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Mercedes Benz R Class, Mazda MX-5, Buick Lucerne Recalls

Mazda MX-5, Buick Lucerne Also Recalled

April 11, 2006
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling 2,500 model year 2006 Mercedes Benz R Class vehicles because the threads in a nut used to secure the seat belt buckle in a limited number of second row seats may be missing. The missing threads could cause an incomplete connection of the buckle to the seat.

In the event of a crash, NHTSA warns that the seat occupant may not be properly restrained, increasing the risk of personal injury.

Mercedes Benz dealers will inspect and replace any defective seat free of charge.

NHTSA is also recalling 7,000 model year 2006 R Class Mercedes Benz vehicles because the starter wiring harness may fail causing the vehicle's electrical system to shut down.

Mercedes Benz dealers will inspect the harness and correct the problem, either by properly routing the wiring harness, installing a protective sleeve or replacing the harness.

Mazda MX-5

NHTSA is also recalling 2,600 Mazda MX-5 Miata sports cars because the bolt attaching the horn assembly to the steering wheel hub may fail during driver-side air bag deployment in extremely low temperatures.

Mazda dealers will replace the driver-side air bag module with a new air bag module.

Buick Lucerne

NHTSA is recalling 12,862 Buick Lucerne automobiles produced in the 2006 model year because the power steering hose may leak fluid.

Loss of fluid could lead to loss of power steering requiring increased steering effort at low speeds.

Leaking power steering fluid could also cause an engine compartment fire.

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