Alabama Consumer Resources

We gathered a comprehensive list of Alabama resources for you. Whether your inquiry is focused on legal, educational, finance, health, employment, or general agency search, this page can help direct you to the right sites.

The below links provide relevant information for your search, and we included the contact information should you need to get in touch with the resources directly.


Alabama Voting & Registration – This is a voting registration and elections source for Alabama residents, old and new alike. This page will allow you to view current officials, upcoming elections, and contains files that residents can download and register to vote. If you want to fill out the voter’s registration card, you just need your driver’s license number or last four digits of your Social Security.

Alabama State Agency Search – Searching for a state agency online but can’t find it? Many of Alabama’s resources link to this website. This hub is your one-stop shop for all of Alabama’s important state programs and agencies. Simply start your inquiry through Alabama counties, cities, agencies, or the general search bar.  Having trouble finding your information? You can email them at


Alabama Courts & Legal Services – Contact Alabama’s Supreme Court, view State Bar publications and laws, or search for notary publics in the state through this website. It links to all of Alabama’s legal resources, and can serve important if you find yourself in a legal bind. All you need to start your search is a click away. You can also contact the State Bar Association at (334) 269-1515.


Alabama Department of Education – Keep up to date on Alabama’s educational programs and events through this website. You can search information through school systems, counties, or school titles. This site provides important information regarding grants and news concerning the educational program. Besides browsing the site, you can subscribe to the e-newsletter – all you need is a valid email address! Additional  questions? You can contact the Alabama Department of Education at (334) 353-5336

Education Stimulus Program –   This website serves as a great tool to use if you’re looking for a federal grant for your program. You can view previously approved grants, as well as upcoming grants. This website is open to businesses, schools, nonprofits, and individuals. While you may need to provide more extensive information through the website, the first step to getting more information about grants starts here.


Alabama Department of Finance – This website is dedicated to financial functions within Alabama. If you are a potential homeowner looking for lease information in the area, or seeking debt management help, this website has plenty of tools for different financial matters. It also provides state financial information allocating funds. Simply click on the link and navigate through the site to find the information you need. You can also contact the Finance Department at (334) 242-7160.


Alabama Affordable Care Act – You can view Alabama’s Affordable Care Act here.  It’s valuable information for any resident that is covered by the act, or could be covered. New health provisions from September 2010 have also been added. Any questions you have about the plan and new modifications are entailed here.

Alabama Health Coverage – For the unemployed and uninsured, this link is for you. This website highlights several other resources for those who in special circumstances.  Among the links are the ALL Kids program, Health Coverage Tax Credit Program, and a Cancer Treatment Program. Simply navigate through the website to the links that apply to you to acquire more information. For additional information or questions, you can reach the Department of Insurance at (334) 269-3550, or email us at


Alabama Online Employment System – If you are looking for state jobs, this is a good resource to explore. The online employment system explains what jobs are available, as well as steps available to applicants to begin the process. You can create a State of Alabama Employment profile, which will allow you easier access to exam notifications and track applications with minimal hassle. For additional information, you can contact the Personnel Department at (334) 242-3389.