Montana Consumer Resources

Living in the Treasure State? This page can provide you with up-to-date state resource information. Whether you’re looking for content on Montana’s state agencies, legal resources, financial, health, educational, or employment specifics, our comprehensive list can provide you with answers you are looking for.

Below is a list of links to help you on your search, along with a summary of what each site has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also provided.


Attorney General – This website is dedicated to protecting the residents of Montana. You can read about crime prevention, legal services offered through Montana’s court system, or view the sex offender registry list. Learn the Missing Persons program and Children’s Justice Center. The Consumer Protection link, you can view common scams and news. To contact the division directly, you can call (406) 444-2026.

Securities & Insurance – This organization oversees insurance companies to ensure that they operating within the law. Here you can get more information on different insurance companies and agents. You can file an insurance complaint or report fraud. You can also contact the office at (406) 444-2040.


Small Claims Court – Get more insight on Montana’s legal system through this article about its small claims court. Learn more about court cost limits and where to sue. Find out attorney requirements and appeal processes. You can also read about special provisions in Montana law.

Lemon Law – If you think you’ve bought a lemon in Montana, this page will help you get the facts you need to file a claim. Discover what requirements must be met to classify a lemon. Read a short interview with the Consumer Protection department to find out what steps can be taken to get you out of your lemon. Contact information is also provided.


Montana Education – This site provides information on different school organizations and programs. You can follow links to visit the Board of Education. You can visit specialty school websites and take a look at different child education programs and funds. High school students can also search college campuses in the state.


Division of Banking & Financial Institutions – Get information on banking and financial institutions through this website. The division oversees that financial organizations are operating within Montana law. You can learn how to investigate mortgage brokers, and how to prevent foreclosure. A list of all licensees is also available under the Consumer Information link.

Financial Assistance – Read about financial assistance programs and projects for the agriculture industry in the state of Montana. Get information on current grants and what they provide. You can also see an overview of loans offered.


Department of Public Health & Human Services – Get general health information through this website. The department offers news articles and advisories for up-to-date health issues. New links to child protective service background checks are available. You can also apply for food stamps, child care, and Medicaid among other things.


Identity Theft – This website outlines one of the most prevalent reported crimes in the United States. You can learn more about how identities can be stolen, and what you can do to protect yourself from it. Read about common scams. You can also get information on the 10 steps of how to get your identity back.


Department of Labor & Industry – This organization represents the Montana workforce, and their rights and responsibilities. You can read about unemployment benefits and minimum wage laws. Links to job openings are available for those looking for employment.

Employment Opportunities – This website outlines additional employment opportunities for Montana residents. Veterans can find special services. Prospective educators can follow links to find teaching opportunities. You can also navigate to find state and federal jobs available.