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Arcimoto recalls model year 2017-2018 FUV motorcycles

The motorcycles have a number of issues.

Photo source: Acrimoto
Arcimoto is recalling 22 model year 2017-2018 FUV motorcycles with the following issues:

  • Over time, increased resistance at the battery connection may result in the Battery Management System unexpectedly shutting down propulsion power.
  • The front suspension and steering system may loosen or wear, possibly resulting in a loss of steering control.
  • Incorrect machining of the transmission case may result in premature failure of the gearbox.
  • The headlights on the motorcycles may be spaced too far apart to appear as a motorcycle to oncoming traffic.
  • The combination brake light, tail light, and turn signal assembly does not have a reflex reflector in the side-facing surfaces.
  • The front turn signal lights are not positioned at, or near, the front of the motorcycle as required.
  • Incorrect fittings were installed in the braking system, potentially resulting in a brake fluid leak.
  • In the event of a crash, the seat may not support the driver as intended, preventing the seatbelts from holding the driver in place.
  • There is no service brake warning light to warn the operator if there is a brake system malfunction.
  • The vehicles were built without a certification label applied.

Any or all of these conditions can increase the risk of a crash.

What to do

Arcimoto has notified all affected owners and will rectify the conditions without charge.

Owners may contact Arcimoto customer service at 1-541-683-6293.

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