Hawaii Consumer Resources

If you’re a Hawaii resident, you can find a variety of state information on this site. We have compiled a comprehensive list of state, legal, health, educational, financial, and employment resources. Virtually any information you could seek could be found here.

We’ve summarized what each link will offer you, and included any necessary contact information below.


Attorney General – Any general information inquiries you might have could be found through the Attorney General’s website. You can search the Criminal Justice division, or search through the sex offender registry. You can review articles about identity theft, and technological crime prevention. View Hawaii’s missing children through the featured link on the homepage. You can contact the office directly at (808) 586-1500.

Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs- This department reviews the Hawaii insurance industry. It examines the fiscal state of companies and Hawaii. It regulates rates and investigates insurance related complaints. You can find out where to file a complaint, or contact the department at (808) 586-2790.


Small Claims Court – If you need more information on how to pursue your small claims case, this page is for you. You can view court cost limits, legal counsel options, and provisions in Hawaii’s law. This site shares all of the basic requirements for Hawaii’s small claim court system.


Resource Organizations Directory – Keep up to speed with all of the educational resources here. A comprehensive list provides you with links to state school board information, as well as other programs. You can get basic contact information and a summary of the organization on this page.


Division of Financial Institutions – This institution regulates financial organizations for the state. While some of the organizations pertain more to businesses, the mortgage loaning industry also falls into this category. You can find important news updates about financial organizations around the area. The division can also be reached directly at

(808) 586-2820.

Hawaii Financial Assistance - This site outlines the Financial Assistance program in the state of Hawaii. You will be provided with an overview of the program, and requirements to be eligible for assistance. The Application Process link will get you started on applying for the program. For more information, you can contact (808) 643-1643.


Disability Compensation Division – This site outlines provisions in the Prepaid Health Care Act. It lists a summary of the Act, and who is eligible under the Act. You can read about the history behind the Act, or find out more about the advisory board behind it. View a summary of the plan benefits through helpful links.

Hawaii Affordable Care Act – The Affordable Care Act is outlined in this website. You can take a look at the requirements and characteristics of the Act, as well as who qualifies. Read about where the Act funds were allotted, and provisions under the Act. You can also view a summary of other health grants for programs in Hawaii.


Identity Theft – This resource will help educate you on preventive identity theft actions. Learn about the prevalence of identity theft in your area, and what you can do to protect your identity. Read about the current identity theft laws, and how you can act if you are ever the victim of identity theft.


Labor & Industrial Relations – Discover employment opportunities and job information through this resource. Unemployed residents can explore job openings and unemployment benefits. Employed residents can get more information on Worker’s Compensation or on-the-job training packets. There is also a link of information for employers.

Workforce Development Division - You can read about workforce investment programs through this site. On-The-Job training program is available for those who wish. You can follow the Hirenet Hawaii link to view job opportunities in the area. Information is also available to laid off workers in the area.