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Florida Consumer Resources

Florida consumers: if you are looking for information regarding resources in your state, you have arrived at the right site. Information on state agencies, health, and safety resources are all available on this comprehensive list we have compiled for you.

You can see a summary of the information for each site below. Any necessary contact information is provided as well.


Attorney General – Keep up to speed on events happening in the state of Florida. News articles and press releases are featured on the homepage, and there are links to search for any programs or services provided through the state. You can file a consumer report through the site as well. The department can be reached toll free at 1-866-966-7226.

Insurance Regulation – This site is dedicated to the state department that handles regulation of insurance companies and providers. There is a searchable database for consumers, and tips on finding the right kind of insurance. You can also contact the division at (850) 413-3140.

Public Service Commission – This department helps regulate safe and affordable public services. If you have an issue with a utilities bill or service provider, you can log on to the site a file online. You can reach the Consumer Assistance line at 1-850-413-6100.


Small Claims Court - This article will provide you with the information you need in pursuing your small claims court case. You can get specifics on court cost limits, provisions in Florida’s law, and appeal processes. With this information, you are one step closer to success in your claim.

Pet Lemon Law – Visit our Florida Pet Lemon Law page to review your consumer protection rights regarding newly purchased pets with serious problems. You can see what stipulations need to be met, and how you can pursue your claim.


Florida Health Care Finder – Get educated on your health care options through this Florida government website. You can view a comprehensive list of plans and providers, or report an issue. You can research various symptoms and illnesses, as well as look up information on procedures and tests. You can also get information on different doctors and specialists.

Insurance Plans – View specialized plans for certain Florida residents through this website. This website outlines specific plans as well as payment options, and eligible applicants. Upcoming changes to any health plans are also featured on this website. Links at the bottom of the page allow you to apply for coverage online as well.


Identity Theft Information – Get information and tips on how to protect yourself against identity theft and drivers license fraud on this website. If you have been a victim of identity theft, there is also a step-by-step process available to get justice. You can report fraud on this site as well.