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Nissan recalls 712,000 Rogues and Rogue Sports

The ignition key may collapse and shut off the vehicle

Photo source: Nissan
Nissan North America is recalling 712,458 model year 2014-2020 Rogues and model year 2017-2022 Rogue Sports with a jackknife style ignition key.

The vehicle's jackknife key may collapse into a folded position while the vehicle is being driven

Driver contact with a key in the collapsed position could inadvertently shut off the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

What to do

Owners should not attach any accessories to their key and use it in the unfolded orientation until the remedy is available.

Interim letters notifying owners of the safety risk are expected to be mailed March 17, 2023. A second letter will be mailed once the remedy is available.

Once the remedy is available, dealers will insert a spacer into the key slot of the jackknife key, free of charge.

Owners may contact Nissan's customer service at (800) 867-7669. Nissan's number for this recall is R22C5.

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