Colorado Consumer Resources

If you live in Colorado, these consumer resources are for you. If you are in search for health, financial, or educational resources, we have provided these sites in a comprehensive list for you. In addition to that, you can access state agency links, and legal resources as well.

Below are the links to the relevant information for your search. Find your area of interest and click on the sites below to get your information. Any necessary contact numbers have also been provided.


Attorney General – This website is a consumer’s safe haven. You can explore the consumer resource guide, or read about consumer precautions you can take on the Consumer Fraud Awareness News page. File a consumer complaint, or report security fraud using this site. You can call the office at (303) 866-4500.

Division of Insurance - This site is dedicated to helping consumers with any insurance issues they might have. You can get information on the industry and producers, as well as see provisions available to you as a consumer. Learn more about the Transparency Online Project, or file a complaint. You can also contact them directly at (800) 930-3745.

Public Utilities Commission – This organization regulates utilities used by consumers. It provides information on the legal requirements to which companies have to adhere. In addition, you can search public records. You can also read how you can manage your winter utilities bills better. You can contact them at 303-894-2000.


Small Claims Court – If you are a Colorado resident and are looking to pursue a case in small claims court, this link will provide helpful information. You can view cost limits and steps outlining the process. You can also view special provisions that Colorado has set in place for small claims court.


Department of Higher Education - For students interested in higher education, you can find plenty of material on this site. The links allow you to get information on preparing and applying for college, as well as admissions eligibility for various schools. You can get information on how to transfer coursework, as well as file an institutional complaint. You can contact the Department by phone at (303) 866-27


Health Care Policy & Financing – For those looking for medical coverage, or wanting to gain more knowledge on the policy they have, you can find all of it here. Get the information you seek regarding health care policies and providers. You can apply for certain programs online as well. Contact them directly at (303) 866-2993.


Department of Revenue – Through this link, you will find a page dedicated to identity theft. As identity theft becomes even more prevalent in today’s times, this information becomes increasingly valuable. Read up on articles that shed light on uncommon ways identity is stolen, and find out how to take extra steps to protect your identity.


Department of Human Services – The Employment First program implemented by Colorado DHS is designed for unemployed people who have applied for food assistance. This program helps improve employability for participants. You can apply online.