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Worldwide Puppies and Kittens

Worldwide Puppies and Kittens

Bellmore, NY

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Worldwide Puppies and Kittens

About Worldwide Puppies and Kittens

Worldwide Puppies & Kittens has been placing puppies and kittens in loving homes for over the last 13 years. We have a beautiful location in Bellmore New York, with private viewing rooms that you and your family can spend time with a cute puppy or kitten. At Worldwide Puppies & Kittens we specialize in micro and toy sized puppies, such as Yorkshire Terriers, white Maltese, Long haired and short haired Chihuahuas and Imperial Shih-Tzu Puppies to name a few! We also offer a wide selection of medium to large sized puppies, such as Pomkys, Mini goldendoodles, English Bulldogs & Boxers. Come see us Today to take home your new best friend!

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2010

I am a little late in sending some photos of Bernie, the cream Pekingese male that I purchased from you at the beginning of June. Bernie is adapting well and is growing bigger and faster each day. We have a nice routine down now and he appears to be a very content puppy. He socializes well with other dogs, although I see that he is sometimes much less timid than others, trying to be a little dominant, but I am working on this. He rarely barks, except in the house and then only when his toy is stuck under the couch or ottoman. I am working on this too. As for house training, very few accidents as of late. He has a pee pee pad in his 4x4 area that he hardly uses (he scratches the pads up more than he uses them) and when indoors, he has a pad in the kitchen for emergencies.

He is eating well. I have stuck with the holistic foods and absolutely no people food. I don't see him scratching as much as he did when I first got him. He is all about play, anything with small tennis balls or plush toys. He is definitely a lover, not a fighter, and gives and receives many kisses. Here are a few photos of him at the house on his second day here and one of him in the Hampton's playing soccer with me. As I have more, I'll send the best ones. Thanks for your help. I must say that I knew my life would change after I got him but I can't picture it now without Bernie. All the best.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2010

I was also scammed by Worldwide Puppies & Kittens in Bellmore, NY. They quoted me a price in the 700's, and after I drove 2 hours to get there, all of a sudden it was $3,500! They apparently like to Bait-and-Switch their customers. Not only that, but after doing some research, I was disgusted with what I found out about this place! Those poor animals are all sick and nobody at Worldwide, not Deborah K, Jenice M, or Christina I bother to look after them properly. They treat their animals and their customers like garbage. Do not trust this business! I was left with a sick puppy, a sick dog (I had a dog at home already), tons of vet bills and no compassion from these liars!

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

I purchased what was thought to be a healthy 3 month old white English bulldog from Worldwide Puppies & Kittens,, on Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore, NY. Upon taking him examined at a private veterinarian in NJ, after paying and taking him home, we found out that he was not healthy. He apparently had an umbilical hernia that was operated on, an upper respiratory infection and is fully deaf. None of these medical issues were disclosed to me prior to purchase. The vet issued an "Unfit for Purchase" certificate and was shocked that he was even cleared for sale. They charged me just under $3,500 for the puppy. I wanted to keep the puppy, but with a decent refund so I can have some money to get him the proper pet insurance and also get the proper training since he is deaf.

The owner of the pet store, Jenice, was the most heartless woman I have ever dealt with in this world. She told me that the only thing she would do is refund me $500 total, make me sign an "As Is" contract, and void their 1 year health warranty. I had already spent over $200 out-of-pocket at the vet., just to be told the baby was unfit to even be sold. I asked Jenice what would happen if the puppy was returned. I was interested in finding out if he would be sent back to the so-called "breeder", and if so, if I could just adopt him for an adoption fee, since he is only adoptable now due to the Unfit for Sale certificate he was issued.

She told me that she will become the dog's owner once he is returned, and that she is going to turn around and re-sell him for the full price of a healthy puppy, $3,200 plus tax. The pet store also lied to me about where he came from, also. They assured me he was from a "reputable breeder." What they consider to be "reputable" is a well-know puppy mill, called Barkers Delux, in Missouri. The backyard breeders are Noah & Amanda, "Mandy", C.

These people breed all kinds of dogs in their backyard, and I found out that all their dogs are kept in small 6” x 6” areas with the bare minimal necessities for survival. I really regret dealing with Worldwide Puppies & Kittens, and regret even more that they are such cold-hearted people who buy baby animals in bulk and have them delivered by the truckloads, suffering from all kinds of defects and diseases and don't even have the decency to be upfront with people about it. This pet store is a God awful place, and I just wanted to make sure and warn people that they should steer clear of them. Also, the NY Attorney General's office stepped in back in 2009 and forced this place to pay out almost $40k to buyers due to their unethical and deceitful sales tactics.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2010

Excellent Service and Gorgeous Puppies. October 7, 2009. I don’t usually write reviews, but had to after the great service I received from Christina at worldwide puppies and kittens. Not only was the place very clean, but also the service and information I was given was extraordinary. She helped me find the right puppy for my lifestyle even though I was leaning towards a Jack Russell, which later found out would not be the right match for our family! We purchased a gorgeous Shih Tzu puppy girl. She was non-shedding which helped with my asthma and allergies and small enough to travel with! She is now 8 months old and we couldn’t be happier. So again to Worldwide Puppies and Kittens and Christina: we thank you!

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Original review: Dec. 23, 2009

I purchased a puppy from this store. They are selling sick puppies, the store is dirty and they are failing to abide by the New York state lemon law. They are not answering the vet or my phone calls. Very rude.

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Original review: July 26, 2008

My sister and I have been saving all of our money to buy a puppy ever since we can remember. We had finally convinced our mother to get one for us. We were so excited to go to the store to buy a cute Chihuahua. We even told the manager to wait for us and not to close the store because we lived around 2-3 hours away and we would be late. When we got there we immediately pointed out the cutest and friendliest looking Chihuahuas to our mother. We decided to pick one out of the three which were said to be $850 because that was more in our price range.

The woman there showed us a small Chihuahua who looked really nervous. She brought us into a small room to play and get to know the puppy. He was too scared to come near us so she brought in another puppy labeled to be the same price so he would feel more comfortable. The two puppies played a little but we could tell that the second puppy was more appropriate for us. The second puppy was much more active and we liked him a lot better.

The first puppy was so fragile he threw up. We did not want such a frail dog. After a little while, my mother and father agreed to buy us a little Chihuahua with brown spots. He was very sweet and friendly. My sister and I only had $750 cash with us. My father offered the woman who was selling us the dog to pay in check, but the woman there, whose name was Beverly, would not accept it. She said that by paying cash we would not have to pay tax.

My parents tried to negotiate with them, but they would not accept a check and forced my parents to pay cash. My father had to drive to an ATM machine and get $150 (we had to pay for the puppy's food as well). In the end, we payed for our puppy, signed all of the papers and the contract and came home with our puppy. After 6 days we brought our puppy, Happy, to the vet for his check up. Our vet told us that our puppy was unhealthy.

Happy was missing his bottom teeth. Our vet told us that he should not have been sold to us this way and immediately offered to give us an unfit for sale certificate. He said that Happy, who was 5 months old then, should have long developed his teeth and that this would be a serious problem when he grew older. Diseases would develope. My sister and I loved Happy, but we all knew we could not take care of a dog with an obvious illness. After crying for a few days we picked a day with our parents to go to Long Island and give Happy back.

We brought the vet's certificate with us. When we got there, we gave the certficate to Christina, the manager. She told us that he was just a baby and that his teeth would grow, but we were not convinced. She made a photocopy of the certificate and gave us our original copy, writing her name and that we would receive our check in the mail within 7-10 business days. We have not received our check and it has been 11 business days.

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