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I have been a renter in a Sterling Management property for 9 months. I have had problems with them from the time I moved in. The front door won't open very easy and my young child had problems with it. I was told I could have a door that opens with no seal or an almost sealed door that stuck all the time. I also let them know the patio door was not closing correctly. You would get your fingers smashed every time you tried to close it as it was not installed correctly. When my young child got his hand smashed in the door they told me that's what I get for letting him use the door! As he couldn't open the front door I asked what door he should use.

I also had several leaks in the house and one under the foundation that they refused to even look at. The sink they installed after I moved in leaked for months and everything I had under the sink was ruined, when I asked them about reimbursing me for everything that was damaged I was told if I had noticed the leak sooner then it wouldn't have been as much damage. It took almost 4 weeks for them to fix it correctly and the last time I called them about it I was told unless I sent them video of the leak they were not sending anyone out again as their repair guy had already been there 6 times and said it was fixed.

After receiving the video they sent someone out again. They give out other renters personal information to their neighbors and try to cause drama between neighbors. I was told by my neighbor that I had complained about her to them several times when I had not. They did decide to tell me that neighbor was section 8 and they wanted her out. She was so mad that she thought I was filing false complaints against her that I was confronted by her when I got out of my car after returning home from work. I have never paid my rent late and I have kept up on all the yard work including the front lawn (even though my rental agreement says they will do it every 2 weeks).

When I let them know the front yard was not taken care of as promised in my agreement I was told all I had to do was to let them know and they would make sure it was, the second time I called about it they yelled at me. They said the owner of the property was responsible for it. I let her know I was only calling as that's what she told me to do. If you want someone to take your money and drag their feet on taking care of repairs and cause drama in your neighborhood they are a great company for that. If I knew when I signed the lease with Sterling Management what crappy service I was going to get I would have found another place. As it is, I can't wait till my lease is up. I will NEVER work with them again!

Satisfaction Rating

Dawn from Property Management Specialists has been great. I hope to do business with them again and will recommend your company to people that are looking to rent. Thank you so much. If I can help you in anything, please let me know. They were so accommodating with the part time dog I had. I watch my brother's dog from time to time due to him being in the military and they were very nice about it.

Satisfaction Rating

They did work on my property. It was very poorly done, no cleaning up, and damaged my property. The person in charge is deliberately stalling to complete the redo of the work and fix the damage. I cannot rent it in the condition they left it. I had a former tenant and they refused to use the room due to the total filthy mess and damage the company left it in and got an attorney. I had to pay the former tenant $2800 because they could not use the master bath for over a month. I had to clean it at, my time and expense. The company then charged me 2.5 times more than they said they would to do all the work in the first place. And the damaged tile and requested reduced invoice is still not done after almost 2.5 months.

I am a senior citizen with my wife and have only SS income and now a part-time job to try and make ends meet. This company’s delay in fixing everything has cost me at least 2 months’ rent as no one would rent the property in the condition it is in. Only last Tuesday did some of the work get done. And it’s not fully acceptable at that. I can’t afford to pay an attorney. I feel this person is just dragging his feet because he knows how financially devastating it is to me and he is just not responding to my contact and requests. Please help. My health and my finances are at continued risk because of this company/person.


January 12, 2011, at 2:04 pm, I received a call which asked if I was interested in renting or selling a timeshare my husband and I own with RCI. I told the man I was not interested, because my husband and I handle such matters on our own. And I asked specifically to be removed from the call list of his company.

The man told me, "They would be happy to do so for a charge of $899." And he also asked if I want it to be put on my Visa or Mastercard. I told the man he had to be kidding and hung up!

I consider this as harassment, and it certainly is a violation of my right to be removed from the "Do Not Call" registry.


It is just the worst company I've dealt with. They **** you over in every way they can. At first, they are very helpful and nice and once they get you into their money trap, your life savings will go down the drain. When problems come up, they will say that you never complained even though you did on several different occasions. They will lie and say that they never received your emails or calls.

The owner Deborah ***** will talk over you, down talk you and will yell if you don't agree with her nonsense and lies. Other employees will say they never heard from you as well. Even their own handyman told us that they were a bunch of liars and to only communicate through emails.

The a/c company they go through lies for them says that everything is fine when it's clearly broken and to old for this home. Progress Energy came out as well and said that their is little to none installation in the house which has caused our bills to go almost 500 dollars every month. The owner of the home I'm breaking my lease from is Gennard ***, which when trying to find this man, it has been impossible to do.

I don't like being ******* and I hope that no one else gets involved with this company because at the end of the day, the 6 months I've been involved with this "company" has put me into almost 4 thousands dollars debt due to the problems with the house that they have refused to see until I told them I was breaking my lease. They ******* us even after I did 1,500 dollars in upgrades to the house we wanted to stay long term. It's sad. I wish I could get my money back. Life is too hard right now to be ******* out of money by a company who just doesn't care.

Do your research, that's what we did wrong. I'll be reporting to the BBB as well. One great thing about this house is the pool man. He was amazing and did great work always. I hope this post saves someone else from getting involved with this company. Also, their references most are fake. I called them all myself and the ones I could get in contact with said they had never heard of the company.

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This company does not communicate well with owners. They do not return messages, they will not mail out correct receipts. There is a conflict of interest working there (one employee's husband) who does handyman work, you will receive a invoice saying "general cleaning" $200.00 owed. It won't say what was done nor will it say the hourly rate. My water bill wasn't paid and the water co threatened to put a lien on our property. They owe me for one month's security deposit. So now I will need to take them to small claims court. They have very little standards/ethics. Hard lesson to learn.

Our home was trashed and Property Management Specialists never told us. We heard thru the company who did all the repairs. They also refused to email us pictures of the damage to the home.


I rented a property from Property Management Specialists for 7 years. I gave my 30 days notice that I would be moving and thought all was well. I requested to do a walk-through with them prior to turning my keys in. They refused and said it was against their policy. Over the years, I had many problems with the air conditioner and other appliances in the home. I have documents and emails for that also.

Now, they are trying to keep $1,100 of my deposit for a list of false items. I rebutted the letter and sent it certified mail. They ignored and have yet to respond till today when Deborah ** called hollering at me on the phone and telling me I was not going to get my deposit back. I ended the call and filed a complaint with Consumer Services of Florida. And my next step is taking it to small claims court. Do not rent or buy from this company. You can hardly ever reach them by phone, and repairs are half done is done at all. Beware.


My husband and I rented a property from this company and when we moved out in May 1999 they said we owed them money for repairs. We disputed the claim and asked to see the receipts and pictures of the "damage" they say we caused. None of this was ever shown to us and they never contacted us again regarding the charge.

Two months later it showed up on our credit file as a past due amount owed. We disputed that through Equifax and in October 1999 the claim was deleted from out credit file because they could not prove to Equifax we owed the money either. We never had any further contact with Property Management Specialists after this happened. Now, almost two years later, it has been replaced on my credit file again, this time as an individual account.

I cannot get anyone at Property Management Specialists to return my phone calls. I have tried NUMEROUS times to get through to them. I am having no luck with the credit agency because they work for P.M.S., and Equifax has also been extemely unhelpful (that is another complaint in itself). I just want proof or validation of why they feel we owe the money. I have several supporting documents I will be faxing regarding this matter. I do not feel we owe them any money. I want this off of my credit file and never to be replaced again. I also feel P.M.S. should be repremanded for fraudulent charges on my credit file.

We are trying to get a loan and are fighting with the bank now regarding these allegations. I have made stressful phone calls to Property Management Specialists, The collection agency (Rapid Recovery & Professional), The Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Fraud, Consumer Services and the Better Business Bureau. I have wasted numerous hours researching The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Florida Statutes. This has been extremely stressful for a second time.

Disputes over damage deposits are about as common as fire ants in Florida. Usually, the tenant, being busy, fails to keep a written record of who did what and when. Tracy, on the other hand, has all the documentation to demonstrate that she contested the charge. Yet it is being reported as a bad debt. This is potentially actionable and Tracy should contact an experienced consumer attorney or, probably better yet, pay a visit to Small Claims Court.

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