Iowa Consumer Resources

If you’re searching for Hawkeye State resources, this page could help you. We have compiled a comprehensive list of state information for Iowa consumers. Whether your search is legal, financial, educational, health-related, or employment-based, the tools we have provided can help you get the answers you want.

Below is a list of helpful links and a summary of what each has to offer. We have also included any necessary contact information.


Attorney General – This resource will provide information on a variety of topics. If you are searching for crime prevention and victim help, you can find it here. There are also links for farmers and environmentalists. Consumers can find protection links on the website, as well as opportunities to file a complaint against an unsatisfactory product or service. You can also reach the Consumer Protection Division at (515) 281-5926.

Insurance Division – This department regulates insurance providers and policies. You can read about both insurance agents and companies for a variety of fields. The news release sidebar shows recent developments in insurance matters. Consumers can find insurance companies, or file a complaint through the site. To contact the division directly, call (515) 281-5705.

Utilities Board – This department regulates utilities services and providers. You can get information on different utility services and companies. A live Twitter feed shows urgent news from the division. You can file a complaint against a company on this site as well. For more information, you can contact the agency at (515) 725-7300.


Small Claims Court – If you’re looking for information on Iowa’s small claims court system, this tool will be helpful. Get specifics on court cost limits, attorney requirements, and appeals processes. You can also read about unique provisions in Iowa’s law. If you are looking to pursue a court case but need more information, this is a good first step.


Department of Education – Get information on any of Iowa’s educational programs through this link. You can find resources for teachers, administrators, families, and the community. The headlines at the bottom of the page feature news developments and report rollouts. You can follow them on Twitter through the links, or contact the office directly at (515) 281-5294.

Education Directory – If you need direction to a specific educational website or program, you can find it here in this comprehensive list provided in the online directory. View different programs for youth, as well as students interested in higher education.


Iowa Finance Authority – This program is implemented through the Iowa government to provide affordable housing and promote economic development in the community. Whether you’re a home buyer, lender or realtor, renter, or housing organization, you can find relevant information that will help your search. You can also view monthly newsletters and annual reports with important finance information. To contact the division directly, you can call (515) 725-4900.


Department of Human Services – This website provides extensive information for Iowa’s health programs and services. You can find details on food assistance, Medicaid, storm help, and children’s health insurance. Learn more about child support and care. Interested in getting assistance? You can also apply online by completing an assessment for the state on this site.  


Identity Theft Prevention – Learn more about the dangers of identity theft and how to protect your identity through this page. You can find out more about the prevalence and risk of identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft, there is also information on what you can do to get your identity back. You can also reach the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office at (515) 281-5926.


Business Employment Information – This link provides employment information for businesses and their employees. Workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and job order submittals are covered in this page. You can also read about different Iowa programs put in place for businesses.