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Thule recalls various Tepui Hybox tents

The rooftop tent may detach

Photo source: Thule
Thule is recalling 738 Thule Tepui Hybox Tepui Wedge part number 901110, Thule Tepui Hybox part number 901100, Tepui Hybox wedge part number 8001HB203, and Tepui Hybox part number 8001HB103 and 8001HB112 rooftop tents.

The rooftop tent shell may crack at the point where the mounting rails attach and detach from the vehicle.

A detached rooftop tent may become a road hazard, increasing the risk of a crash.

What to do

Thule will provide a refund or replacement rooftop tent, free of charge.

Owners may contact Thule customer service at (855) 216-7375.

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