Kentucky Consumer Resources

There’s good news for you Bluegrass State residents. If you’ve come to this site looking for Kentucky resources, we have compiled a comprehensive list to aide in your search. If you are looking for state agency information, legal help, educational, health, financial, or employment tips, these links should help you out.

Below is a list of relevant resources, along with a summary of each and any necessary contact information you could need.


Attorney General – This office is dedicated to protecting consumers against scams and frauds, and to expose criminals in an effort to prevent crime in Kentucky. You can get recent development information in the News section. You can view the sex offender registry and crime prevention links. You can file a complaint about a product or service in the Consumer Protection page.

Public Service Commission – This department regulates public utilities services and providers to ensure they are operating within Kentucky law. You can get an overview of the commissioners and what actions they are taking in office today. If you have a problem with a service or company you can file a complaint through the consumers’ section. You can also contact the Consumer Service Division at 1-800-772-4636.


Small Claims Court - Get all the information you need for your small claims court case through this page. You can learn more about the process, court cost limits, and attorney requirements. You can view unique provisions in the Kentucky law system, as well as appeal details.

Lemon Law – If you’ve recently bought a lemon and need information on what to do, this is a good tool. You can view Kentucky lemon law requirements and details on how to begin the process to get you out of your lemon.


Kentucky Department of Education – Get information on Kentucky’s school programs and assistance through this site. Read about current programs and new regulations through the Headlines section. You can also learn more about school district support services and assessments implemented by the board.

Educational Resources – This site provides links to various education sources for Kentucky residents. It features content on adult education, student and parent resources, K-12 education and college help. You can locate state schools and colleges. There are also links for educators to share activities to provide great education. 


Department of Financial Institutions – This is a great resource for consumers looking for investment or loan help. You can find information on places to go, and how to avoid fraud. You can view financial statutes and current economic news as well. The department can be reached at 1-800-223-2579.


Cabinet of Health & Family Services – Virtually any family or health service you could have questions about, this site covers. You can learn more about child support and Medicaid services. You can apply for food benefits, child care services, or get more information on adoption.

Family & Health – This website provides links to family and health resources in Kentucky. You can view children’s services and programs for those with disabilities. You can learn more about public health and illness prevention. There are also links for adults and families with abusive situations, or in need of assistance.


Identity Theft – This page provides information on identity theft prevention. You can learn more about the prevalence and risks of identity theft and scams, and how to protect your identity from being stolen. The Office of the Attorney General has also prepared an ID Theft Victim Kit available to those who have had their identity stolen.  


Office of Employment & Training – This department offers extensive resources to help the unemployed find work, and help those with work find advancement and other services. You can search the job services link, or find out more information regarding unemployment insurance.

Employment – This page provides links to those looking for employment, or those seeking unemployed & disability help. You can learn more about the employee rights and the protection you deserve.