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cristal of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order on 12/16 which was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I received a confirmation email my order was received and I should expect it before 12/24. I have called a few times asking for my order which was never shipped and the representative says she will email the warehouse to ask about the order and I will get another email with an update. It is now 01/06/17 and I have not received my order or any email about it. My bank account was charged the day I placed the order. I cannot even cancel my order and get my money back since according to the Adidas rep when it's in process it cannot be cancelled at all.

Unless after it is shipped I can only return it. I am very very upset at this service. After all of this is done I'll never shop again through this website. As much as I like Adidas if I ever buy again their merchandise it will be through another vendor. I told people I know of my experience and they were also in shock of how terrible Adidas is handling the situation. I never reviewed any other store I shopped from before. I'm so upset I had to do it this one time.

Miss of San Antonio, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a first time online shopper of Adidas and am highly disappointed. I am what some would call a "sneakerhead" and am ALWAYS buying shoes. Mostly NIKE's. However, I own a couple of FLUX's and fell in love with a pair on the Adidas website. Needless to say since the shoe was "customized" I am unable to exchange for a bigger size. I do not want my money back, just a bigger size. I NEVER had this problem at NIKE or even ASICS, but Adidas...yes. Sad thing is I will continue to spend my money elsewhere where customer service is a priority and not the mighty dollar. On top of calling customer service and basically getting told too bad, my shoe did not come with a receipt or return slip. What company does this?

Annmarie of North Massapequa, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Before sneakers arrived I tried to call this company several times to make a change right after I ordered, no one ever answered at different times of the day. Very frustrating! Tried calling to see if sneakers would arrive for Christmas, again never answering. Gave up. Sneakers arrived, they are tan and gray. The gray on the sneakers are different shades from the front to the back of the sneaker. They are a defect. Again tried to call today Customer Relations and Corporate, no answer. On phone for 50 minutes!!! What is up with this company. A disgrace! The sneakers need to be returned and I cannot get hold of anybody. Even emailed this company and they NEVER emailed back. Please help me with this. I am at my wits' end. And to add to the frustration I never received my 15 percent off that I was suppose to get. They offered it online. Thank you very much for all your care and consideration in this matter.

Dandan of College Station, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I cannot find my order in my order history. I buy T-shirts on in Dec 08, 2016. I would like to return part of my products but I cannot find the return list that I should print after I follow the return policy. This is the sixth time I contact with you. When I check my email, it said that my order has been delivered failed. But in fact I have received items. Now I want to return parts of items for disappointed quality. I cannot find my the return list that I should print. I do not know the return address. There was no receipt when I received items. My order number is **. I have call you several times, but no answer. Please contact me.

Terri of Marietta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating
I ordered some expensive sneakers from Adidas and they sent the wrong shoe and the wrong size too. No paperwork and have asked for a return label. Nothing!

No return label. Have been calling for 4 days. Permanent hold music. There is no customer service at all! Hard to believe that a company this bad can still be around. Now I am wondering if I will see a refund of any kind. I will make sure to take a photograph of the shoes before I ship them back. I do not trust this company!

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Paul of Hilo, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered and paid for a pair of shoes on 12/8 with saying "your merchandise will ship 1 to 2 business days from your order" and delivery within 3-7 business days. It is now 9 days later (12/17) and they are still listed as "waiting to ship". I emailed customer service 3 days ago and received an auto reply saying they were "experiencing higher than normal contact volumes". I still haven't heard anything back.

Rob of Millburn, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered shoes, had to return them... no way to return on site. Go to return page. Hit return and it brings you to hot deals available now. Site to return just sends you in circles. You have to drive to a store to return them and they don't come with packing slip so when you get to the store they want your credit card, a printout of your email, and the credit card you used and even then they're not happy. I see a class action suit in their future.

Gabriella of Ozone Park, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I got home at 7 pm this afternoon. I was not home, but my mother was. At around 8 pm today I got an email from Adidas stating that my order was delivered at 5:53 pm and left at the front door. I live in a building and it was nowhere to be found! My doorbell should've been rung to get attention. I am very frustrated at the fact that I had to call Adidas and wait over an hour and a half to get in contact with a representative. The representative could not help me at all, so I asked to speak to a manager who told me he cannot do anything but process a lost claim form which will take 8-30 business days to investigate.

Thank you Adidas, being that you're a large company I would figure you can help assist me in getting a new package being that this is a Christmas present and receiving more details on this order/receiving a refund in 30 days is useless! I contacted my bank to dispute this transaction because I refuse to spend more money on an order I never received! Fedex was also very unhelpful because they did not require signature and also did not attempt to ring a doorbell.

Michael of Elk Grove Village, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I personally run & operate a small business 7 days a week that deals with tons of shipping daily and I get it done. I ordered a track jacket & superstar shoes on Wednesday 11/30 (during very early morning A.M.) with expedited shipping. Now it's Friday 12/2 and my order still says In-Process. I was told by a Customer service rep that my order shows no negative remarks like out-of-stock or back-order. Customer service rep seemed puzzled. I was then told that it may not ship out until Monday 12/5 or maybe later. The customer service rep. didn't sound very confident with her answer. She proceed to tell me that they have had warehouse problems and it takes 1-3 business days to fill order. states they ship orders within 1-2 business days. This is false advertising.

Adidas is a large global company and should automatically have the capacity, just like Nike, Reebok, Foot Locker, Amazon and etc. to fulfill orders in a timely matter and update you on your order status without you contacting them first. If you are ordering items as a gift, use another shopping source if you can. For example, I also placed Adidas orders Wednesday (11/30) afternoon at, shipped within 10 minutes and eBay, shipped within hours same day. Both are being delivered today (Friday 12/2)., you are truly unbelievable.

Li of Fresh Meadows, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a pair of customized shoes as a present for someone and realized immediately after that the sizing on the Women's Superstar shoe ran one size too big. I called the customer service line in less than half an hour to ask if I would be able to edit the sizing on the order since it had not yet been processed. I was told that no edits could be made for customized orders and that an option would be for them to cancel the order so that I could reorder the shoes.

I agreed to have the order cancelled but was later told that they would be unable to cancel the order since the request was not made within 15 minutes of placing the order which is the company's timeline for requesting an order cancellation. This cancellation policy was unavailable for consumers' to view on the website and it took me at least 10 minutes of being placed on hold with the customer service line before being able to speak to a representative which made the 15 minute window for cancellation seem like an unreasonable policy. Despite this, the representative indicated the shoes would not even be processed until after the weekend. I also understood that the shoes would be unable to be returned due to customization. In the end, customer service told me there was absolutely that could be done to edit or cancel the order for a product I would be unable to return or gift.

Maja of Warsaw, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought the Adidas Neo jacket in Polish outlet store in factory shopping center in Warsaw 11 months ago. As it is very thick winter jacket I was using it from December 2015 to March 2016. After less than 4 months of wearing it the jacket has appeared broken. The small but regular holes appeared on both sleeves along the stitches. Although the jacket looked like in the pictures below my complaint has been denied. The customer service was really unpolite, when I asked the main manager in Factory outlet store Dorota ** to send the jacket to another adjuster I was informed that it would make any sense because they were going to deny again. In fact 30 minutes later I got a refusal again on my mail.

The adjuster opinion was that the small but regular holes are made by me and this is only my fault because I badly used the jacket!!!. What is more the adjuster said that the jacket can be used although there are the holes so the complaint is groundless. I asked the main manager of all Polish outlet stores Mr. Wojciech ** to support me. As a result I got from him an information that they keep the refusal and what is more he believes his managers widely and has no doubts that the behavior of the manager Dorota ** was correct. And at the end of this story I want to show the pictures of the jacket which was badly worn by me and which can be used further despite of holes.

Cuong of Sunnyvale, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a pair of shoes from and tracking shows delivered and signed by someone not living at my residence. More than likely it was delivered to the wrong address. Contacted customer support and only offered to file a claim. Out of $200 bucks and waiting 30 days for no real resolution since they may file a claim with their carrier. This is a huge headache and disappointment.

David of Temple City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I hope everyone gets to read this but I hope no one has to go through it. Similar situation as the last reviewer but even more. Just note I called customer service (cs) many many times. I needed help with an issue on a package that I ordered. No help at all. Asked to speak with a supervisor, was not in. Called back again still not there.

Finally, called back again supervisor was there, but told me to contact consumer relations (cr). Mind you by this time I already called maybe 6 or 7 maybe even 8 times and almost 60% of the reps sounded like they were annoyed to talk to anyone and 90% sounded unhappy and would take deep sighs throughout the whole phone call. And I understand CS reps are people too; they have bad days. But really?? 90% of them?!?!?

Anyways, so I contacted CR and how is it my luck that I also got nate. And the day before I got marshal. Yeah this issue took about a week to resolve. And don't give adidas the credit, this issue still would not have been resolved if I had not contact the better business bureau. Which if the better business bureau sees this. I thank you guys so much for the help. I felt like I was an ant being played by this billion dollar company where I couldn't do anything because everyone either did not know what was going on even though I explained to them or they knew what was going on but ended up putting me as the blame and it would be my loss.

Anyways Marshal hung up on me once and nate hung up on me twice. There were disagreements voices being raised, just a lot tension on the phone. Now I admit I was getting frustrated, but you have to understand that I had to call again and again and every time I called adidas CR they blamed it on me because such a huge company couldn't do anything about their own product because of their policy, which doesn't make any sense.

So, I called and asked for an emailed version of their policy and they couldn't provide it. Anyways, next time when something goes wrong with an order from adidas and I have to contact cs or cr. I will definitely be recording my conversation and letting them know that they are being recorded. Just to show proof that I am not crazy. If there even will be a next time, probably not. Oh yeah and adidas also really likes to charge you multiple times because their website likes to tell you that your card did not go through but it actually did and they don't send you the product and make you wait a day or two even 4 to 5 days for your refund to come back... Awesome... The picture is just one example.

Janine of Ocala, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I've never been so frustrated with a company to sign up here just to leave a negative review! First, we order a pair of customs. We wait weeks for them to come in, only for them to arrive with some kind of chemical smear that cannot be removed. They obviously don't have quality control. The most important aspect of this order are the iridescent features! So, I guess no one caught the error, and we got shipped a ** pair of sneakers. SMFH. Nonetheless, I called CS the second I opened the box, and the first girl to pick up, struggles through every sentence. She's so timid, she can't get through the intro, and I immediately decide I want to speak with someone who's more tenured.

The next idiot I get is named Emily. She spent the entire conversation speaking over me with such hostility, and attitude, I nearly lost my cool. I eventually asked for her supervisor only for her to claim she's her own boss with no one else above her. Last I checked, a floor supervisor is as expendable as any rep, especially with that attitude. Emily consistently ignored anything I was saying, even claiming I hadn't said a single word, and kept threatening to disconnect the call. Not one time did anyone show empathy for this error. I spent money with a company employing people who hate their job. From production, to customer service, and all the way to customer relations. I eventually connected with them (CORP. CS Relations) to file a complaint about Emily, and the rep there, Nate, also hung up on me, TWICE.

Let everyone tell it, and they are their own boss. There is no escalating, but I will eventually track down whoever I need to speak to about these reps. It's UNACCEPTABLE. They are the most unprofessional, self-serving, robotic, hostile reps I've EVER encountered in my life. This is the kind of service that brings corporations down. Customers don't become repeat customers when they know this level of care is in their future anytime they need to get an issue resolved. is FOR REAL garbage, just read the reviews.

sukhvinder of Mumbai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I had purchased Adidas shorts from online website India a year ago. The quality of the strips and logo pasted on my black shorts was of such poor quality that it has peeled off. The logo and the 3 strips on left side has gone... It looks very awful with only 3 strips on right side of my shorts. All this has happened in last 2 months time as I did not wear it since the first day. I like this shorts but now I don't wear it as it looks bad. Sincerely speaking I have never faced such quality issue with any of my purchases of Adidas product. I only wear this brand product for my sports and shoes. I just purchased my new red color Adidas shoes 2 days back online. All I request now is please exchange my shorts or reimburse exchange voucher for shorts. You can give it to any poor people you want. For me it's a loss of my investment made on Adidas product purchased... I await a positive reply and response from such a big sports brand.

J of Edgewater, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

They simply don't have their act together. First of all, I am a ShopRunner customer so this entitles me to expedited shipping since Adidas decided to partner with them. NONE of my 4 orders have shipped out using this benefit even though I signed into my SR & Adidas account AND the item purchased was marked as SR eligible.

Before I discovered SR was offered with Adidas purchases I made a purchase and paid a $5 expediting fee to guarantee 2 day ship. They failed there as well... evidently they don't clearly disclose the fact that they allow themselves 2-3 days to prep your order before the ship time. They do however disclose quite boldly on their site orders placed before noon will ship same day. So which is it and why aren't you saying something clearer to the customer like pay $5 and get your items in a week and that's what we at Adidas consider as expedited shipping.

To make matters worse in every instance I contacted them directly and respectfully addressed the issue. It is like speaking to a brick wall, they take no accountability in their actions. They have no concept of servicing the customer properly. They are Adidas and they just don't care... deflect, deflect, deflect with a side order of major attitude. My suggestion to all... DON'T buy online, just go to the Adidas store. At the store, I find the customer service to be very good to excellent.

Cheryl of Greentown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

On August 12, 2016 I ordered a pair of custom Adidas sneakers as a gift. I received a confirmation email that they were delivered on 8/31 yet the delivery date said 8/29. I did not receive the package. It was signed for by someone who was not me and that I do not know and Adidas is telling me I have to wait 8 weeks for a resolution. I have been transferred to three different people and no one is willing to help me. So they hold my money for two months before they can resolve?

Jennifer of Louisville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

Online ordering experience was terrible! Just about an hour ago I went to because I purchased some shoes my 16 year old son sent me a direct link to. He wanted the STAN SMITH PRIMEKNIT SHOES (S75148) which are white with Navy Blue trim. The only thing I had to add were his size. At the end of the order they had somehow changed to red trim which my son will not wear on his shoes so I immediately called the phone number at 800-982-9337 where they told me that even though I had just placed the order minutes ago that they could not change it and that I could contact the shipper once shipping was confirmed to tell them to send them back to Adidas.

A customer service agent that explained to me that the shoes that I didn't want and the almost $120.00 could take up to 30 days or longer to fix. No thank you! I am disputing the charges as soon as they hit my card and will accept the terms that I will never be able to order online from them again. Not that I'd want to with customer service like that. I asked what they could do for my troubles as I am not getting the shoes at a discounted rate and they offered NOTHING. Thanks! No thanks.

Susan of Kamuela, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer Service Rating = 0 on all levels. Poor communications, poor as to knowledgeable, poor customer service practice/communications. Untrained or just do not care. While a "custom item", actual measurements are not considered. As a "custom item", no returns are accepted. Product rating = 5, Colors true, materials quality okay, workmanship POOR. No tab for pull on/off, difficult process. Sole thickness way, way too thin for durability of the shoe, millimeters, if that, in ball and other highlight areas.

Fitment: size not true - large/length by 1/2 size. Laces too short when foot in shoe, need skip holes to reach top of mid-high level. Width adjustable with laces, can firm up arch support. No other lace adjustment holes as in other shoes in arch or ankle level holes. Shipping and handling - 0. The item ran around Japan for several days without the customer in them. FedEx, no reply. Adidas no clue why. Really.

It is a hit and miss scenario, which for "custom" shoe and high cost should not be possible when true to life, accurate measurements/information provided. Adidas did not care when, if ever, they did acknowledge receipt of customer inquiry. Terrible Adidas. Cost twice as much as off the shelf and will probably last half as long due to thin soles. I would not recommend this product mi University Top Ten - Women/Originals.

Yu Han of Boston, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order of 2 Adidas shoes that costed me 140 dollars, and it should be arrived on 6/21/2016. How, I can't find it from the mail room. I contacted the Adidas company; they said they will file the claim to FedEx and they will investigate it including contacting my apartment and checked the videotape, and asked me just wait. I made phone calls again, the customer services said it may take up to 30 days. Then I called on 29th day, they asked me to call again after 30 days.

Then I call a following week in late July, they said the claim was denied on July 12th and ask me to call FedEx myself. But they never contact me, and even told me to call again when the report was already there! I asked my apartment manager, and they were not asked for the videotapes from FedEx. I called FedEx and it said the signature was not required. How do know where my package was delivered? It was such a frustrating process! The Adidas company never makes an effort how to prevent this, and I will not be the last customer to have this experience.

Brandi of Fort Worth, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

It would be fantastic if Adidas would have a more reliable website. My family recently started wearing more Adidas athletic wear, and so I thought I'd go online to purchase my son's summer and fall football athletic wear. I purchase 90% of my son's athletic wear online - and every site, Nike, Under Armour, Eastbay, Academy, etc. save my preferences, allow me to go back to look at a prior item with ease, have good wish list options, and never kick me out.

I have tried three times unsuccessfully to select the items I was interested in on the Adidas site - put them in the cart - only to have one glitch or another. I have started over and over again - it's not worth it. No - it's not my internet connection, or my computer, I am a well-versed shopper who knows how to shop online. I spent close to 1K at Nike and Under Armour websites tonight with ease...bummer for Adidas though, because I won't be back to spend my money there. Too difficult. Hope someone from Adidas reads this and improves the online shopping experience for other consumers.

Bryan of Bacnotan, La Union, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

There's no denying the Nike brand concentrates on the aesthetic aspect of footwear and I don't blame them taking on that approach as it is working well for them financially it would seem. However, I find it personally repulsive just to entertain the idea that looks is all that matters, and I certainly wouldn't want to play it that way.

Take for instance, Adidas, who I believe, actually cares for a complete user experience. The reason with which I based my decision in owning a couple of football boots from them. I have the Adidas Predator (the original ones) and the F50, which I got for a cutthroat price in one warehouse sale or another. While they do 'look' good, function goes hand in hand with them. I also find the fit of the Adidas shoes better and more comfortable for my feet, which is how it should be in the first place. And oh, durability as well. They are designed to withstand rough, regular use. You get proper value out of it. Something which I learned the harshest of ways when I once dared to own a Nike (Gaucho Gold. It lasted only six months of regular use. RIP in pieces just like that.)

Miranda of Sucat, Muntinlupa City, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Back in 2011, I took football and futsal as my PE classes during college. Initially, whenever I had these classes, I'd be lugging several bags because I'd have my backpack with all my school stuff and then a bag for my towel and extra clothes, and another for my shoes and slippers. I used to always use public transportation then, so obviously, it was quite inconvenient especially when the vehicles would usually be packed with other passengers. Eventually, I decided it was time for me to invest in a much bigger sports bag where I could put all of my stuff in during PE days and not go through the hassle of carrying several while commuting and sometimes walking from one building to another.

I found and bought a big pink and black Adidas duffel bag and I absolutely love it! It has so much space and a separate compartment for shoes which I liked very much because I'd normally have extra dirty or muddy shoes to store in it after playing. It was perfect and until now I still have it. In fact, I recently went out for our company's team building and I used it! I was able to pack in several pairs of clothes, pairs of sandals, along with my toiletries. I had everything in there and it was so convenient. :-)

Miranda of Sucat, Muntinlupa City, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My first pair of running shoes was from an Adidas outlet store. I hardly ever know what model of shoes I have so I don't know what they were exactly, but I remember it being neon blue with a little bit of neon green and it had quite a wide base making it extra comfortable to run in. I used it for almost every sport I casually played and it had done me well. I'd say it was a great buy because it was affordable and it lasted for a few years before finally giving up. Needless to say, my next pair of cross training shoes were also from the same Adidas outlet store. It's not as comfortable as my previous pair but it's been good on my feet, so far.

Niki of Davao City, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought my husband a pair of Adidas basketball shoes (Ortholite) for his birthday last year and he is truly happy not only with the design of the shoes but also (as tested by time) by its durability. He uses it often and the soles of the shoes is as good as brand new. No scratches or any damage yet unlike all the other shoes I have bought him before. I was initially very skeptical about how a pair of shoes could be so pricey but this is one pair of shoes I will never regret buying. I have made my husband real happy with this shoes and will not think twice of buying him another pair of Adidas. I felt that it's worth the price I have paid since he will still be able to use the shoes for (what I feel like) a couple of years to come.

Juan Paolo of Quezon City, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

At long last, I finally got my very own Adidas Superstar (white with black 3 stripes colorway). It's one of my grails. Its look is so simple yet such a classic. I bought mine in a store in the mall. Honesty I was surprised that it was available then. This particular colorway of Adidas Superstar usually gets sold out pretty fast. So I didn't hesitate to buy it right then and there. During the recent years, Adidas has released good looking shoes suited for casual wear. Some of them include Tubulars, ZX Flux, Pure Boosts, etc. I can't wait to get ahold of the others.

bob of Palatine, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I recommend that each consumer be cautious when purchasing any Adidas products, especially their soccer shoes. Unbeknownst to many, there is a tag embroidered on the shoe flap. It will list the production date of that product. Consumers have protection under warranty from Adidas for two years from the date of manufacture, not from the date of purchase. It is a bit deceiving, to say the least. I purchased a pair of Messi X shoes for my son on August 30, 2015. Cost at the retailer was $230+ Cook County/Il tax of 10%. Shoes fit fine and he started to use them for games at his university.

However, during play in February, the right sole separated from the frame of the shoe, causing the front half of the sole to bend back ruining the shoes. Obvious a defect in manufacturing, I spoke to Adidas, received a return authorization and sent the shoes back for a refund. Today, 4/26/16, I was informed that the shoes

were past the warranty date for a claim. They will not assist. The retailer was useless. Why would anyone pay $250+ for a product with a warranty for 8 months. There are other options.

Roland of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I attempted to buy the Yeezy Boost 350 on Friday Feb 19, 2016. I had the shoes in my cart. Was then prompted to a supposed secure line to insert credit card information which I did but their system timed out. I hit refresh and did this twice to no avail and was backed out to adidas main screen. I figured I did not get the shoe due to the high volume of traffic and due to the type of release. I was disappointed but not mad as it's luck of the draw. I checked my bank account later on to find out adidas attempted to and had three pending charges on my card. When I called adidas to find out if I got the shoes they told me no and that my pending charges would be removed from adidas in 3-5 business days as it's not them but my bank.

Their consumer complaint department is ten times nicer and more respectful than the corporate office as they understood my problem and prompted me to call corporate for some type of compensation. The corporate office on the other hand were not nice and acted if the problem was created by me and not their faulty system. They also were extremely rude and said "You aren't the only one this has happened to" and they aren't doing anything for anyone. So adidas had a pending charge on my card for four days, I'm not able to use these funds totaling 660 dollars and said pretty much deal with it not even I'm sorry for your experience. I will not be shopping at adidas ever again to say the least and advise all to beware especially when using a credit/debit card.

Yuka of Torrance, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I can't believe this happened to me with a big company like Adidas! I placed an order for customized shoes from Adidas website, mi adidas / mi superstar. Mind you, before ordering the shoes, I was on online chat with a customer service about mi adidas, since the "customize" links on the site were broken. The rep didn't own up the mistakes at all... Anyhow, after placing the order, I realized I forgot to select an option for inner three stripe color. I immediately emailed and also called Adidas explaining with screenshots. This was like after 5 min from placing the order. 3 different reps on the phone told me "the order goes to China and there is NOTHING they can do to make the modification to the order. NO CHANGES. NO RETURNS. NO CANCELLATIONS!

What kind of company hires vendors who they cannot even communicate with! One rep said the vendor in China does not speak English. Well I sent Adidas the screenshots with my comments! I finally received the shoes after about a month or so. I am not happy as they are so far off from my older Adidas. The inner pads were thin, the tongues have no slit for shoe lace so it doesn't stay in place, and toe leather panels looked so different and cheap. What's worse, these shoes are way too big. I always wear US woman 6.5, JP23.5. No way these shoes are 23.5... I'm in shock how low Adidas fell. Bad customer services and poorly made shoes in China. Unreal.

onur of New Yorl, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My relative sent me Adidas shoes as a gift. I see it has been delivered on Thursday but I didn't receive anything. I think there can be something wrong with the address but FEDEX don't give me the address where it has been delivered. Here is the thing. I call ADIDAS customer service. First call I waited for 27 minutes and had to hang up... Now I called second time at 17.25. It has been 40 minutes. I am still waiting. Year 2015 and ADIDAS customer service makes you wait 40 minutes at least :) Seriously that is terrible... Refund the money of shoes and find it yourself with FEDEX please.

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