Massachusetts Consumer Resources

If you are a resident of Massachusetts and looking for resources in your state, this page can offer you some help. We have compiled a list of state information to aide in your search. Whether you are looking for legal resources, financial, educational, health, or employment assistance, the below tools can help point you in the right direction.

Below is a summary of each link, as well as any necessary contact information.


Small Claims Court – This tool can give you information on Massachusetts’ small claims court system. You can find court cost limits, attorney requirements, and appeal processes. You can also read up on special provisions in Massachusetts’ laws. This article will give you necessary pointers to get you off to the right start in pursuing your claim.

Lemon Law – If you’ve recently purchased a lemon, this article will give you extensive information from the state laws and Attorney General’s office on what you can do. Find out the characteristics that qualify a car as a lemon. Learn more about where you can go, and how to pursue your claim.  


Office of Education – Learn more about everything going on in your child’s school. You can view profiles of different schools and districts, and special programs set in place for Massachusetts children. Get more information on high school requirements and higher education options, as well as different educational boards and what they do. You can also reach the Executive Office at (617) 979-8340.


Financial Assistance – This page highlights Chapter 115 benefits and other funds in place to offer financial assistance to qualifying Massachusetts residents. You can read more about the programs offered to Massachusetts veterans and their families, as well as current military family assistance programs. You can reach the Department of Veterans’ Services at (617) 210-5480.


Health Insurance – This website provides an overview of MassHealth. You can learn more about coverage types and member information. You can even follow the links to apply for MassHealth. You can also view additional insurance assistance programs. For questions on a current application or status, you can contact the MassHealth Enrollment Center at 1-888-665-9993.

Health Care Quality & Cost Council – This organization is responsible for setting quality and cost targets for the Commonwealth. This website outlines programs the organization has implemented and enforced. You can also view costs and quality data through the links on the homepage. Through the consumer links, you can get more information on health resources, physicians, and hospitals


Scams & Identity Theft – This website gives information on how to protect your identity from scams and theft. You can read about popular phone and work-at-home scams. You can also get tips on how protecting your identity from online predators. Read about vacation and travel scams, fake check scams, and Medicare prescription drug plan scams.  


Labor & Workforce Development – Get information on worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and employment services through this department. You can visit the One-Stop Career Center through the employment links to view job opportunities in Massachusetts. You can also get information on how to file a claim, and other assistance programs offered. 

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