Vermont Consumer Resources

Vermont residents, are you looking for resources on local information? Our webpage can help you. We have compiled a comprehensive list of state resources that will point you in the direction of answers to your inquiry. If you’re looking for state agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment-related sites, you can find links on them here.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also provided.


Attorney General – The Attorney General is dedicated to protecting consumers and residents of Vermont. You can register on the Do Not Call list. Get information on fundraisers and charity events. You can visit the debt adjuster links or file a consumer complaint. You can also reach the office at (802) 828-3171.

Department of Public Service – This department oversees public utilities companies to ensure they are providing consumers with safe and affordable services, and operating within Vermont law. You can get information on industries and companies. Read about ways to increase energy efficiency to save money. Consumers can also file a complaint through the website.


Small Claims Court – Are you wanting to pursue a small claims court case in Vermont? Our article will help provide you with basic information you will need to get started. Read statutes and find out where you can sue. Learn court cost limits and attorney requirements. You can also read special provisions in Vermont law here.

Lemon Law – Is your newly purchased vehicle acting up? You may have a lemon. Read about Vermont’s lemon laws without ever having to leave our website. You can get an overview of the statute. Our interview with a Department of Motor Vehicles advisor will also provide you a step-by-step process to get you out of your lemon.


Department of Education – Get information on Vermont’s educational system through this website. You can read about news developments with the Board. Get school data and reports. Students can view higher learning institutions and learn about high school graduation requirements. You can contact the office at (802) 828-3135.


Health Care Reform – Read about Vermont’s Health Care Reform program here. You can learn what all the law includes. Read about cost changes since it was passed and how it affects Vermont’s residents. Get Medicaid information and learn about other health incentives.

Department of Health - Get general health information from this website. You can find out about immunizations and health workshops going on around the area. Learn more about health insurance programs, and disease prevention. You can reach the department at 800-464-4343.


Department of Labor – You can look for Vermont jobs through this department. Post your resume or conduct a general search. Employers can find potential employees and post a job. Unemployed residents can file for insurance. You can reach the office at 802-828-4000.