District of Columbia Consumer Resources

If you are living in the District of Columbia, we have a whole page of state resources if you are and looking for local information. We have compiled a comprehensive list of state resources that will point you in the direction. Whether you are looking for agencies, legal resources, educational, financial, health, or employment-related sites, we have all of the information provided in the links.

Below is a summary of what each link has to offer. Any necessary contact information is also included.


Department of Insurance – This department oversees insurance companies to ensure they are providing consumers with affordable services and operating in DC law. You can view news and press releases. Search health reform information and insurance rates. You can also file a complaint or report fraud.

Public Service Commission – This department is dedicated to protecting consumers by ensuring that public utility companies are providing affordable and safe services and operating within DC law. Search different types of public utilities and find out how to increase efficiency to save money. You can compare companies. Contact the department at (202) 626-5100.


Small Claims Court - This website can provide the basics you need to know for DC’s small courts system, whether you’re filing a claim or not. View statutes, attorney requirements, and court cost limits. Learn about special provisions in DC’s law.


DC Education – Read about the educational reform in DC through this site. You can also locate schools near you and view academic standards. Learn how to enroll your child in school. Social networking links are also available for you to keep up to date with educational developments in the District of Columbia.


Department of Health – Get all of your basic health information through this site. You can read about services offered through the department. Learn about immunizations and special programs provided to residents. Discover how to get involved in the College Internship Program. View news developments from the homepage as well.


Department of Employment Services – Looking for a job in DC? This site can help you out. Click on the Job-Seeking Services link to start your hunt, or view special training and education opportunities. Unemployed residents can look into insurance provisions. You can contact the department at (202) 724-7000.