Nebraska Consumer Resources

Cornhuskers, if you’re looking for state resources, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a comprehensive list of state agencies, legal resources, financial, health, and employment information. These links are helpful tools to aide in whatever search you may have.

Below are the links, along with a summary of what each has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Attorney General – This site will provide you information about a variety of topics. You can learn more about public safety and crime prevention. Read news articles and press releases. Get tips on consumer protection, or file a complaint through the website. You can contact the office at (402) 471-2682 or the Consumer Protection Division at (800) 727-6432.

Department of Insurance – This department oversees insurance companies to ensure that they are operating within the law of Nebraska. You can get information on regulation changes, or search for an agency. You can visit the fraud division, view consumer reports, and even file a complaint.

Public Service Commission – This department oversees public utility providers to ensure that they are providing affordable services to consumers and operating within Nebraska law. This website will allow you to view details about specific public utilities providers. You can get more information about the commissioners.


Small Claims Court – For consumers looking to pursue a case in small claims court, this site can help you out. Read our article over the Nebraska small claims court system. You can learn more about court cost limits, attorney requirements, and where you can sue. Learn more about special provisions in Nebraska law as well.

Lemon Law – Our article over lemon laws will provide you with the information you need if you find yourself with a lemon. Discover what characteristics make a lemon, and what steps you can take to get into a reliable car. You can also reach the Consumer Protection Division at (800) 727-6432.


Department of Banking & Finance – This department regulates banking and other financial organizations to ensure that they are operating within Nebraska law. You can get help on mortgage and foreclosure issues, or use the savings bond or credit card repayment calculator. Get news on current and common scams, or visit the links to the free credit report site.


Department of Health & Human Services – This department gives general health information to Nebraska residents. Learn more about disaster and emergency actions, or public health and safety tips. Research Medicaid and Medicare, and learn about available financial assistance. For questions, you can contact the department helpline at 1-800-254-4202.


Identity Protection – This webpage provides consumers with information on identity theft and how to protect your identity. Simply navigate to the Federal Trade Commission link to view details about the prevalence of identity theft. Discover ways you can prevent this from happening to you.


Department of Labor – This department works to provide resources for both the employed and unemployed residents in Nebraska, as well as employers in the state. You can file for unemployment, or search for jobs. Workers can file a wage complaint through the website. You can contact the Department of Labor at (402) 471 – 9000.

State Jobs – Looking for a job working for the state? This page can show you job opportunities in the field. Create an applicant profile and get started on looking for jobs. Resume and interview tips featured can help land you your career working for the state.