Pennsylvania Consumer Resources

Living in Steelers country? If you are looking for resources for the state of Pittsburg, this site will help you tremendously. We have put together a list of informative links to help you on whatever search you may have – state agencies, legal resources, educational, health, financial, or employment resources.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary information is also included.


Attorney General – The Attorney General’s office in Pennsylvania is dedicated to protecting residents and consumers in the state. Protect your community – you can report Internet Predators to the Child Predator Unit, or read about how to the Elder Abuse Unit protects seniors against crime and fraud. Consumers can register on the Do Not Call list or file a complaint. Sign up for the newsletter or contact the office at (717) 787-3391.

Public Utility Commission – The commission is in place to ensure reliable utility services and that companies are operating within Pennsylvania law. You can view announcements and press releases. Get information on how to conserve water and energy. File complaints through the website as well.


Small Claims Court - Do you have a small claims court case to pursue? This article will give you insight on court cost limits, appeal processes, and attorney requirements. Get information on special provisions in Pennsylvania law. All the details about how to pursue your case is here.

Lemon Law – If you feel that your recently purchased vehicle is a lemon, this article can help you learn about what you can do. Get an overview of the Pennsylvania lemon laws. Discover the step-by-step process to get you into the right vehicle. Consumer Protection numbers are also available.


Bureau of Special Education – Visit the Bureau of Special Education through this site. You can learn more about regulations and the panel that oversees the bureau. Read about parents’ rights. Get information on complaint filing. You can also call the Consult line 1-800-879-2301.

Educational Resources – Get all the information you need to about Pennsylvania’s educational system through this resources directory. You can conduct a general search for agencies and programs. You can also search organizations by type. All of Pennsylvania’s educational information is compiled into a comprehensive list for you.


Health Insurance Plans – Read about different insurance options through this Pennsylvania health care site. You can get information on plan options and eligibility. Read more about coverage choices and prices. Get details on how to apply for coverage during this site.


Employment Resources – This website will direct you to employment resources all over Pennsylvania. Read about different programs and organizations in Pennsylvania and how to get involved. Discover employment agencies looking to serve your community. All of the information is provided in this comprehensive list.