Wisconsin Consumer Resources

If you’re living in Wisconsin and are looking for state resources, look no further. We have compiled a list of helpful links that will aide in your search. Whether you’re looking for state agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment-related sites, you can find links on them here.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also provided.


Attorney General –The Attorney General’s office in Wisconsin is dedicated to protecting consumers and families. You can read more about the victim services and protection. Get information on law enforcement and press releases. You can also visit the consumer links to file complaints. You can contact the Department of Justice at 608-266-1221.

Commissioner of Insurance – The commissioner’s position is to protect consumers by ensuring that insurance companies are providing affordable services and operating within the legal requirements of Wisconsin. You can conduct a search on an insurance company or agent. Learn about funds allocated to the commissioner’s office. You can contact the office at (608) 266-3585.

Public Service Commission – This commission is dedicated to protecting utilities consumers, and ensuring that companies are providing safe and affordable services and operating within Wisconsin law. You can search cases or the event calendar. Read press releases and ways to conserve. You can also file a complaint.


Small Claims Court – You can get all the basics before you pursue your small claims court case here. View statutes and where you can sue. Read about attorney requirements and court cost limits. You can also read about the special provisions in Wisconsin law.

Lemon Law – Get information on Wisconsin’s lemon laws here. Read about the requirements your vehicle must meet to be considered a lemon. You can also read our interview with an advisor at the Attorney General’s office for a step-by-step process on what to do.


Wisconsin Education – Get information on the educational system of Wisconsin through this source. Read about what different boards are doing or get information on any school in the State. You can view colleges and universities in the area as well.


Department of Health Services – Get general health information from this Wisconsin department. Learn about disability assistance programs, BadgerCare Plus, and FoodShare. Get senior citizen help through this site and learn more about Medicaid. You can also report public assistance fraud at 1-877-865-3432.


Identity Protection – Get information on what you can do to keep your identity protected through this website. Get tips on different methods people use to hack identities. Learn how to manage your accounts so it doesn’t happen to you.


Wisconsin Employment – Your next job is right at the tip of your fingers. Conduct a general search through this site’s database to discover job opportunities in your area. Search employers and different career industries. You can also post your resume as well.