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All of the reviews I originally read about Curtis Stevens and GotMerchant, as well as their payment processor, Harbortouch, were positive. And for the first several years of my experience with them, they were deserved. However, now all of that seems to have changed. When it came time for my small retail/service business to grow, we asked to expand from one terminal to three. We were informed that we'd have to upgrade to new software. Curtis Stevens assured me it would meet my needs, as the original version had, and then some. It was supposed to be an improvement in power and functionality.

Once it was installed, after several mishaps getting the version correct and data input successfully, it was clear the software was missing a lot of the basic functionality we'd come to rely on. Despite working extensively with Harbortouch's programmers and escalation team, we ended up at a stalemate - where despite being extremely unhappy with the new software, I was told I would not be allowed out of my contract to seek a suitable solution elsewhere.

Some of the things that are now missing include: Front Page ease of data entry for ordering. It now takes 11 clicks with a mouse instead of 2 or 3 with a finger to begin to process an order. Basic reporting (we now have to print an average of 3 reports to get the data we used to have in one). The ability to simply place an order on hold, modify it, and re-save it without significant hassle. Simple daily/weekly balancing and reporting - it is obscenely complex. Custom reporting capability - we were told many features were unfinished and would be released in future version but that there was estimated date when we could expect the reports we needed. Remember, we used to have them as a built-in feature of the prior software.

We have been told we cannot retrograde to the old software. We are stuck with this and they will not let us out of the contract since they have "invested too much money in us." Curtis Stevens is all but absent and absolutely not any kind of advocate for you in the process once the contracts are signed. He does all the upfront work to convince you the software will meet your needs, and then just becomes a spokesperson for Harbortouch, mouthing the rhetoric of why there is no recourse as a consumer and regrets that there is nothing he can do to help. Of course, he only gets paid if I stay with Harbortouch, so there is no reason for him to help me leave.

I'm extremely disappointed in the way the service, quality of products and overall offerings of GotMerchant and Harbortouch have declined in the last 4 years. I wish I'd never signed up with them. but I'm apparently stuck with them for a few more years until I can get free. Do yourself a favor - consider a different provider. It will pay off in the long run. The convenient sounding, low-cost option of getting a "turn-key," all inclusive system in the beginning has turned into an epic nightmare in the end.

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Founded in 1998, offers a cost effective way to start using a POS system,without the upfront charges. They package credit card processing and POS systems to limit entry cost for small businesses.

  • Trial offer: A 30-day risk free trial allows merchants to try out the service before spending any money. If it doesn’t add value, they can cancel immediately.
  • Pricing: Some merchants qualify for a free POS system. They only pay the monthly service charges for equipment warranty and tech support.
  • Gift card processing: Get all card processing from one vendor, including gift cards, which eliminates, the aggravation of calling different account managers for different issues.
  • Focus: focuses on credit card processing, and the POS is an add-on for their customers. They may not be the right choice for those who need customization or heavy duty usage.
  • Pricing: A free POS system comes with a long-term contract. Be sure to try out all of the functions on the POS before making a commitment.
  • Best for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Salons and Spas

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