Georgia Consumer Resources

If you are a Georgia consumer, we have dedicated this page to finding resources relevant to you. If you are searching for state, legal, health, financial or educational information in your area, our comprehensive list is well equipped to get you started on the right path. These links will provide you answers to questions you may have in the aforementioned subjects.

Below is a summary of each link. We have also provided you with any necessary contact information.


Attorney General – View documents from the press room or opinion articles on relevant consumer issues through this site. Find out more information on key issues related to Georgia. You can even follow the updates through social media links. The Attorney General’s office can be reached directly at (404) 656-3300.

Office of Insurance – This website is home to the office that regulates insurance companies and policies. You can navigate through insurance news and bulletins, or read about upcoming policies going into effect. You can file a question or complaint online, or contact the office at (404) 656-2070.


Small Claims Court – You can view a summary of Georgia’s small claims court system through this website. Find out court cost limits, provisions in Georgia laws, and appeal processes. If you plan on pursuing a claim this is a great pit stop to make to gather all the information you need.


Education & Training – Get information on local colleges and universities in the state of Georgia. You can search the database for information for K-12 schools, as well as higher education links. Get tips on how to save money for college. You can also get different resources on educational programs going on in your school district.


Department of Banking & Finance – This site provides information on regulations for banking and trust companies. In addition, you can gather more information on financial troubles or learn how to file a complaint with the appropriate agency. There’s consumer assistance organizations listed. You can reach the department directly at (770) 986-1633.


Health Care – View various health care information on this site. You can apply for social services, read about the Health Care Reform Act, and even look up a licensed provider. Get resources about Medicaid and Medicare. You can view specific health care options for seniors, youth, and adults.

Health Care Reform – This website is designed to bring more information to Georgia residents about the Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010. This site summarizes the Act. It also outlines who it impacts, and how to apply for grants under the Act. News and information links are also available to keep up to date on new developments.


Identity Theft – If you need more information on how to protect against identity theft, this resource should prove helpful. You can read about the New Credit Freeze Law. You can file a complaint under the appropriate agency. You can contact them at (770) 986-1633.


Georgia Employment – This site has plenty of employment resources available to job seekers in the state. You can conduct a general search for jobs. You can also view unemployment options and benefits. Get a Work Ready Certificate through the site as well.

Georgia Career Search – Search the career database for Georgia’s employment opportunities. You can view career information, testing and evaluation centers. Find out your total salary and commission through the Rewards Calculator. Retired residents can look for additional job opportunities through this site.