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Alaska Consumer Resources

If you’re looking for Alaska resources, you’ve come to the right place. Everything from legal information, to higher education resources is included in this comprehensive list.

The below links provide relevant information for your search, and we included the contact information should you need to get in touch with the resources directly.


Regulatory Commission of Alaska– This website regulates public utilities within the state of Alaska. The website also features a section for consumers which will enable you to report an issue to resolve with any service providers in the area. You can also contact the commission by calling (907) 276-6222 or by emailing rca.mail@alaska.gov.


Small Claims Court – It’s the Do-It-Yourself solution for many consumers. This page shares information all about the process of Alaska small claims court. It also highlights many of the provisions Alaska laws have in place for consumers. If you are looking to pursue a claim, but aren’t sure how to go about it, you’ve come to the right page.


Post Secondary Education & Student Loans – This website creates awareness for Alaska residents who are completing high school and looking into higher education options. There are education-planning tools that will answer questions students might have, along with career training links. Financial aid links are also found through this site. You can also reach the program toll free at 800-441-2962.

Native American & Alaska Native Grants – This program provides grants to both Native American and Alaska Native organizations in the state. These grants help promote higher education in qualifying tribes, entities, and schools. Applications are available on the site, as well as e-newsletter available for subscription. You can also contact the Benefits program through their comments page at http://www.benefits.gov/email/contact-us.


Division of Finance – This website provides financial information for organizations within the state of Alaska. This page also features a salary and payroll calendar. The website also features links to check booking online. For further questions, you can reach the Division directly at (907) 465-2240.


Alaska Affordable Care Act – You can view Alaska’s Affordable Care Act here. It’s valuable information for any resident that is covered by the act, or could be covered. New health provisions from 2010 have also been added. Any questions you have about the plan and new modifications are entailed here.

Department of Health & Social Services – This page links to information on Medicaid for Alaska residents. Here you can see the long term forecasting for Medicaid enrollment and spending each year. You can also contact the Department at (907) 465-3030.


Department of Public Safety – This is a go to link for consumer concerned with any aspect of public safety. This site features the sex offender registry list, as well as annual crime reports. There is also a link where people can report employee conduct. In addition, there are links for the Alaska State troopers and wildlife safety links as well.


Alaska Job Network – This site provides job seekers resources to find jobs in the state of Alaska. There are links for unemployment insurance and job training, as well as options for vocational rehabilitation. Job seekers can also view the job fair calendars on the site. The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development can be reached at 907-465-2712.

Division of Employment Security – Information is provided to residents and potential residents looking for work within the area. This is a great resource for those preparing for a move or an employment search. There are additional links for healthcare jobs and training programs available.