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New Jersey Consumer Resources

Garden State residents – are you looking for state resources? We have compiled a comprehensive list of them to help you with whatever search you may have. Whether you are looking for state agencies, legal resources, financial, employment, or educational links, we have included them here to provide you with the information you seek.

Below is a list of the links, with a summary of what each has to offer next to them. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Division of Consumer Affairs – Dedicated to protecting consumers, this department acts as a liaison between the state and residents. It enforces the Consumer Fraud Act and investigates consumer issues. You can search different industries or visit the cyber fraud unit. You can read about other statutes and regulations. Forms to report problems are also available.

Attorney General – This department protects families, consumers, children, and other residents of New Jersey. You can visit different divisions within the department to get more information on consumer affairs, criminal justice, civil rights, and other things. Get up to date news from any month or year. Contact information is included on the site.

Department of Insurance – The Department of Insurance regulates companies to ensure they are providing affordable insurance and operating within New Jersey law. As a consumer, you can visit the site to get more assistance on what the department offers. You can read about how to file a complaint.

Department of Public Utilities – The organization regulates public utility companies and providers to ensure that they are providing affordable services to consumers and operating within New Jersey law. You can get conservation tips to lower your monthly bill. You can also contact the Division of Customer Assistance at (800) 624-0241.


Small Claims Court – Read our article on New Jersey’s small claims court system to get information on how to pursue your court case. You can read about where to sue, court cost limits, and attorney requirements. Learn about special provisions in New Jersey’s law.

Lemon Law – Did you recently purchase a lemon? You don’t even have to leave our site to get in-depth information on how to pursue your claim. Our article will provide you with an overview of New Jersey lemon law. We also interviewed the Attorney General’s office to provide you with more help in steps you can take to get out of your lemon.

Pet Lemon Law – Maybe your new pet is defective or constantly ill-ridden. If you feel like you have a lemon of a pet, there are laws in New Jersey to protect your purchase and get you the reimbursement or improvement you deserve. Our article will provide you with information on the law, as well as what you can do.


Department of Education – Get all of New Jersey’s educational system information here. You will be able to read news updates and press releases. Links for students allow them to view high school requirements, as well as higher learning opportunities. Educators can also view a calendar of events, and find information on learning preparation.


Financial Services – Get information on the New Jersey financial industry here. You can read facts about the growth and development of the industry. Financial and incentive programs are outlined through this site as well. For information you can call 1-866-534-7789.


Identity Theft – Identity theft is one of the most prevalent reported crimes in the United States. Through this website, New Jersey residents can get information on how to protect their identity from being stolen, and legislation passed to enforce it. You can read more about the Identity Theft Prevention Act.


New Jersey Employment – Looking for a job in New Jersey? This site can provide you with resources to help you get the work you need. You can search for job fairs around the state, or conduct a general search of individual job openings. Unemployed and the disabled can also research benefits and opportunities available.

Department of Labor & Workforce – One stop job postings are available through the department’s website. Read about credit counseling and foreclosure information. Entrepreneurial training programs are available through the website as well. Those looking for work can also post a resume on the site.