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Forest River recalls model year 2018 Surveyor recreational trailers

The vehicle's federal placard contains incorrect tire information

Photo source: Forest River
Forest River is recalling five model year 2018 Forest River Surveyor recreational trailers, model ORSVT247BHDS.

The vehicle's federal placard incorrectly indicates a tire size of ST225/75R15D needing 65 PSI and a rim designation of 15X6.0JJ.

However, the vehicle is actually equipped with ST205/75R14C tires needing 50 PSI and a rim designation of 14X5.5JJ.

If operators go by the incorrect information they can over inflate the tires and cause premature tire wear, increasing the risk of a crash.

What to do

Forest River has notified owners and provided a corrected Federal Placard, free of charge.

The recall began on April 11, 2018.

Owners may contact Forest River customer service at 1-574-642-3119 extension 205. Forest River's number for this recall is 47-0698.

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