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Texas Consumer Resources

If you’re living in the Lonestar State and looking for state resources, this is the page you need. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of informative links to help you with your inquiry. Whether you are searching for state agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment-related topics, we have the sources you’ll need.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is included as well.


Attorney General – Get general information on a variety of subjects here. Find out about criminal justice enforcement and victim compensation. Consumers can read about different frauds and scams, or report an issue online. Learn more about child support through the family links.

Department of Insurance – This division oversees insurance providers and agents to ensure the companies are operating within Texas law. You can search different types of insurance and agents. Read about consumer protection and fraud notices. You can contact the department at (512) 463-6169.

Public Utility Commission – This commission oversees public utilities providers to ensure they are offering safe and affordable services, and operating within Texas law. You can search industries and agencies for specific help. Get information on how to lower your bill. You can also report any issues.


Small Claims Court – This website is helpful if you are looking to pursue a small claims court case in Texas. You can read statutes and find out court cost limits. Get information on attorney requirements and where you can sue. Learn about special provisions in Texas law.

Lemon Law – Think you’ve purchased a lemon? Texas has laws in place to protect consumers should you find yourself in this position. Get an overview of characteristics Texas lemons must have. You can also read our article on the step-by-step process to getting out of your lemon and into the right vehicle.


Department of Veterans Affairs – Get information on Veteran Health Care System through this link. You can view doctors and services. Find out how to become a patient. You can also contact the office at 800-677-8289.


Texas Veterans Portal – Read about job opportunities for veterans in Texas. You can conduct a general search. View higher education options and funds available to veterans. Learn more about the Transition Assistance Program for those just leaving the armed forces. You can also contact the department at 1-877-452-9060.

Employment & Jobs – Finding a job in Texas can become easier by using this site. You will be able to find other links to job sites, as well as job postings on the homepage. Search the database for openings. Unemployed residents can view insurance benefits.