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Duralast brake master cylinders recalled

Vehicles with the master cylinders may suffer braking malfunctions

Photo source: AutoZone
Motor Parts of America (MPA) is recalling Duralast NM4222 and NM55381 brake master cylinders.

The parts were sold as aftermarket replacement parts for model year 2012-2017 Volkswagen Beetles, model year 2005-2018 Volkswagen Jettas and model year 2007-2010 Volkswagen Jetta GLIs.

The crimping of the aluminum housing may be insufficient, allowing the master cylinder piston to pop out of the housing.

If the piston pops out of the master cylinder housing, a complete loss of braking or unintended brake application can occur, increasing the risk of a crash. Owners may initially notice brake fluid leaking onto the vacuum booster, or a change in brake pedal travel and feel.

What to do

MPA will notify owners directing them to take the component to an AutoZone store to return the recalled master cylinder for a full refund. Exchanges for replacement master cylinders can occur after October 1, 2020.

The manufacturer has not yet provided a schedule for recall notification.

Owners may contact MPA customer service at (833) 758-0239 or by email at

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