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Durisan expands antimicrobial hand sanitizer recall

The product may be contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia

Photo source: FDA
Durisan is expanding its earlier recall of Durisan Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer NonAlcohol.

The product may be contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia.

There are no reports of adverse reactions or customer complaints.

The recalled product is packaged in sizes ranging from 18-mL credit cards, to bottles sized in 118, 236, 300 and 550 -mL and 1000m-L wall mounted dispenser refills.

Lists of the identifiers and lot numbers of the recalled products, which have a 24-month expiration, may be found here.

What to do

Customers who purchased the recalled product should contact Durisan to return it.

Consumers with questions may contact Durisan at (941) 351-9114, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (ET) Monday through Friday, or by email at customerservice@durisan.com.

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