PhotoThe J.M. Smucker Company recalling certain lots of 9Lives EverPet and Special Kitty canned cat food.

The products may contain low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1).

No illnesses related to this issue have been reported to date.

Cats fed diets low in thiamine for several weeks may be at risk for developing a thiamine deficiency. Early signs of thiamine deficiency may include decreased appetite, salivation, vomiting, and weight loss. If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible.

The following products, distributed to a limited number of retail customers from December 20, 2016, through January 3, 2017, are being recalled:

BrandProduct DescriptionUPC Code Consumer UnitLot NumbersUnits per CaseSelling Unit SizeUPC Code on Case
9LivesMeaty Pate Seafood Platter7910000367635680364pk 5.5 oz each7910003670
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper7910000286635780364pk 5.5 oz each7910002860
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper791005223963548031213 oz7910052229
9LivesMeaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna79100003246357803245.5 oz7910000324
Special KittyMixed Grill Dinner with printed wrap81131096096356803112 pk 13 oz each8113109609
Special KittySuper Supper811317904163548031213 oz7910079041


9LivesMeaty Pate Chicken and Tuna791005223863548031213 oz7910052228
9LivesMeaty Pate Seafood Platter79100004026356803245.5 oz7910000402
9LivesMeaty Pate Seafood Platter7910000367635580364pk
5.5 oz each
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper79100003276358803245.5 oz7910000327
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper7910000286635880364pk
5.5 oz each
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper791005223963558031213 oz7910052229
9LivesMeaty Pate Super Supper791005223963648031213 oz7910052229
9LivesMeaty Pate with Chicken and Seafood7910000364 (793641)635680364pk
5.5 oz each
9LivesMeaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna79100003246356803245.5 oz7910000324
9LivesMeaty Pate with Chicken Dinner79100004106356803245.5 oz7910000410
9LivesMeaty Pate with Liver and Chicken7910000312 (793121)635580364pk
5.5 oz each
9LivesMeaty Pate with Ocean Whitefish79100004206358803245.5 oz7910000420
9LivesSeafood Poultry Variety Pack79100533776307803245.5 oz7910053377
9LivesMeaty Pate with Chicken & Tuna7910000366635780364pk
5.5 oz each
EverPetMixed Grill Dinner791005311463568031213 oz7910053114
Special KittyBeef and Liver Dinner811311212063558031213 oz8113112120
Special KittyClassic Tuna Dinner811311215763588031213 oz8113112157
Special KittyMixed Grill Dinner with printed wrap81131096096355803112 pk
13 oz each
Special KittyMixed Grill Dinner without printed wrap811311211963568031213 oz8113112119
Special KittySuper Supper811317904163558031213 oz7910079041

What to do

Customers who purchased the recalled product should stop feeding it to their cats and contact the company at 1-800-828-9980 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EST) or by email at 



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