Mississippi Consumer Resources

If you are a resident of Mississippi looking for state resources, we have a lot to offer you. Whether your search is for state agencies, legal resources or educational, financial, health, or employment information, our comprehensive list can point you in the right direction.

Below are links and summaries of what each site has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Attorney General – This website offers extensive information for families, senior citizens, consumers, and victims of crime. You can read about the consumer refund program or file a complaint. Learn more about the crime victim compensation program, or domestic violence help. You can also contact the office at (601) 359-3680.

Insurance Department – This department regulates insurance companies to make sure they are operating within law requirements. As a consumer, you can search for a company or agent or shop for insurance. You can also file a complaint or report fraudulent claims. The department can be reached directly at (601) 359-3569.

Public Service Commission – This organization oversees public utilities companies to ensure that they are operating within the law. You can file a utility complaint through this website or see if you qualify for phone bill assistance. You can register for the Do Not Call list or read about upcoming commission meeting agendas.


Small Claims Court – If you are pursuing a small claims court case, this is a good site to start your information gathering. You can view court cost limits, attorney requirements, and appeals processes. There’s also special Mississippi law provisions listed. This information will help you get a good feel of what your small claims court case will be like.

Lemon Law – This page will give you extensive information on lemon laws in Mississippi. If you have bought a car that might be a lemon, you can review the characteristics to see if your car is eligible for a lemon law case. You can also find helpful contact information at the bottom of the article.


Learning in Mississippi – Through this website you can get more information about Mississippi schools and the education system. Learn more about financial aid available, and how you can apply for it. There are also special education and disabilities resources links. Get more information about educational programs.

Higher Education – Find out about your higher education options through this page. You can view links to community colleges, private and public universities, and online learning programs. For those going into college, you can also get more information on the GEAR UP Mississippi program.


Financial Aid – Going into college? This webpage will provide you with extensive financial aid information to help you with costs. You can navigate through the page to find different financial programs offered and who is eligible. You can also read the school grants blog. At the bottom of the page is a link to the financial assistance directory for further information.


Mississippi Healthcare – This site is a great resource for any of your Mississippi health care inquiries. There are links to acquire more information on social services, local hospitals, and other health facilities in the area. You can get important preventive health care tips.

Children's Health Care Insurance Plan – This plan is designed to provide health care for children who have no health insurance, or inadequate health insurance. The page outlines an overview of the program and who is eligible. You can read about who administers the program and where the Health Department falls within the program. Cost information is included, and you can find out more by calling the Division of Medicaid at 1-877-543-7669.