Buy to attempt to remedy the situation

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Original review: July 7, 2008

My teenage son took his laptop into Best Buy for a technician to look at it because his video card wasn't working. The technician told him he needed a new vidio card and picked one out for him. He called me to get approval and charged the new video card to my MasterCard. When he got home, we immediately opened the shrink wrapped box with the video card and in it was a 3.5 floppy. No video card!

He immediately took it back and they refused to give him a new one because they told him the box was shrinkwrapped. This is true, but we are not crooks and did not switch anything in that box. The floppy drive looked brand new and was all wrapped up, so I don't know if it was a mistake at the factory or something eles is going on in their warehouse. I do know they have shrink wrap machines and can rewrap anything.

I am out $151.54 dollars if MasterCard will not stand up for me in this dispute. Judging from the number of Best Buy complaints on the internet, these people are definitely lacking morals and must need to do this to make a profit.

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Original review: July 3, 2008

My daughters bought a Fuji digital camera on sale at Best Buy Jan 07 for 159.99 plus we purchased a $30.00 2 yr extended warranty for it. For whatever reason the camera stopped functioning after 5 months sowe took into Best Buy to honor their warranty and the infamous Geek Squad took the camera and sent it out for repair. one and a half months later and several phone calls to the Geek Squad they stated, it's going to cost more to repair it so just go into the Best Buy store and they will replace the camera with the same or better camera.

My wife, daughters and I went to the store yesterday and the service counter tries to pawn off a camera that A): $30.00 less and B): had less features and zoom capability. My wife and 14 yr daughter said, no way that is totally unexceptable, so customer service rep goes into the back to talk to service manager then returns and says we will give you store credit for 159.99. I tell the rep that I would rather have my money back since you can't honor your warranty. At that point the service manager goes out after he hears my wife and I repeat our request for our money back. The service rep explains that the the only camera comparable to the one my daughters bought cost $180.00 so we would have to pay out of our pocket another $20.00. This is when I starrted to heat up a little and demanded my money back.

The Service manager then tries to rectify the issue. So I repeat to the manager that I'm not paying an additional $20.00 for a camera when your Geek Squad and my warranty state different so give me my money back and I'll take my buisness else where. The service manager then states, I need to know who I'm talking with you or youe wife because I feel like I'm in stero surround sound. I tell him your talking to me and don't be smart with me and give me my money back. Then he gives me the whole ordeal againg about we would get store credit and have to pay the additional cost for the new camera and another $30.00 service warranty for that camera.

At that point I told him to refund my cash again. At that point the service manager ask me to leave his store, which I complied with because my blood was starting to boil dealing with idiots refusing to give my money back. After waiting for about 45 minutes, my wife and daughters finally emerged from the store. They store got permission to give my daughters the $180.00 which was the only camera in comparison and they carried over the original service plan from the first camera to the new replacement.

If my wife and I wouldn't of been persistent in making them honor their warranty and also what they told us on the phone, Best Buy would have screwed another consumer out of $20-50 dollars. If you ask me, Best Buy has a pretty good scam going on: tell the consumer it can't be fixed and that your product is no longer being made but the next one in comparison is this product which cost more so we will store credit you and you make up the difference plus anthor warranty on that product.

As for me, I will never give Best Buy my buisness again and have told all my neighbors, family and friends to stay away from Best Buy.

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Original review: July 2, 2008

I am writing as I am at my wits end with Best Buy. I purchased a television from them over a year ago. Along with a service protection plan. My TV broke down over 2 weeks ago ( 6/408 ) and we were told by the repair man who was here for about 5 min that he had never seen that before tried calling several people no one answered their phones and he left stating that it could be a month or so he guessed and wasn't even sure that the part he was ordering was the right one.

So now to Best Buy, we have since been in contact with them, we have been told on several occasions that if our TV was not fixed in 14 days that we would be issued a voucher to go back to Best Buy and pick out a new TV of equal or lesser value. ( emails and a voice mail to back this up ) So tomorrow is day 14 no part to fix the TV. my husband called to get an answer out of them as this has been going on for several weeks that we have had no TV. He was told today that it is now up to 45 days for a resolution and that if we don't like it we can cancel out service plan and get the TV repaired at our cost.

Apparently they have the right at anytime to basically not stand behind their warranty and tell you to just take it. Basically they have written a warranty that they can take their sweet time and when they feel like getting to it they will, there is no cap on time you must be without. Just a we will fix it and you don't have to pay for it, but we will get to it. We have made several attempts to resolve this in a timely and professional manner, and yet we get told no when asked to speak with a supervisor etc. ( 7/1/08 )

So it has been a month and still no repair and no new tv as promised by several people. the tv repair people came out with the wrong part and has subsequently ordered this new part but it is not ordered it is in research status now. so they keep denying our claim for a replacement, but they keep changing the policy, to fit them not the consumer. if i would have known what i was in for with this company and their supposed svc protection plan i would have walked out of the store.

We have been without a tv for a month still paying a cable bill, and phone bill calling minnesota to talk to this seng person and such and about a total of 5 minutes of time wasted for the first time visit of technician but waited at home all day for the guy to show up and then the second visit with the wrong part to another tv wasted at home all day and he was here for not even and hour this time. but atleast he brough tools this time and had a clue as to why he was here although not a clue how to fix it.

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Original review: June 28, 2008

Purchase an inspiron from best buy. I told at time of purchase that not only did I have a 1 year dell warranty I also had a queek squad service. Well when four months later the cd drive went the run around started.... The Dell website says All Dell products sold at Best Buy come with a 1-year limited warranty. When I enter my service code into the dell website, it says I have 209 days left on next day shipping of all parts. HOWEVER, either best buy, geek squad or dell will send me a replacement part!

Dell tech support referred me to best buy. Best buy referred me to geek squad. Geek squad told me I had to bring the machine into best buy. I brought the machine into best buy spent 45 min waiting in best buy and was finally told geek squad that I had to leave my computer with them so they could send it to KY for repair. I would be without my computer for 3 weeks! I use my computer daily and can't be without it. The machine works perfectly it's just the cd. I asked them to order the part & I would bring my machine back into best buy to replace it. No, they had to send the machine to KY. I ask them to send the part to me & I would replace it. No, they couldn't do that because they couldn't guarentee my quality of work.

I then spoke to the best buy manager. I said if that if I had to be with my computer for 3 weeks, then best buy should give me a loaner computer. No, that she couldn't authorize. Send the machine to KY or nothing. I then came home & called dell. After all it's a dell and it is only 4 months old. I asked dell to send me the part. They said because I bought it at best buy I had to call best buy, they couldn't speak to me. I went though everything that had happened at best buy. The non-native speaking english person just keep reading the same line of the script. I had to call best buy...I called best AGAIN, they told me to call geek squad. I called geek squad AGAIN and guess what geek squad told me this time? I could either bring it back to best buy to send to KY or, I could purchase a cd drive and they (geek squad) could come to my house to install it; for a charge.

That sounds like a ZERO warrenty to me.... I have purchase a comination of 10 optiplexs & latitudes from dell for my company (self owned) in the past 8 years. I find it absoluetly outrages that I can not get service for this dell nor can I get a stupid $20.00 part sent to me for me to replace myself! Do I have any recourse? I'll buy the dumb part, it's the principal.

Just aggrevation & stress.

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Original review: June 25, 2008

A Panasonic Camera DMC-TZ1, purchased 06-03-06, took about 150 pictures with it. Camera and all accessories cost $581.+ Around February 2008, the camera would not turn ON. Finally, on 04/05/08, after contacting Best Buy who refused to accept the camera if I sent it Parcel Post, insured and signature requested, that I was willing to pay for that service both ways...I had to drive 150 miles round trip twice.That cost an extra $105.00 in fuel, totally using up the $60.00 4 year service contract.

After about 3 weeks I was called to P.U my camera. Came home, placed the fully charged battery in, still would not go ON! Called them again, same scenario experienced, The clerk was beligerent, insulting, insisting I needed to personally deliver it, discusted I hung up. Called Panasonic in Chicago,was instructed to send it to them. I wrote a complete explanation of experiences with Best Buy, and sent letter and mailed, insured, signature requested. After 3 weeks and more repeticious explanation, 3 different quotes were made to repair it, all over $126.00 I finally told them to ship it back un-repaired. This WHITE ELEPHANT has cost enough.

Panasonic was asked to intercede with Best Buy, the subject was ignored. I think that a climatic Class action suit needs to be filed and persued vigorously by an aggressive law firm to resolve and set Best Buy straight or take them out of business. The officials also need to be held accountable and sentenced severely for fraudulent behavior,etc. I will not patronize Best Buy nor purchase another Panasonic product ever.

I have spent at least 100 hours so far, investigating this issue, my costs of the camera, and traveling expenses, surely my time has value, plus the inconveniences of NO camera. Any future contacts will all be in writing, forming a paper trail with these characters.

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Original review: June 23, 2008

I am receiving very poor service from this Geek Squad location. I have bought three computers from best buy. I just wish there was service to go with it.

All I wanted done was a data transfer. After loosing my computer and having it under another person phone number. They give it back to me saying they could not do the work. I get it home. I find that the operating system is gone and I am unable to access my files. I took it back and I am unable to get a response from Geek Squad.

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Original review: June 9, 2008

On Tuesday at 5pm I dropped off my car for installation. The speakers cost about $106 and the installation fees were $85. At 10 pm I left the store with my driver side window unable to close, speakers were not working the radio did not work and my remote entry was flawless. All of these things worked at 5pm per installation pre-check. Jonathan the installer told me to bring it back the next day and if the systems aren't working they (BB) would have it towed and pay to get it fixed. He indicated there was absolutely no liability on my part.

The next day I brought the car back at 10 am. On a rainy Wednesday at 11:40 Bernie said take your car to the dealership to get it looked at and if its our fault we will pay for it. So I took my car to Jim Ellis. After 2 hours I was told that the rear speaker started a chain reaction and a switch went out etc. Two hundred, fifty seven dollars later and the next morning I picked up the car at the dealership. That Thursday morning we spoke with Colson and left him with estimate/diagnostic information and he said his installation team would take a look at it. Later we spoke to Joshua. He indicated that the window motor was unplugged and that the window now worked. The dealership told me not to plug in the motor in fears that a switch would be blown again. The dealership reset the codes which apparently fixed the radio and speaker system. The keyless entry system still acts funny.

So Thursday 2 days after the installation was complete my car appeared to be back to the way it was when I left it there for speakers. Joshua offered half the dealer's fee, we did not feel that was adequate and he said he would call us back within 24 hours. He never called. We called him Friday at 4pm, Friday night and Monday and all he left was a message today around noon saying that he had not talked with dealership.

All we are asking for is that Best Buy stand behind their installation guarantee and promises. The problem took me personally 10 hours of my time to resolve so we gracefully request that you refund the installation charge as well. The email below is what occured to me almost a month when i went to Best Buy to get speakers installed. The Diagnostic charge was $257 and Best Buy only refunded half of the charge because it could not be proven that it was there fault, but they still could not get my window up, only VW could. I think that if they could not get my window up and I had to take it elsewhere, Best Buy should have to pay? Am I correct? Well they said no and that I got ripped off. I was patient with them and kind but I believe that Best Buy took advantage of me.

Now recently my air condition stopped working a couple of weeks ago, A mechanic said it needed new relays under dash which is where Best Buy did some work. I called Best Buy, they said again let us look and if its our fault, we will pay for it. But they never admitted any wrongdoing before yet everything worked before I went in, but not after I left. They also said that it to dealership get a diagnostic again and if its our fault we will pay for it.

I lost $125 for the installation charge, air conditioner, and would also like installation charge

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Original review: May 16, 2008

Representative for Geeksquad services Client not happy with the service that she received. Geeksquad installed Norton on to her computer and now computer is not working. Says she has been given the run around about her problems with the computer. Says that she wants a refund . Geeksquad assured her that they would fix her computer and she is very upset because even after her computer messed up she bought multiple applications to help fix the computer but her computer still is not working.

On the 11th she set up new password so that she can do a system restore and the computer shut her out. Computer wont let her go to safemode at all. Contacted a Double Agent and they tried to troubleshoot her through safe mode and it still didnt work. Agent in store downloaded a whole bunch of updates and computer completely shut down.

Getting error messages contact application manager. She has taken 4 round trips in one week. Client is very upset and definately wants her money back. Client stated that the Geeksquad Double Agents were very rude to her and she is very upset because she states she is a loyal customer with Best Buy. Everytime she took her computer in to best buy to have her computer repaired Best buy and Geeksquad representatives were VERY RUDE.

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Original review: April 15, 2008

I purchased a home theater system, full-motion wall mount for my 46 flatscreen & installation service for mounting the flatscreen & home theater. I was assured by the sales rep that the 2 installation services purchased would cover the cost of mounting the flatscreen & concealing all wires. I read the terms & agreement and once again further clarified with the sales rep that the installation costs included concealment of all wires; he replied it did. In fact, he provided his email address & cell phone number in the event of a problem during installation I took the day off from work so that I was present for the installation which was to occur between 8am - 12pm. The technicians arrived at 12:15pm and immediately let me know that in order to conceal all the wires for the installation and mount the speakers for my home theater it would be an additional ~$200-$300. In fact, the current installation services that I purchased only covered the the mounting of the flatscreen, connecting the flatscreen/home theater and clearly exposing all wires.

I was pretty displeased with news and explained that my one expectation was that the wires would be concealed during installation and when I repeatedly asked the sales rep, he repeatedly assured me that it was included. I was more than willing to pay extra at the time of my original purchase to ensure that the installation was clean/concealed but for this to occur during the day of installation was a complete lost of trust and feel that I'm incurring fairly steep hidden costs. To the credit of one of the Geek Squad techs, he was apologetic about the misunderstanding and attempted to explain the reasoning behind the additional costs. He went a step further and called the Best Buys store and talked with the manager of the Magnolia Home Theater and General Store. The MHT manager stated he would credit my account 1/2 the cost of the wall mount system, which was a reasonable attempt to correct the situation. Unfortunately, the 2nd tech kept quoting prices in generalities and it was until I requested a written estimate of the costs that I was informed that it would cost an additional ~$600.

At this point it was nearly 2pm and I was still without my original request. At this point, I opted to continue with just the basic wall mounting, returning the home theater installation + home theater system + brackets. Unfortunately, there were some structural issues with my home/studs and I was forced to return the original mounting system for a larger one. Once at the original BB store, the customer service desk was abhorent. The MHT manager who offered to reduce the wall mount cost had departed for the day but assured me on the phone earlier that he would explain my situation to the next manager. This manager was present and his attitude was suspicious and extremely reluctant to accept any of the merchandise for return. It should be noted that all merchandise was in it's original packaging and with the exception of the wall mounting system, unopened. This manager then called a second manager who was even more unfriendly and uncooperative. At one point, I felt lucky to receive my money back...forget about trying to seek some sort of compensation for the hassle of dealing with all this.

Needless to say, I purchased a less expensive wall mounting system and the credit I was afforded earlier in the day was quickly rescinded and I would receive no credit since I was making a smaller purchase; in addition to returning my home theater system. The one silver lining to this whole experience are the efforts of one of the Geek Squad technicians who called me back later in the day to follow up on the situation. This tech explained that they were at a second job and would be unable to return to mount the system as he had explained they might be able to earlier. I explained that I had already rescheduled the install and was hoping he, specifically, would return to install. He explained that he would not be able to since he was merely filling in for another tech and was assigned as a district manager or in the district office. My only hope is that this tech/manager influences his office and other techs to apply solid customer relations, professionalism and genuine empathy in future installs...without him, I'd likely never to have continued with this BB purchase. As it stands now, I'm not likely to return to BB nor recommend this store to others.

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Original review: March 14, 2008

Our company bought a Laptop 8/22/07 from the Best Buy in Minnetonka, MN, for one of our work stations. We called Best buy 5 days later and said the laptop will not turn on--it takes about 5-7 tries to get this turned on. They (GeekSquad) said to bring it in and they would look at it, so we did. It worked for about two weeks and had the same problem. We brought it back to the store, and they sent it off to another state to be fixed. Picked up the Laptop on the day they said he would be there, came back to the office and guess what? It still does not work. I called Best Buy and asked why they let me out of the store and did NOT tell me it still did not work. NO answer to the questions; they said it would have to go back to HP. Just to let you know--we DID buy the extended warranty for $230.00 for five years. No one will call me back and let me know what to do....

I called the Customer Relation department and spoke with Beth, and she could not help me, either. She said I need to speak with someone at the store. I was on hold for 17 minutes for nothing....

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Original review: March 8, 2008

On a Wednesday evening a sales person told me that an XM radio for my vehicle would cost $149. Upon arriving at the store, she told me that if I wanted clear reception, I would have to buy another antenna for $19. On Wednesday, I was told that it would take about an hour or an hour and a half to install it. Thursday, after purchasing the XM, she told me drive up to the installation bay, and the tech would come out and and get the keys. I drove up to the bay, and the young man just stood there and stared at me. Then another customer walked in, and the tech waited on them. I then got out of the car and approached the tech, and he told me it would be several hours to install the XM. I complained inside the store, and the people just looked at me. I then got my money back and went to Mother's Window Tint and got an XM and installation. Bait advertising--and a sorry way to run a railroad.

I'm very upset!

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2008

I have been unable to use my printer attached to my Compac PC or my Flash Drive. I signed up for online help through The Geek Squad's online service for $129.00 . The first representative spend 4 hours running virus scans and told me to call back when they were complete. I called back and spent another 3 hours with a different rep who wanted to rerun the virus scan; she disconnected from my computer mid virus scan. I called back and got a different service rep, who was so bad I requested to speak with a Supervisor. He hung up on me. I called a fourth time and spent another 2 hours with a representative who finally tried to fix my issue with the printer, which he was not able to correct. The process was horrible and time consuming, and my issue is STILL not corrected.

I spent $129.00 and 10 hours of my time, and I still do not have a resolution of my issue. I should least have written documentation on what was done to correct the problem so I can take that to a different professional. The first three reps wasted so much time on unnecessary virus scans and NO time on the actual issue. I should not have to call back in a get a different rep every time, there is no way to reconnect with the person you were previously speaking with. No Supervisor's were available to speak with at anytime. A complete waste of time and money. I think the Geek Squad's online service is a scam!

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2008

Dropped off my laptop on 01-31-2008 at the Albany, NY Best Buy store, specifically at the Geek Squad, concerning an issue with the DVD drive - does not play DVDs. This is an expensive laptop with an extended warranty. This is my 3rd laptop with Best Buy & dealing with their Geek Squad - never had any reportable issues with them prior to this debacle. I was advised that the estimated completion date = 02-08-2008 (printed on my receipt). Now I understand that this is an estimate, no issue here.

Best Buy was to call me in a few days after 01-31-2008 to verify what exactly the issue is & to give me an updated completion date. Never received a call, so I called Best Buy on 02-10-2008 & was advised that they have not looked at my laptop yet. I wrote an email to Best Buy consumer affairs office and was basically told that the Albany store was evaluating the laptop: no additional info, no updated completion date and of course to apology or concern, just a boilerplate response. I just called the store AGAIN, today 02-17-2008, and was advised that have yet to LOOK AT my laptop! So I get absolutely nowhere with calling the store. I get no assistance from Best Buy consumer relations. I am unable to use the internet (cable modem) at my home... wasting $44.95 per month + taxes, etc.

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