Nevada Consumer Resources

Living in Nevada? Looking for state resources? This page will help direct you to the content you may need. We have links for a variety of searches you may have – state agencies, legal needs, educational, health, financial, and employment-related inquiries. Our comprehensive list of links will direct you to the right sites.

Below is each link, as well as a summary of what each has to offer. Any necessary contact information is included as well.


Attorney General – This office is in place to protect families, children, consumers, and other residents in Nevada. You can learn more about child advocacy through links on the site. Navigate to the consumer protection links to find out how to protect yourself against deceptive trade, fraud, and scams. You can also file a complaint through the website.

Division of Insurance – This department regulates insurance companies and policies to make sure they are operating within the legal requirements of Nevada. You can search any type of insurance field to gather more information. View policy forms that are used by agencies, and find out how to submit formal complaints.


Small Claims Court – Reference our article to get a better sense of how Nevada’s small claims court system operates. You can view court cost limits, attorney requirements, and appeal processes. Discover special provisions in Nevada’s law, and where you can go to sue.

Lemon Law – Our article on Nevada lemon laws will help if you or someone you know has a recently purchased vehicle that isn’t working the way it should. Read about what requirements must be met to apply the lemon law. You can also read about what steps to take to pursue your case. Using this article as a consumer guide will get you on the right path to getting into a reliable vehicle.


Department of Education – This website provides a comprehensive look at various educational programs and opportunities within Nevada. You can view school funding and curriculum requirements. Prospective educators can read about employment opportunities. Learn about upcoming events and grant funding through school calendars on the site.

Nevada Education – This site provides information on Nevada K-12 schools and universities. You can search any school or state universities. Library and archives are available as well. You can also learn more about College Savings Plan program and the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, and other opportunities through this site.


Department of Health & Human Services – This site oversees health care policies and financing. Read about Medicaid options and provider incentive programs. You can report Medicaid fraud, and apply for medical assistance programs. Las Vegas residents can contact the local office at (702) 668-4200.


Nevada Employment – This website will give an overview of different employment services and benefits offered in Nevada. You can find state job openings, or network with businesses to find employment opportunities. The One-Stop Career Center allows residents to post their resumes or look for other jobs. The unemployed can also file online insurance claims through this site.