Louisiana Consumer Resources

If you live in the Bayou, this is a great state resource page for any search you might have. We have compiled a list of state resources full of information for Louisiana residents. If you are searching for state agencies, legal help, we have those pages here. If you’d like to learn more about educational, health, financial, and employment programs in Louisiana, we have those too.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer, along with any necessary contact information.


Attorney General – The Office of the Attorney General is dedicated to protecting the community and consumers. You can visit the Fugitive Apprehension page to view criminals or the sex offender registry. You can get alerts on emergency preparedness for potential natural disasters. Consumers can also file complaints about unsatisfactory products and services or scams. You can reach the office at (225) 326-6079.

Department of Insurance – This department regulates insurance rates and oversees companies to ensure that they are operating within the law. You can search for companies, producers, or adjusters. You can even look up consumer coverage information. Consumers can also file an insurance complaint on this website.

Public Service Commission – This division regulates public utilities services and providers. They ensure that both customers and companies are allowed opportunities for fair, efficient, and reliable business practices. You can conduct a specific search for a certain utility or view press releases. You can reach the commission at 1-800-256-2397.


Small Claims Court – If you are pursuing a small claims court case in Louisiana, this is a good source to get some basic information before you begin. You can learn more about court cost limits, appeal processes, and attorney requirements. You can also read about special provisions in Louisiana’s law.  


Department of Education – Get educational information on Louisiana’s school programs, and where your money is going to through this site. You can read about upcoming testing, and even search school districts for performance reports. The latest news and media are featured on the front page. To contact the department, you can reach them at 1-877-453-2721


Health & Human Services – Survey the Louisiana Health Care System and all it has to offer through this website. You can read about special provisions within the system, and the goals of the program.
Department of Veterans Affairs – Read about various veterans’ programs offered through the department. You can learn more about what doctors and health services are available to you as a veteran. You can make and change appointments online and even follow the steps to Become A Patient. You can reach the department at 1-800-935-8387.


Louisiana Employment – If you are unemployed, there are plenty of resources to bring job openings your way with this website. This site provides additional links full of career opportunities offered in Louisiana. Simply click on any link and navigate your way through the search bar.

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