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Arcimoto recalls FUVs, Rapid Responders, Deliverators and Roadsters

Communication between inverters may time out

Photo source: Arcimoto
Arcimoto is recalling 261 model year 2019-2021 FUVs, model year 2021 Rapid Responders, model year 2020 Deliverators and model year 2020-2021 Roadsters.

Communication between inverters may time out due to a software error, possibly resulting in an unexpected battery shutdown.

A battery shutdown causes an immediate loss of power, increasing the risk of a crash.

What to do

FUVs recalled previously and repaired will need to return for the new remedy.

A service technician will reprogram the inverter firmware free of charge.

Owners may contact Arcimoto customer service at (541)683-6293. 

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