North Dakota Consumer Resources

If you are a resident in North Dakota, then looking for state resources just got easier. We have compiled a comprehensive list of informative links to help you no matter what your search concerns. Whether you are looking for help on state agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment-related matters, our links can help aide in your inquiry.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Attorney General – The Attorney General’s office is dedicated to serving the public and protecting consumers from potential threats. You can get scam information, file a complaint, and sign up on the Do Not Call list. Become aware of who is living in your community by visiting the Sex Offender Web Site link on the homepage. For additional questions, you can contact the office at (701) 328-2210.

Insurance Department - This department regulates insurance companies to ensure that they are providing affordable services to consumers and operating within North Dakota law. You can search for an agent, agency, or insurer. Read about health insurance plans and provisions. You can also file a complaint through the website.

Public Service Commission – The commission regulates public utility services and providers to ensure that they are affordable to consumers and operating within North Dakota law. You can read more about the laws and rules the commission has enacted. Search different public utilities providers through appropriate fields. You can contact the commission at (701) 328-2400.


Small Claims Court – Looking for information on pursuing a small claims court case in North Dakota? Our article can give you the answers. You can find out where to sue, attorney requirements, and court cost limits. You can also read about special provisions in North Dakota law.


North Dakota Education – Visit this website to navigate through to parts of North Dakota’s education system. You can read about standards and practices in place in the school districts. Get information on K-12 learning assessments and events. High school students can research higher education options available in North Dakota.


Public Assistance Programs – This website provides an overview of financial assistance offered to qualifying residents through the government. You can get information on programs offered and how to apply. View articles on financial help.


Department of Health – The department oversees health programs to make sure they meet regulations set forth by the state. You can take a look at the program areas through the list on the homepage. You can also visit the NA Registry links.

Free Healthcare: North Dakota – This program provides medical services for people in the state who are unable to pay. You can review which services are offered in certain cities. Contact information for each location is also provided.


Identity Theft – With identity theft becoming increasingly prevalent with today’s technology, this website will advise North Dakota residents of helpful tips to protect their identity. Learn about security freezes, and how you can implement one if you suspect your identity of being stolen. Read instructions on how to prevent identity theft and what you can do if your identity is stolen.


North Dakota Jobs – Residents looking for employment may find this site helpful. View a list of job openings located in towns all over North Dakota. You can even follow links to complete an online application. Subscribe to new job developments through email. To contact the department you can call (701) 328-3293.