Maryland Consumer Resources

Maryland residents, if you’re looking for some state resources, look no further. We have compiled a comprehensive list of informative websites that will aide in your search for state agencies, legal resources, financial, educational, health, or employment help.

Below are the links and summary about the content on the website. We have also included any relevant contact information.


Attorney General – The Attorney General is dedicated to protecting consumers and the community in Maryland. You can find links about protecting children through internet safety, crime prevention, and anti-smoking forums. There are numerous links on consumer protection against cybercrime or immigration fraud. You can file a consumer complaint on the website or call the Consumer Hotline at (410) 528-8662.

Insurance Department – The insurance administration regulates policies and providers to ensure that companies are operating under the law. You can get information on any insurance company or service. If you wish to make a complaint, you can find information online about how to file one.

Public Service Commission – This division regulates public utilities and the providers to ensure that they are operating under the law. You can read about different utility services and search for energy bill payment assistance. You can file a complaint through the site if you are unsatisfied with your service as well.


Small Claims Court – If you are pursuing a small claims court case, then this is a good starting point to get the information you need. You will be able to see basic characteristics of the law. You can view court cost limits, attorney requirements, and special provisions under Maryland’s law. You can also learn more about the appeals process.

Lemon Law – If you feel that your vehicle is a lemon, this is a useful website to start with when trying to find out what you can do. This article will provide the information on which requirements Maryland uses to define lemons, and what the process entails in trying to pursue you case.


Department of Education – Get information on higher education institutions around the state of Maryland. You can research the list of colleges and universities, and read about different educational programs. There’s information available for online schooling.


Health Care Information – This is a great resource for finding out any information for health care programs and services implemented by Maryland. There are several health care guides available, as well as forums on insurance and reform. You can learn more about certain health care providers, as well as mental health services.


Identity Theft – Learn more about how to protect yourself against identity theft with this tool. You will gain knowledge about the prevalence and risk of identity theft, along with different precautions you can take to keep yourself safe.  You can follow links to report if you have become a victim of identity fraud.


Maryland State Job Openings - This database shows a full list of job opportunities within the state government. You can view all of the listings, or conduct an advanced search. You can also use the links to apply online to any of the job postings. Start your search now and look through the several pages of career opportunities.

Department of Labor – Through this website you can conduct a general search of job postings, create a resume, or view options for further education or training. Links are also available to employers to find a candidate or post any job openings. You can also search the featured links out to the side to find jobs specific to veterans, apprenticeship and other fields.