Maine Consumer Resources

Consumers of Maine: If you are looking for state resources with a variety of information, we can help. We have dedicated a page to resources for your state. Whether you are looking for information on state agencies or legal proceedings, we can point you in the right direction. If your questions focus more on Maine’s educational, financial, health, or employment programs, we can offer those too.
Below is a list of relevant resources for your search. We have included a summary about each website and added any necessary contact information.


Attorney General – You can get a large variety of information from the Attorney General’s website. You can learn about the specifics of the criminal justice system and victims’ compensation programs. You can visit the Consumer Protection link to learn more about issues you where you might need protection. There is also information on how to submit a consumer complaint. You can reach the Consumer Information center at 1-800-436-2131.

Bureau of Insurance – This bureau regulates insurance companies and practices to make sure they are operating in the law. You can learn more about licensing and registration and company services. You can read more about Maine’s Healthcare Reform, and other laws.

Public Utilities Commission – This department regulates public utilities and the providers that carry them. They ensure that each company is operating within the law. You can read more about any public utility. You can also file a consumer complaint with the Consumer Assistance Division.


Small Claims Court – If you plan on pursuing a small claims court case or would like more information about the process, this is a helpful tool. This article highlights components found within Maine’s small claims court system. You can learn more about court cost limits, services, and attorney requirements. You can also read about Maine’s unique legal provisions.

Lemon Law – If you think you may own a lemon, you can be sure by reading this article highlighting the requirements for Maine to take action in a lemon law case. If your vehicle falls into these categories, you may be eligible for a refund or replacement vehicle.  


Department of Education – You can get information on educational programs and school board developments on this site. Learn more about grants offered, and higher education opportunities. You can look at all of the department’s programs through a general site, or read more about Spotlight programs, like Race to the Top.

Education Resource Directory – This site comprises a complete list of state services and other educational resources. Simply go down the list and begin you search by clicking on any of the links. You can also used the Advanced Search links to conduct a specific inquiry.


Health Insurance – This is your guide to individual health and long-term care insurance. You can learn more through the health insurance tip links and FAQ page. You can get more information about state health programs and who is eligible for them. You can also file an insurance complaint through the link.

Bureau of Insurance – This page outlines individual health insurance for Maine residents. Here you will be able to find out who is eligible and what services are available under the program. You can get information on specific contingencies that would affect plan coverage. You can contact the bureau at 1-800-300-5000.


Identity Theft – Get information on how to protect yourself against identity theft on this website. You can read about the process to get your identity back, as well as see numbers you can call to assist you. You can learn more about Maine’s credit report freeze, and how it will affect your identity.


Employment Resources – This government website provides Maine residents with the tools to seek employment, or learn more unemployment or about their rights and services as a working person. You can view existing job opportunities and volunteer listings from the home page. You can even get information on retirement here.

Unemployment Benefits – For the unemployed, this resource may be helpful to you. It provides information on unemployment benefits. You can also learn more about government-enacted unemployment programs. To file for benefits or appeal a claim, you can contact the division at  1-800-593-7660.