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Idaho Consumer Resources

If you are an Idaho resident and are searching for information on your state organizations, look no further. We have compiled a list on resources to help you get the information you need. Whether your inquiry is based on general state agencies, financial, health, employment, legal, or educational means, our links will help point you in the right direction.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer, as well as any necessary contact information.


Attorney General – You can find a large variety of general information on virtually any subject. There is help for mortgages and foreclosure, Internet safety and identity theft links, news articles available for subscription, and a whole page for consumer issues. If you are a consumer with an issue, you can file it online through the website.

Public Utilities Commission – This organization regulates public utility costs and oversees service providers. You can get information on any public utility subject. If you are unhappy with your service, or feel the prices are unreasonable, you can also file a report online through the website.


Small Claims Court – If you are pursuing a small claims court case, this resource will prove helpful. Get information on court cost limits, attorney requirements, and provisions in the law. You can also read about appeals processes. All of this information will help you get started with your own claim.


Department of Finance – This site is dedicated to the organization that oversees financial institutions. You can see which agencies are regulated by the department, and read news releases of financial developments. If you are applying for a license in one of the agencies listed, you can find the application forms online.

Foreclosure Resources – Still under the Department of Finance, this page is entirely dedicated to foreclosure. If your home is in jeopardy of becoming foreclosed, this is a great tool to use. Visit links on the page to get more information on how to prevent foreclosure, and how to make payments more affordable.


Department of Health & Welfare – This website offers countless programs for a variety of health issues. Get adoption information, immunization processes, or substance abuse help. There are pages for those interested in quitting smoking, as well as training opportunities for those wanting to assist in the suicide prevention hotline.

Idaho Children Health Plan – This page is under the Department of Health & Welfare and offers an overview of the Idaho Health Plan for Children. The page lists the requirements to become eligible. It also lists information available to apply if interested. You can even download the health plan coverage booklet.


Public Safety – This website lists public safety agencies and boards. If you have questions on environmental safety, or crime prevention links to the pages plus more is available to you. You can view the sex offender registry search. There is also a section dedicated for seasonal safety tips.

Identity Theft – Get in the know about how you can protect your identity through this Cyber Security Awareness page. You will get information about the prevalence of identity theft, and what action you can take to prevent having your identity stolen. Find an identity theft manual and special tips on banking identity protection here.


Idaho Department of Labor – There are plenty of resources to help you in whatever job situation you need. You can search for jobs or employees on the database. Unemployed residents and file for insurance benefits or pay taxes. If you are looking to post a job on the website you can do that too.

Division of Human Resources – If you’re looking for a state job, look no further. This page has information regarding employment benefits, wellness, layoffs and more. You can find reports for projected compensation and benefits programs. There are resources for veterans, as well.

Contact Idaho State & Local Consumer Agencies

State and local consumer protection offices mediate issues, conduct investigations, prosecute offenders of consumer laws, license and regulate a variety of professionals, promote strong consumer protection legislation, provide educational materials and advocate in the consumer interest. To save time, call the office before sending in a written issue report. Ask if the office handles the type of issue you have and if these forms are provided.

State Offices
Brett De Lange, Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Unit
650 West State Street
Boise, ID 83720-0010
Toll free in ID: 1-800-432-3545
TDD/TTY: 208-334-2424
Fax: 208-334-2830
Web site: www.state.id.us/ag/middle\consumer\consumer.htm

State Banking Regulators

The officials listed below regulate and supervise state-chartered banks. Many of them handle or refer problems with other types of financial institutions as well. Some also answer general questions about banking and consumer credit. If you are dealing with a federally chartered bank, check the listing of Selected Federal Agencies.

Gavin Gee
Director, Department of Finance
700 West State Street
2nd Floor
Boise, ID 83720-0031
Toll free in ID: 1-888-346-3376
Fax: 208-334-2216
Web site: www2.state.id.us

State Insurance Regulators

Each state has its own laws and regulations for all types of insurance, including car, homeowner and health insurance. The officials listed below enforce these laws. Many of these offices can provide you with information to help you make informed insurance buying decisions.

James Alcorn
Director, Department of Insurance
700 W. State Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043
Toll free in ID: 1-800-721-3272
Fax: 208-334-4398
Web site: www.dol.state.id.us

Sources include the Consumer's Resource Handbook, U.S. General Services Administration. We welcome updates and corrections. Please address the Webmaster.