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Upserve is a cutting edge restaurant technology platform, built for restaurateurs to exceed guest expectations. Over 8,000 restaurants across the country use Upserve’s analytics and point-of-sale solutions to run a smoother operation. The Upserve platform helps improve operations from front-of-house to back-of-house by centralizing restaurant services from point-of-sale, analytics, and payments.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Upserve?
    • 4,483,147 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

    I was emailed by supplier from the US that my package would arrive around November 08, 2023, but until now I have yet to receive my package. That already could have pissed me off, but what brought my fuse to breaking point was the way I was given the back-and-forth treatment. Apparently, there was no effective communication among workers serving clients. There was no "warm handoffs" among what were supposed to be teammates in delivering excellent client service.

    I received a message telling me that I have to call to facilitate the crossing of my package through the US-Canada border. It was not clear to me what exactly was required of me. Nonetheless, I contacted which told me that UPS would clear shipment once charges were assessed. In subsequent communications, I was to told that UPS Canada Brokerage would be happy to clear the shipment on my behalf, but I was not told if I have to pay anything and how much. Maybe, I was supposed to visit the links that went with the communications, but since I was not specifically directed to do so, I just read the message since I had other things to do than clicking on links and reading their contents.

    Then, I saw a notification that there was an attempt of delivery, but the delivery was not completed because my name was not in the building directory. I called UPS to tell that my name was not in the building directory because we just moved and that they could give me a call (I also gave my phone number to the supplier hoping that it can help facilitate delivery) when they arrived.

    I received a call telling me that my package would be delivered. I repeated that they should give me a call, even 30 minutes before the delivery person comes so that I could meet him or her, or send someone to meet him or her. I waited the whole day but there was no delivery that happened that day. The following day I saw a tracking notification that my package would be delivered that day. It was not delivered on that day because there was an issue. So I called. I was told that my name was not on the package and that the supplier did not give my name. Incredulous, I told the agent/worker that was unusual and UPS should have asked for the name of the recipient before even accepting to deliver the package. Nonetheless, I gave my name, even spelling it out like M for mother, etc.

    Again, I saw a tracking notification on my phone that my package was to be delivered. Yet, at the end of the day, it was not delivered. I saw that there was an issue that was why delivery was not completed. So, again, I called only to find out that my name on file was incorrect. So, again, I went through the process of slowly spelling my name.

    The following day, or so I thought, I saw a tracking notification saying that my package was going to be delivered that day. I waited the whole day and at the end of the day, I received a UPS call telling me that I had to pay $152 for border tax and was given a number to call. Thinking that $152 was too much for a $500 or thereabouts order, I did not call that same day (evening). We googled about the US-Canada border tax and we came to believe that the package was exempted from border tax because it was for personal use and because of its value.

    I called UPS the following day, telling the agent that based on our Google search we believed that the package was exempt from border tax. I was told that I had to pay $62.32 (that was a big drop from the $152). Desirous of clearing the impasse, I paid the $62.32 through an agent who got my credit card info. I was assured that there was no more problem and even praised the agent as hero.

    Again, the following day, I received a tracking notification that my package would be delivered. At the end of the day, I did not receive my package. Thus, for the nth time, I called again. The UPS agent at the other end told me that I had not paid the $62.32. I said I already paid the other day and I even received an email on it which I could not see because I was using the phone. He insisted that there was no evidence that I paid. He advised me to go to UPS store (he did not tell me which store of the so many UPS stores), pay the $62. 32 and pick up my package. I said, "Why I should I go to the store when I already paid and that the package was supposed to be delivered to me." That was when I was pissed off. I told him that our bank account was deducted $62.32 but he did not believe. He insisted that there was no evidence on the system that I paid, then he hung up.

    After the agent hung up, I checked my email and the emailed receipt was there. So, I called again. The agent who answered confirmed that I, indeed, paid. I could not believe why the previous worker before her could not see the evidence in the system. Could it be that he lacked training or simply lazy to look deeper? Or, could it be that the worker before him did not make the proper notes? I was assured that there was no more problem.

    For nth time, I received a tracking notification that my package would be delivered on that day, the following day. Later in the day, the tracking notification said that the package could not be delivered because there was an issue. So, I called again. Fav answered the phone. She was courteous and apparently knew what she was doing. I asked her which UPS store was my package so that when I have time I would pick it up. She said it was in a non-pick-up store (another opportunity of improvement: packages for delivery should be deposited in pick-up stores so that when delivery people could not cope with volumes, clients have the options of picking up their packages). I asked her to have it shipped to the closest store to my address as a backup option, but still, UPS should deliver it to my address since it was UPS who made the foul-ups. Why should I shoulder the "cost of bother"?

    Hopefully, the issue could finally be resolved. The fact that I used to admire UPS for their efficiency and timely delivery and that I was trained on service excellence added to my frustrations. My expectation was higher yet, in contrast, the service quality and timeliness was so low. I do not know what happened to the UPS that I knew. I do not know why UPS has fallen from among the best organizations to be among the worst (at least in my experience). There must be a lot of lessons to learn for UPS and other organizations.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaffReliability

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

    Upserve POS System Review: An Exasperating Experience. Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5). As the owner of a bustling restaurant, I understand the significance of a reliable POS system. However, my recent encounter with Upserve's POS system and customer support has been nothing short of a nightmare. 3/14/2023 (The first day of printer downtime): On this fateful day, we confronted a critical issue where all three receipt printers ceased to function. Consequently, we were unable to obtain customer signatures or process tips for our servers. Here's an account of Upserve's response:

    • Chat Support: My initial contact with Upserve's chat support yielded a temporary fix that lasted only about 1 or 2 hours before the problem recurred. Subsequent attempts with chat support were equally futile.

    • Customer Service Center: In search of a more effective solution, I contacted Upserve's customer service center to converse with a human representative. To my dismay, they followed the same manual as the chat support. The most infuriating aspect was the protracted wait times to connect with a representative, leaving me questioning the competency of their support team.

    3/15/2023 (Second day of printer downtime): On this day, I reached out to Upserve's support team in hopes of receiving an update regarding the issue. Regrettably, I received no information or progress report. The situation persisted, disrupting our restaurant's operations as we were forced to resort to manual record-keeping.

    3/16/2023 (The third day of printer downtime): Despite being promised a resolution by Upserve, the third day brought more disappointment. I eagerly awaited a new printer that was supposed to be dispatched but received neither the printer nor an update from their upper-level engineer. This prolonged downtime severely impacted our business.

    3/17/2023 (The fourth day of printer downtime): By this point, our frustration had reached its zenith. I once again contacted Upserve's customer support, only to be greeted with more delays and excuses. It was revealed that they took four days to obtain approval to send a new printer due to contractual obligations. This solution was not only preposterous but completely unacceptable, given the extent of our problems.

    In conclusion, my experience with Upserve's POS system and customer support has been a complete disaster. The protracted downtime, lack of effective solutions, and indifference displayed by their customer support team have left me with no alternative but to seek out another POS provider. I earnestly caution others against entering into a contract with Upserve. Even after switching to a different POS system, I continue to be charged by Upserve, which is nothing short of unjust.

    Upserve's lack of responsiveness and inability to resolve critical issues in a timely manner is a clear indication of their disregard for their customers' needs. Please take heed of my experience and reconsider using the Upserve POS system. Their support and service leave much to be desired, and the frustration it caused me was simply not worth it.

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      Reviewed Aug. 29, 2023

      I have 15 days that they were supposed to deliver a package to me, the delivery man came to my house and left me a piece of paper. to pick it up in the carques, I would renovate, and they never came to drop it off. Later I went to the UPS headquarters to see if they had it there and the truck driver came out saying that he left it in the same truck but that day he grabbed another one but that he did have my package

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed July 8, 2022

      Have been trying to get in touch with someone to resolve my issue of missing hardware. Tried emailing multiple people that helped with the hardware purchase and contract renewal. Tried emailing and calling customer service and tried online chat all without any help. They have been paid for the missing hardware and are charging me for a terminal I can't use. Looking back over emails with the company for several years I was apparently just as frustrated back in 2019. Done with Upserve.

      CoveragePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed May 11, 2022

      Every time I get a notice of delivery, the delivery doesn't arrive. I get a message that they can't find my Unit number even though it is plainly written on the delivery label. Somehow usually the next day it arrives. This is a phony excuse to cover not making the delivery as emailed to me by UPS.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPrice

      Reviewed March 6, 2022

      I have been working in restaurants as a bartender and server for 10+ years. My husband and I bought a restaurant right before the pandemic (2020). We were looking for a more modern design compared to the aloha or microsystem. We decided on Upserve based on a lot of different reviews. Let me tell you those must be fake. We have been customers for two years now and service is only good before you sign the contract, after good luck reaching anybody. Online chat wait times is 3 hours +, same for phone customer service. The systems lose connection all the time, we are really busy and the machines just restart themselves at random times.

      The printer CONSTANTLY go offline for no reason and tickets stop printing. We were sent handheld devices that have not even worked for a day... they refuse to take them back or off our monthly bill. We have been trying to cancel for month nobody gets back to us EVER. The worst customer service I have ever encountered. And to top all this off, their processing fees are among the HIGHEST in the industry. If your business tends to have more cc payments, this will get really expensive. If you are looking for a pos system, do yourself a favor and do not go with Upserve. You will have headaches for days.

      Reviewed Sept. 29, 2021

      Our small restaurant group has been Upserve/Breadcrumb clients since 2016. They have progressively gotten worse each year with each acquisition. As it currently stands, they do not have a hardware solution that works to accept Apple Pay consistently. How is it possible that in 2021 that a POS company struggle to accept Apply Pay? Beyond this, their backend menu infrastructure is terribly outdated and broken. The most simple of tasks turns into a nightmare with them. I would recommend any of my restaurant friends to stay far away from Upserve.

      Reviewed Aug. 3, 2021

      I am very disappointed in the recent service with Upserve. It was excellent when it was Breadcrumb and even with the sell to Upserve but I consider it so bad now that I want to change. I am currently looking for a new POS service. So sad.

      Profile pic of the author.
      Customer Service

      Reviewed July 29, 2021

      UPS has delivered packages to my business for thirty years with no problem. Three weeks ago, I was looking for a package from a company I have ordered from numerous times, I stepped across the street to get a Pepsi and while I was gone UPS came and didn't leave the package because "no one was there to sign for it," they had never required a signature before. I called the shipper and he hadn't required a signature. I finally got someone at UPS, they were far away and finally figured out I wanted my package and told me I could pick it up at their distribution facility sometime within the next six hours.

      I figured I would wait until they came back the next day to attempt to re-deliver; he came back, turned around and left, didn't even bother to get out of the truck. The shipper refunded my purchase but we had a scuffle about the shipping charges which he finally agreed to do. I won't purchase from somebody who ships via UPS. And people wonder why we use Amazon.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 28, 2021

      I have been using Upserve/Breadcrumb for many years. When it was solely breadcrumb, the Customer Support was top notch. When Upserve acquired them I noticed the Customer Support agents gradually became less and less knowledgeable and if I had a complex issue they would just blame my internet provider, anything but them because they really couldn't tell me what the problem is. The Account Manager was effectively useless when I shared concerns and would take several days to respond to emails. If I emailed her on a Thursday afternoon I would likely expect a response from her Tuesday afternoon simple back and forth emails would span a matter of weeks with no real solution to issues.

      As of late when you have a live issue with your POS systems and you call their helpline you will get an automated voice telling you "we have recently been answering calls in about 1 Hour and 30 minutes" and she's not lying trust me. They have an online support chat which can be a little quicker but not always. The problem with the online chat is you often get disconnected out of nowhere and then you have to start from square one with a new agent and explain everything all over again. I would not recommend using Upserve under any circumstances

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      Upserve author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

      Upserve was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Rhode Island. It is a POS system specifically for restaurants and lets owners manage employees, sales, marketing, budgets, menus and more.

      • Loyalty program: Upserve gives restaurants the ability to have a loyalty program to turn one-time customers into regulars. The program links to customers’ credit cards so they don’t have to keep track of a rewards card or coupons and restaurateurs don’t need to issue them.

      • Demos: Upserve will send a short product demo to all interested consumers who fill out a short form. They guarantee not to send spam or multiple emails after sending the demo.

      • Clear pricing: Interested customers can easily see exactly what each of Upserve’s packages will cost and what they include by visiting the company’s website. They do not need to fill out any forms or provide the company with their contact information.

      • Resources: The Upserve website has an extensive library of resources for restaurant owners and stakeholders, Including blog posts, infographics, case studies and quizzes. Several webinars are also available for free.

      • Security: Upserve helps business owners keep customers’ data and payment information secure. The POS uses SSL-Extended Verification encryption and works with outside parties to review their security procedures.

      The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

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