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New York Consumer Resources

New York is home to a large percentage of Americans. It has many different agencies working to enforce their advanced consumer protection laws. If you are a resident of New York and looking for state resources, we have them here. We have compiled a comprehensive list of informative links for any search you may have, whether it’s over state agencies, legal resources, educational, health, financial, or employment-related.

Each link provides a summary of what it has to offer, along with any necessary contact information.


Division of Consumer Protection - The CPB's core mission is to protect New Yorkers by publicizing unscrupulous and questionable business practices and product recalls. They conduct investigations and hearings and enforce the "Do Not Call Law". They spend time researching issues, developing legislation, creating consumer education programs and materials, and responding to individual marketplace complaints by securing voluntary agreements. They represent the interests of consumers before the Public Service Commission (PSC) and other State and federal agencies.

Attorney General – Dedicated to protecting residents of New York, the Attorney General’s office features resources for a variety of issues consumers may have. You can learn more about how the A.G. will root out fraud and return stolen money to taxpayers in the Taxpayer Protection Bureau. Tenants can read about their rights, and victims of crime can get more information on what to do to get the retribution they deserve. You can also contact the helpline at 1-800-771-7755.

Public Service Commission – This commission regulates public utility services and providers to ensure that companies are offering affordable and reliable service to consumers and operating within New York law. You can read about each public utilities service and news updates. Read press releases about different service providers. You can also file a complaint or dispute a resolution through the site.


Small Claims Court – Pursuing a case in New York’s small claims court system? This page will provide you with necessary information for starting your process. Our article highlights New York law statutes, court cost limits, and attorney requirements. You can also find out where to sue and special provisions in New York’s law.

Lemon Law – If you feel like your recently purchased vehicle is a lemon, you can find out what to do without ever leaving our site. We have provided you with an article outlining the requirements needed for New York to deem a car a lemon. You can also learn about what steps are available to take to get into a working car.

Pet Lemon Law – Pets can qualify as lemons too, and New York has laws to protect consumers if they find themselves in that situation. You can find out what requirements are needed to deem a pet a lemon through our article. Learn about legal steps available to take in making sure your money isn’t going to waste.


Education Department – Get education news through this website. You can learn more about educational programs and organizations. Get information on school funds and special services for students with disabilities. You can read about different testing assessments as well. To acquire additional information, you can also contact NYSED at (518) 474-3852.

NYC Department of Education – New York City’s school system can be navigated through this website. Learn more about programs offered to students and school funding. You can also search for your school or district. Get tips on student support and safety. You can reach the department at (718) 935-2000.


NYC Finance – Got a parking ticket? Looking for property tax information? Answers to these questions and more can be found on this site. Get important news and updates through the scrolling ticker on the homepage. View the finance calendar to see financial deadlines. You can also pay taxes and report fraud online through the website.


Health Insurance Programs – New York residents can get health insurance information through this website. You can view different programs and coverage options available to eligible residents. Learn more about Medicaid, Veterans Health, and WIC. Special links will also provide information on children’s health insurance options.


Identity Theft – Identity theft is one of the most prevalent reported crimes in the United States. New York residents can visit this webpage to gain more insight on common ways identities are stolen, and how they can prevent it from happening to them. Learn more about precautions you can take to protect your identity, or what you can do if it has been stolen. Security breach reporting forms are also available.


Department of Labor – Get information on New York’s workforce through this website. You can file a claim for unemployment insurance. Use the calculator to figure unemployment insurance benefit amounts. Those looking for jobs and stop at the online one-stop career center to search for job opportunities. For additional information, you can contact the department at (518) 457-9000.

Unemployment Assistance – Those without work can get unemployment insurance and assistance information through this page. Read about the characteristics required to receive insurance. You can learn the step by step processes to filing a claim, and can even start the process by clicking the link and typing in your social security number. Those looking for work can find links at the bottom of the site for job opportunities.