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Triple E recalls model year 2020 Wonder travel trailers

Unprotected ceiling pot light wires may cause a fire

Photo source: Triple E
Triple E Recreational Vehicles is recalling ten 2020 Wonder W24RTB, W24MB, and W24FTB travel trailers.

The 12V ceiling pot light wires are not protected with a grommet where they pass through the aluminum tubing, allowing them to chafe and arc.

Arcing wires can increase the risk of a fire.

What to do

Triple E has notified owners, and dealers will cover the ceiling pot light wiring in a split tubing or install a grommet to protect the wire from the metal edges of the tubing free of charge.

The recall began March 13, 2020.

Owners may contact Triple E customer service at (877) 992-9906. Triple E's number for this recall is CA#9643-1.

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