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Spokane Produce recalls sandwiches and lettuce filets

The products may be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7

Photo source: FDA
Spokane Produce of Spokane, Wash., is recalling sandwiches containing green leaf lettuce and foodservice lettuce filets.

The products may be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7.

No illnesses have been reported to date.

The following sandwiches, bearing the “best buy” dating 12/14/18-12/21/18, and distributed to grocery markets in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Oregon, along with Green Leaf Filets (no label) in five(5)- and ten(10)-pound containers, are being recalled:

Recalled ProductNet Wt.UPCBrandBest Buy Dates Range
Italian Hoagie7.7 oz88694 79803Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey-Bacon-Cheddar7.4 oz88694 79804Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey Swiss6.5 oz88694 79806Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Ham & Cheeese6.5 oz88694 79807Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Roast Beef w/Pepper Jack7.7 oz88694 79808Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Club Sandwich6.5 oz88694 79809Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Tuscan Turkey7 oz88694 79814Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Tuscan Ham7 oz88694 79815Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey Hoagie w/Avocado Spread7 oz88694 79816Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Roast Beef Hoagie7 oz.88794 79817Northwest Cuisine Creations12/14/18-12/21/18
Italian Hoagie7.7 oz88694 79803Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey-Bacon-Cheddar7.4 oz88694 79804Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Ham & Cheese6.5 oz88694 79807Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey Swiss6.5 oz88694 79806Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Tuscan Turkey7 oz88694 79814Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Tuscan Ham7 oz88694 79815Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Turkey Hoagie w/Avacado Spread7 oz88694 79816Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18
Club Sandwich6.5 oz88694 79809Fresh & Local12/14/18-12/21/18

What to do

Consumers who purchased the recalled products should not eat them, but destroy or return them to the place of purchase.

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