Arizona Consumer Resources

We gathered a comprehensive list of Arizona resources for you. Whether your inquiry is focused on legal, educational, finance, health, employment, or general agency search, this page can help direct you to the right sites.

The below links provide relevant information for your search, and we included the contact information should you need to get in touch with the resources directly.


Arizona Attorney General - The state's chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general brings both civil and criminal cases against wrongdoers. This website will help enlighten individuals of the dangers of consumer fraud. Community calendars and outreach links enable residents to become proactive in their state’s issues.

Consumer Information Source - The Department of Insurance Consumers Page gives you information concerning various types of insurance available to consumers. You can get in the know about all the health, auto, life, or home insurance available to you. A link on how to file consumer complaints is also available. You can contact Consumer Services at (602) 364-2499.

Arizona Corporation Commission - This site regulates utilities including telephone, electricity and natural gas. It also regulates public transportation providers, including bus and limo providers.


Small Claims Court – It’s the Do-It-Yourself solution for many consumers. This page shares information all about the process of Alaska small claims court. It also highlights many of the provisions Alaska laws have in place for consumers. If you are looking to pursue a claim, but aren’t sure how to go about it, you’ve come to the right page.



Department of Education – This site is in place to fit all of your educational resource needs. Whether you’re looking for employment opportunities, standardized testing information, or education certification, this is the link to click. You can even search school names for different information. You can contact the Department of Education at 1-800-352-4558.

Arizona Educational Directory – Learning opportunities for students in kindergarten through high school are listed in this Arizona Educational Directory. You can visit the Special Education sections, or learn more about the library programs. Financial resources and college information are also in the site.


Financial Highlights – Looking for financial activities of the State? You can find them all here at this website. Get a detailed glance of transactions that take place with state organizations. You can also read budgeting reports and Governor’s financial planning. The search bar at the right will also help you find whatever information you need.


Arizona Insurance Plans – This website outlines difference insurance coverage plans available to residents in Arizona. Consumers who are looking to purchase a plan or find out if they are eligible can find all the answers just a click away. Information for costs is also included. Features of the health care laws are also outlined.


Department of Public Safety – Worried about your privacy online? This website has a collection of resources for keeping yourself safe on the Internet. This site explains what information is safe to provide, and which security systems are set in place. You can contact the DPS at 602-223-2000.


Arizona State Jobs – Looking for a job in the Arizona area? You’ve come to the right place. You can view featured jobs or conduct a general search. There’s also links which will allow you to subscribe to news and events. Create a free account and start your job hunt!