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Upserve is a cutting edge restaurant technology platform, built for restaurateurs to exceed guest expectations. Over 8,000 restaurants across the country use Upserve’s analytics and point-of-sale solutions to run a smoother operation. The Upserve platform helps improve operations from front-of-house to back-of-house by centralizing restaurant services from point-of-sale, analytics, and payments.

At a glance, you can find what your customers favorite meal is, how they like it cooked, and what their favorite sides are. In addition to their preferences, Upserve manages server performance, provides easy marketing tools, and is able to manage customer feedback as well as analyze day-to-day sales.

Upserve was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Rhode Island. It is a smart management assistant and cloud-based point-of-sale specifically built for restaurants and lets owners manage their employees, sales, marketing, budgets, menus and more.

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Last updated: July 5, 2017

121 Upserve Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

The Upserve equipment was easy to use and on the screen, there’s a credit card to swipe, easy to go, and no extra help lines they have to reach around in the system when you press the button. I find some of the parts of the report confusing sometimes like the productions that we have here. I feel like I don’t really see them reflected on the report and I'm not sure where they go. It could be an update thing because I’m pretty sure the software is capable of doing it. Also, I only use two pages out of a four and when I look through it, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. But it’s been a pleasant experience and it’s pretty essential to the establishment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 4, 2017

In the incarnations between Swipely being bought up by Upserve and then acquiring or merging with Breadcrumb, it's hard to maintain and continue with staffing because things get moved around quite a bit. I'm used to that, but I would like to at least spend one season where I know the name of the person who’s handling my account and someone who knows something about my business. That would be advantageous.

But I'm very supportive, patient and understanding because I know what happens when there are acquisitions and expansion. It just took a little bit of pulling to get the support I needed. But when I got them, they were efficient. They have been very positive and very helpful. I've had a high level of responsiveness when I've had issues that have come up and I'm extremely happy with the reporting. I'm just frustrated that there's been a high turnover of account representative and I can't keep anyone longer.

I'm a season restaurant so I'm only open for five months in a year and I usually go through at least two reps so it's hard and I'm waiting again. I was not made aware that my previous account rep in May, John, left and I have a new account rep. I think it's incumbent on Upserve to reach out to their clients as opposed to me trying to shake down who my new account rep is. I would think that if you take over a position and you have 12 accounts, you would reach out to those accounts and say, “John is no longer with Upserve. I'm your new contact. I've done some research on your business and read through your case notes. I'm here if you need me. Thanks.” I'm still waiting for that.

At the beginning of 2016, I converted from MICROS to Aloha. I had looked very closely at Breadcrumb, but I'm out in Cape Cod which is quite remote and I don’t have a lot of tech support. So, although there were advantages to Breadcrumb, I felt that I needed a more robust system with actual individual who could literally drive out and troubleshoot if I needed it.

Additionally, I get invaluable information with their equipment. Prior to Upserve, I was paying for credit card processing to the tune of close to $30,000 a year and getting nothing for it. Now, I'm getting a wealth of information, on who we're selling to, what, where, why, and then when the restaurant is critical. I get a daily and weekly summary in an email which is fantastic because the reporting on Aloha can be clunky and tedious so I have to go in and pull out different reports. Plus, I like the way the information is delivered to me via Upserve. But it would be helpful if they could have 24/7 credit card lookup which is what I had with MICROS help desk. But still, I am very happy and I want to be happy. I'm not leaving but I hope the dust settles and they can get some consistency in staffing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2017

We use Upserve's reporting system so that we can go in and check on our servers discounts and check averages, guest counts, etc. I like how detailed the reporting is. We're currently also doing our Loyalty Program through Upserve which we're trying to get to takeoff now. We just recently remodeled the program to try to get more people involved with it. But any interaction I've ever had with customer service representatives has always been a good one. They’ve been super helpful and I like that they’re easy to contact personally. So, any time that we have any issues we don’t wait days to hear back from them. They are very quick to get back to us with any concerns that we may have. We are very happy with our service. They are doing a great job and we are certainly satisfied here at the Winton Road Distillery. Overall, it's been a terrific experience for us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2017

Our corporate office chose Upserve. We log in to the website and we get emails every day from Upserve for each store. It’s pretty user-friendly and I go in and I use it to look at reviews which I thought was pretty cool. It’s such a performance-based industry and it’s good to get a little competitive edge. So, I use it to rank our servers by different categories. It’s a good tool if people use it. If you're a general manager, it’s a really good tool to be able to go in. And it does so many different things to help your business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

Our corporate office got Upserve. It is a reporting system that collects data about what guests spend and what servers are ringing in per person average. It also has some useful information about server stats, what they sell, rankings, table turns, and discounts. It is working really well. I'd recommend them!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

Our Director of Operations had used Upserve in another company prior to us taking that. We're using Aloha which we pretty much maintained because the entire group uses it and it makes it synergetic. Also, it's such a huge expense to do any kind of change and we're stuck with it. But their team is great and they have very good service. Whenever we had an issue like setting it up, they got it going. We're using the online software and we like everything about it. We like the amount of data it gives you to be able to check customers and follow discounts and it makes hedging up with daily report unnecessary. Upserve is awesome, it's running good and I highly recommend it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

Our company has Micros POS and I liked that Upserve ties everything together because it makes it easy to look in one spot for gathering of reviews and have a nice graphical representation of the sales as well. So far, I've never had any technical difficulties with Upserve.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2017

Upserve is something that we’re doing corporately throughout our company. There’s a switch that goes to it but I haven't spent a lot of time on it because it was never finished being set up properly. They could never see where it was being read. Also, I had issues with the system working and not getting people out to finish the installation that was originally done. I get reports so something’s working with it but I don’t know how much of it is working properly or how accurate they are. I had someone that was higher up in the company who tried to help me out with it and I still haven’t gotten a response.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2017

Upserve cold-called me a year and a half ago and I agreed to a presentation. I liked what I saw. I followed up on a couple of references that they gave me and it was in the infancy stages of Upserve which was Swipely. I thought it was a really interesting concept and I liked the way it worked, and the information you could get from it. I also like all the points that they made in their presentation and so I agreed to get our group signed up.

It started out fantastic and the initial communication was phenomenal. The only way that this works is by going through our credit card software back-ending though our POS. We were finally getting all of our ducks in a row and getting the COO on and the CFO on board. Converting our credit card processors over to Upserve was laborsome but we ended up making it work. For the first few months, the reports that we were getting were fantastic and the service that we were getting from them seemed to be pretty good. Then Swipely switched to Upserve and their focus was on growing accounts instead of maintaining existing relationships with accounts.

Things started to progressively get worse. The communication and dialogue were always a challenge and we went from getting really good information with the shift prep e-mails, which was useful and was a selling point, to now where there’s not a single shift prep e-mail that’s ever been delivered to any of our restaurants within the past 11 months. It’s been a real sore subject with our group because that was such a useful report to go into the beginning of your shift, planning out your shift, knowing your reservations, knowing your special occasions and knowing your ideal items that are gonna be ordered, and seeing your VIPs coming in.

To no longer have that as a feature is extremely disappointing and I've attempted on multiple occasions and speaking with several people to try to get that rectified but not getting anywhere. Additionally, I’m getting feedback from our unit level managers and general managers that dealing with Upserve and the customer service there is extremely painful and it takes a really long time to get problems resolved. In fact, our downtown Truluck’s in Austin recently wasn’t receiving the shift recap reports at the end of the night for several days. But it wasn’t for a lack of reaching out to them. After several days of asking, they finally got somebody to help figure out what the problem was. Now they’re starting to get those e-mails again, the shift recap e-mails.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I've started up three restaurants utilizing Breadcrumb and was involved in obtaining the equipment from day one as far as getting things set up and programming the information into the POS. I've worked with the team a few times. They were knowledgeable to a point and it depends on who I talk to as they're different departments. I've noticed that the customer service 24-hour folks were really not that knowledgeable about the interworking of Breadcrumb on what one could find answers from the online world.

Sometimes when I'm having software or hardware issues, it's difficult to get somebody available who knows how to solve a real problem. That can be solved over the telephone but often times the representative is not qualified to be able to help... if one can get somebody on the telephone. The problems happened on such a widespread basis that when I call them we get a recorded message that says I'm caller number 78 and to please leave a message and they'll get back to me. It's Saturday night and I'm screwed.

I didn't like anything about their equipment either. The swipers break real easily and the electrical connections also fail readily. Replacing it can sometimes be difficult as well because I can't get somebody on the telephone. Then if I get one, the person on the telephone has me take apart the POS and hold the swipers, so that I can read them a serial number before they'll even send anything to me to replace it which is really odd because I'm not anywhere near this thing and it's once again Saturday night and my swiper is not working. I called so that I can get this swiper back as soon as I possibly can so then they can say that's it's okay to send another swiper.

I also didn't like that the iPad works really slow. It's got all the bugs that any kind of Apple app would have. Sometimes it just spins and I have to wait for a reaction. If I touch the screen wrong, I'll pull up an Apple control bar from the side and it will get in the way. I'd also constantly have all the prompts from Apple that asks to sign me in the iCloud. It happened in a single shift to one person and more than a dozen times. Apple like E-verification on the iPads all the time.

I've called in, we tried to solve the problem by obtaining the passwords to the iCloud because I'm not allowed to have it. Sometimes, these things require an update and my very diligent employees would say that it's not letting them do anything until I update it or it updates automatically. But then they get locked out of the POS and call me frantically because I didn't feel I should have the password protect my POS system from my employees. It happened several times and that's really annoying 'cause they're at work and once again, I'm not. They called me to retrieve the password and they can't call about that because they're not authorized. Even though they're calling from the business that needs to use the POS that we bought and we paid for on a monthly basis.

Since Upserve has purchased Breadcrumb, nothing has changed. There's a lot of problems and we're experiencing more frequent outages on busy weekend nights, which happened last weekend. We were down for three hours and my employees wrote down credit card numbers and hoped that cards don't get declined.

It throws a wrench into everything and I would never ever buy this system again. I am out here in the wind and I feel like I have never had any viable support for this POS system. The best they've ever been able to do is to have them tell me that they would discount me a month worth of my fees. But they are not actively really pursuing any solutions. I've worked with Breadcrumb for four years unfortunately and I have seen no change in their ability to handle any problematic situations in that amount of time through both companies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

The software has been satisfactory, easy to use and reliable. It's very easy to change things when we get new items or menu rollouts.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

I mostly use the Upserve equipment to track our week-to-week sales and to see who our top servers and top guests are. If the guests use the same credit card every time, it tracks who has spent the most money in a week. It’s also nice for keeping track of weekly up and down sales, new customers, and best products served.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2017

I called Upserve a couple of times because of issues and they're usually fairly helpful. There have been a couple of times where I've had to wait on hold as long as two hours and that was really rough because our system was down and we're literally writing things down on paper, calculating them with our phones and entering them in after the fact. But there also have been a couple of times where I didn’t really have to wait very long.

We have four locations where we have iPads, routers, and access points. The person that installed the system probably was not qualified to do so because we have a lot of issues with connectivity. We are in offline mode a lot, especially when it seems like when we're the busiest. We're getting ready to purchase some new equipment from Upserve and have an actual professional install it. However, it hasn’t been happening as much lately so I think maybe the last time it was updated helped, but I don’t think it's because of Breadcrumb. I think it's because of the way they just sloppily put it together in the beginning. Also, I like the equipment's software as it's fairly intuitive and you can ease through it. It's also really easy to correct mistakes. Overall, we're pretty happy with it. Once we get this new router and the new access point installed, that would probably eliminate most or all of the issues that we've been having.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

I worked with MICROS in Aloha for a long time and was a little reluctant when the restaurant owner decided to switch from MICROS to Breadcrumb. I had seen it in other restaurants, but he was the one who familiarized me with it. It was a little rocky getting started as the menus that I provided Breadcrumb weren't properly installed and the prices were completely wrong. But the Upserve customer service team was absolutely fantastic. Everybody was very helpful in ironing out what few kinks we had initially during the setup, and once I reprogrammed all of the stuff that should have been put in initially, it's been great and efficient. I love the layout and all the reporting that I get from it, and it's user-friendly now that I've got it programmed exactly how I want. The only knock that I have on it is that when the network goes down, it becomes a little bit of a challenge. But aside from that, I absolutely love it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2017

Some of the factors that made us decide to use the Upserve POS system included their attractive price point and their being receptive in terms of feedback. Also, we're able to send them information about what our needs are and they are able to make adjustments. The equipment is easy to train on because it is so intuitive and user-friendly. Also, updating the system instantly is fantastic and we don't have to refresh the system and wait for that new data to get fetched. It's also helpful that it's cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. The metrics on the back end in terms of analyzing all the data in terms of product meet reports or sales, all the information that is captured throughout the year is the way that information is displayed. It's educational and useful. There are graphs and charts. It's definitely more in-depth than the standard issue in POS system.

All of my customer service experiences with Upserve has been timely and professional. But we have had some challenges with them as a whole with the amount of growth that the company is seeing. They were growing at a rate that was difficult for them to sustain from a server's perspective so we experienced some outages which were difficult. But they've been responsive in terms of rectifying the situation and addressing any payment issues that arise. In times when there's a large issue, it can be difficult because everyone is calling at the same time but if there's an individual light issue to our location and the phone lines aren't overwhelmed, it's been positive.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

We, as a restaurant, have been a part of Breadcrumb for the most part and then got into Upserve when they bought Breadcrumb out. It’s gotten definitely better since they acquired Breadcrumb. It’s very user-friendly and interactions with their staff were all positive. But there were some computer outages especially since we opened. They bought them out from Groupon but they are trying to switch service to Amazon and there’s a lot of bugs along the way. We experienced those bugs on our end whenever they went offline and couldn’t accept the payments. But we’ve gotten used to the outages which I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2017

The Breadcrumb equipment is simple and works like an iPhone. If we call because of an issue, there's a recording telling us why that it's not a huge problem and it comes back up quickly. There had been a few times where we couldn't do anything until the next day but it's very rare. Usually, within a couple of hours we're up and running again. It's simple to train new employees to use it if they've used an iPhone. The only thing that I would wish that would be helpful for us is when we put things on hold, we could set how long it's on hold and then it automatically fires itself. It would be convenient.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

The Upserve POS system is much more reasonable than traditional ones like Micros or Aloha. Moreover, its user interface is much more intuitive. I have used Breadcrumb in the past with some of our other restaurants. Even before Upserve purchased Breadcrumb, our rep has been Christian and he has been absolutely helpful with anything that I've needed. However, when Upserve partnered with GrubHub for the integration of their technologies, we signed up for that service, and someone reached out and said that it was going to be more expensive and quoted me one price. I asked some more questions and said, "Okay, we can go ahead on that price." Then he said, “Actually, that price is wrong. It’s double what we had originally quoted." That was a negative thing — to double the cost of the service just to have it go through our POS, which really isn't that big of an advantage for us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

Upserve always helps me whenever we lose an authorization due to batching of that nature and everybody has been nice. The equipment works. I can tweak it a lot and I like its versatility.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

Upserve's equipment are user-friendly and easy to learn. They've got training screens, so we give them information and they pretend they’re writing orders. Overall, Upserve has been reliable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

I've been in the business for over 20 years. I'm usually in a rush because the restaurant business is busy. We had the Micros for a long time and it's better than Breadcrumb. Micros was easier to use and there was a direct line after our line that we could call and we could do it ourselves - press number 2, put in all your information and then we were able to retrieve some credit card information ourselves on the weekends or after hours which was really helpful. With Breadcrumb, I find it really hard to get any help. They aren't able to pull credit card numbers for us that easy. On the weekends, they can't do anything at all and during the week, sometimes they'll pass me over to three or four different people before I get to somebody that can really help me and it also takes so many different steps.

I'd be put on hold and I'd get frustrated. I can't be on hold and the customers don't want to hear that. They want to be able to go and it's very frustrating because we have people waiting. They also got a lot of new people training. They have a lot of people not trained enough and don't know what to do. We don't use the Upserve equipment that often and all we do is have our POS. We only call when there is an issue with the credit card. Upserve needs to be improved.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

We use Swipely for all of our four locations. We started utilizing it in San Antonio first. We use the ePads for customers to check out with and so we could monitor all of that information through the website. I also like the fact that we could see customer feedback more easily, as well as being able to send them emails and promotions once they've signed up. Tim, one of their technical support reps, has been helping us out a lot over the last course of the year. He would call us and come in anytime we have issues with our ePads or if we have any questions. All in all, it's been a great experience seeing all the different customer feedback.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

The owners of the business switched into Upserve. They handled all that for us and then I took over. We have the POS iPad now and I like that it's fairly easy to use. It gets slow sometimes but it can be due to the internet as there's probably a lot of people on it.The Upserve sales team has been pretty good so far. When I used the Breadcrumb, I had a problem right when they switched where our system was down for a few times. That was pretty bad. It took a while so we ended up using Square backup. Even the phone line was down at that time so there was no way to get a hold of them or anybody. It was two days when that happened. I've got a buddy in mind that opened a restaurant not too far from us and I told him to switch and get Breadcrumb. So, he did and he had the same problem.

There is a thing on the website saying the engineers were working on it so I think it really happened at a bad timing for us because it was during business time. But all of the computer stuff usually happens when we're crazy busy. There is never a good time. And I don't know if there was something with the switch from Breacrumb or Upserve, but I'm sure there were things that the Breadcrumb people before were not doing right. I know how those transitions go sometimes. But we stuck it out and it seems to be working pretty good. The only thing that we can't do but would want to is split items because we do a lot of split checks here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 20, 2017

I have the service from Breadcrumb and it’s really user-friendly and simple. My boyfriend was also here serving and training me. I asked him what he thought about it and he liked it a lot. I used Aloha before and it’s totally different and more complicated. The screen looks way more complicated to mess with whereas with Breadcrumbs, there is really no way to mess it up. I have to type more but it’s faster with the whole thing overall, and it’s way more efficient than Aloha.

However, we do Craft open for $10 and specials here like Sangria towers and Mimosa pitchers and if it changes prices, we have to go in and do open drink for it. There’s not always a secure button but that’s because we’re always changing our things up, too. I’ve only trained three days here so, I haven’t had too much time on it. But they were having us type everything in and do open food and drinks. We don’t get busy enough to have a problem with that. I haven’t worked with anything simpler. I would definitely recommend it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2017

I like the Upserve program itself when it’s working. The reporting’s really robust and the functionality is great. It’s very simple and straightforward, which is why I’ll be sad to go. Because when it is working and it’s not going down and crashing on me over and over again, it’s wonderful. But it’s the customer service that failed for me. And when something goes wrong, and when it’s the fault of Breadcrumb, I expect it to be resolved, taken care of, and things need to be made right. That hasn’t happened so I’m really dissatisfied. In terms of the program, I’m satisfied. I can work with the systematic problems the company has and which I know they’re working on. I can roll through that. What I can’t deal with is not getting help when I need it and losing money. The lack of customer service can ruin an experience so much that it doesn’t matter that the platform’s great and works most of the time.

I had a horrific experience and right now, I’m in the process of doing a major clean-up so that I can put everything over to a new system once we decide what we’re going to do. Upserve has lost us thousands of dollars in the past couple of months and there’s been no restitution made. There’s been some attempts to help restore the relationship, but I haven’t heard from anybody in a while. I’ve given up because it was taking so much effort and energy for me to chase people down to get help with anything.

I’m really angry. The company doesn’t care about our business at all but only about making money off us. And we’ve been spending good money to lose money, which is not at all helpful. I don’t plan on being with Breadcrumb much longer. I’m trying to systematically and operationally get all my ducks in place so that I can transition in a way that doesn’t disrupt my business. But there’s already been so many disruptions as a result of Breadcrumb’s failings. Also, I have friends all over the country in the restaurant business that are all saying the same thing. Upserve's gonna experience a big mass exodus over the next couple of months if they don’t make some serious changes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

We have been using Upserve for a while and overall, it’s fine. The account manager explains the situation clearly and I know what to expect. However, if the agent who answers the phone had better product knowledge to address my issue, I wouldn’t have to escalate it to my account manager. I am not dissatisfied with their service but a little improvement will be helpful for them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2017

We're using Upserve's payment system where I can see the data. I like the analysis part, it's easy to use. However, we have the sales by the lunch time and dinner time and the system only provides the sales per day, so we're not able to see the sales per shift. But they have one function that's like the percentage of the day. Overall, we've had a pretty good experience using the payment system.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2017

We had Breadcrumb before they were acquired by Upserve. We've been using Breadcrumb for about a year then there was a string of information via email keeping us posted on the acquisition and the changes that were coming. The best part of the Breadcrumb software was the interface for it was very intuitive. It's very great in keeping with what most people were used to do with their Apple products already like the interface of it, terminals and the point-of-sales. The biggest draw was the fluidity for the staff. There were even a few things that we were able to figure out by guessing because we were thinking, “Oh, it would be cool of it did this.” Then we tried it and it worked. Also, there were little surprises just because of how in-tuned people are especially to their cell phones.

There has definitely been an improvement since Upserve took over. All along the way, things were cleared up. It was transparent even with Breadcrumb as to where were the problems and the shortcomings. They were expanding too rapidly and had more of their resources dedicated to the sales department and activations team than they did to tech support. That was one of the first things that were addressed in the emails going out to Upserve. When Upserve took over, they restructured where the focus is going to be for all the other accounts. They did more to help the current accounts and customers. Also, there was more response. However, lately, there's a little bit of a dip in the customer support.

Over the last three months, there was something big that was going on. There has been some outages that had to do with servers, and they put us in a bad spot. It was systemic so it was every account everywhere calling all at the same time. It has been a little harder lately than it was initially to get someone on the phone who could give you at least an update on things. Whatever it was, they have worked it out.

The only thing that stands out as a problem is the way in which Breadcrumb goes about its offline mode. The offline mode is great and necessary because if you couldn’t do that, to keep running off of Wi-Fi would be too much of a risk. Once you're in offline mode, the terminals can't talk to each other, which means when you start to check at one location, you can't ring anything in at a different terminal. It won't mirror the check and it won't mirror the two different terminals until you go back online. It's a small headache but I've seen a few other systems that were pitched to me and they get around that by creating a network redundancy so that even when the network might’ve been down, when it was in offline mode, all of the units were still an interior shell of the network, so they’ll communicate. That was cool and something that would be a vast improvement on what we've been doing. However, the offline stuff only happens from time to time and it's minor.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2017

We've been using Upserve on two of our screens for about a year now. We have the wireless system, and when it first got rolling, someone called us and she was really helpful. Haven't had any problems since. It's good to have and it's been great.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 10, 2017

We started with the transition to Upserve when another person was managing the space. We have a pub. The owner has been on the phone with Upserve’s reps a couple of times beginning the inception of it, tying in with other products like the POS system, working through Breadcrumb, and all of the good stuff. For our POS system, we do everything off of large like Android tablet devices. We have two of the large ones and two of the small ones. They are convenient to use but sometimes they run into issues with connecting to the wireless connection that’s dedicated to the POS system. Also, if one of them goes down or if there’s any kind of specific updates with the POS system, there’s an issue. And if you're in the middle of the shift and that upgrade happens at 3:00 o’clock on a Saturday, it can really be disruptive to service.

There’s a definite convenience to Breadcrumb but there’s a recent upgrade that’s frustrating. It’s hard to tag how your day is going because when you look up the report for the day, it’s now only showing closed checks instead of all the checks that are open as well. So, when you're getting a gist of how your waiters’ sales are going, it takes calculations now. We like to try to have each of our employees meet a certain goal on their shift, and now it’s hard for them to be able to see where they’re standing at a point in their shift. And then some of the itemization specifically in Breadcrumb, when you’re doing the menu setup, the options make it difficult to copy and transfer information over to similar products that might be in the same modifier group. Sometimes this makes the process really arduous. These situations are specific to the model of the structure of the POS system.

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10 Dorrance St
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United States