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California Consumer Resources

California consumers, if you are looking for resources regarding different aspects of your state’s various programs, you’ve come to the right place. If you search entails state agencies, financial programs, or whether you’re looking for personal information on your health or your child’s education, it is all a click away.

The below links will help you navigate whatever you are searching for, and any necessary contact information is also provided.


Department of Consumer Affairs – If you are a California resident and have an issue with a product or service you have recently used, this website is your portal to file your claim. The site also offers an up-to-date product recall list, as well as a newsletter available for subscription. New home buyers might also find the Consumer Home Mortgage Information link helpful. You can contact the Department at 1 (800) 952-5210.

Attorney General – This page will help consumers with problems acquire more information on how to file and process a claim. Those looking into property taxes might find the recent articles on tax scams and fraud useful. You can search by consumer general topics to get the right information about various products or services. You can also contact the Attorney General’s office directly toll free at (800) 952-5225.

Department of Insurance – This department regulates insurance utilities from various organizations in the state. They ensure that insurance companies are following all legal and contractual obligations. If you are dealing with a business that you feel is not living up to the necessary standard and would like to report an issue, you can also do that here. (800) 927-HELP.

Public Utilities Commission – Have a question about your utility bill or service? This website offers consumers answers for their utility needs. You can file a report about a utilities service. Also featured is a link for options on how you can lower your utility bills. If you have a problem, you can also call directly at (800) 649-7570.

Medical Board of CA - This link provides information on requirements physicians must meet to practice in the state of California. You can view which health-related information is public knowledge, and which is private. If you are considering surgery or any other medical work this site will address what the Medical Board of CA demands, as well as provide information needed for your consultation.


Small Claims Court – If you are looking to pursue a case in small claims court, this tool will be helpful in addressing any questions or concerns you may have about the legal process in California. Cost limits are provided, as well as where to go to file a claim. You can find out more about the appeals process and special provisions for California law.

Pet Lemon Law – This article provides more information on Pet Lemon Law in California. If you’ve recently bought a pet, and it is seeing more of the vet than you, you may have bought yourself a lemon. Pursuing a pet lemon law could me reimbursement or replacement of your pet should you win your case.


Department of Education – This site features many educational resources for the State of California. Academic calendars are available for, as well as school and staff directories. You can view decisions that pending for the school board, and get involved through public participation links. You can also view funding and grants through this source. To contact the Department directly, you can call 916-319-0800.


Department of Finance – Interested in learning where your state money goes? You can find out by navigating through this site. Learn about the 2011-2012 budget, and financial propositions for the state. You can sign up for the mailing list as well. You can call them directly at (916) 445-3878.


Health Care Services – Find out if you’re eligible for various medical plans through this website. You can search through services, and laws concerning medical coverage in California. You can also view their Low Income Health Program provisions, or even apply for Medi-Cal online. You can also contact the department directly at 916-445-4171.


Identity Theft – With identity theft being as prevalent as ever, it’s best to stay on top tips to help protect yourself. Through this website you can view tips and information. If you’ve been accused of a crime that someone else committed with your identity, you can also register online through this website.


Employment Development Department – California job seekers, you’ve reached the right link. Search for unemployment or disability provisions. You can also search the job board and training links for help getting on your feet. Layoff services are available, as well as view health coverage for unemployed workers.